Friday, March 13, 2009

Go-give Award Nomination for PT Member

As I was reading the post where everyone is mocking the college student that wrote about her view of the Mary Kay opportunity, I was so disappointed at the pettiness surrounding the majority of the comments. Many were tearing down her spelling, others her grammar, others her age and lack of wisdom. It was really getting pathetic and then I read a comment for the member "mkfoolnomore" and thought, finally!

It is been few and far between I have read a comment that stands apart from the rest and this one showed a human compassion. I wanted to point it out and thank her for a kind act. I would like to extend the Balanced Go-give award. Thank you mkfoolnomore for not going down the road the others were going by trying to insultant more than the previous heckler.

Here is her comment: mkfoolnomore said:
"Ladies, I have a comment slightly off the topic
It seems like everyone who is critiquing this college student's grammar and writing skills is assuming this person is a native English speaker. I personally feel a little uncomfortable every time I read a comment about poor grammar, etc. However, I am not easily intimidated and have enough self esteem to continue posting my comments. English is the forth language that I speak. People have told me before that sometimes I have an interesting way expressing myself, but I just smile and don't mind at all to repeat or express myself choosing different words.

My point is, please be a little more forgiving for those who are English grammar challenged, because I personally consider you my PT friends and truly hope I am not the only one who's English is not their language of origin."


  1. Im glad you made mentionh of this young woman she did nothing wrong and was cordial!

  2. There is just no objectivity whatsoever on PT.

    The ability to see each individual's experience for what it is - someone's experience - is not present, and when one DOES attempt to share their experience (and yes, this one was cordial), the writer is met with petty, schoolgirl, teasing.

    I was proud of at least two of the members for responding to the thrashing this girl got.

    They obviously don't want a discussion . . . as why would this college girl even come back to keep up the conversation after the response she received?

    Just let PT sit at their own lunch table. They only have seats open for those who share the same ideas, opinions, and experiences as they do.

  3. A round of applause goes out to another member: pinkpinkustink-

    pinkpinkustink said:

    Why do you all have to condemn people for grammar so much? I am disabled in this area and struggle. I thought she wrote her thoughts very eloquently. She may struggle in this area also, not everyone can write perfectly. That being said, she did not mention anything about recruiting. A MK sales person in the right community that is not over saturated can actually have good sales and the hours are flexible. Mostly, I don't think you gals should judge so harshly with grammar as you do, she wrote her emotions down very well, even if the grammar was not perfect.

    and another honorably mention:

    180degrees said:
    I agree with you. We have no idea about this lady's background. If she had been less abrasive, I think that the responses would've been, too, though. I think that being polite on here is important, regardless.
    Maybe those who write us could be nicer, and we can try to be, too.

  4. Do I see a mutiny at Pt...LOL?

  5. I somewhat disagree about this.

    When it comes to typos and such, I let them slide. I make them too. But when someone claims to be getting an astronomically expensive college education and then writes like a special-ed sixth-grader, I can't help raising an eyebrow.

    Furthermore, the "socialist" system she's complaining about is, in fact, capitalist. The kid misses the boat completely. I don't think it's wrong to expect a college student to be able to express herself coherently and to know capitalism from socialism.

    As far as selling MK, if she's making money and not hurting anyone, that's good and fine. However, setting herself up on her high horse and stating that women of twice her age and experience are merely lazy losers/bitter/etc is bound to invite a few scathing ripostes. If she dishes it out, she's got to be able to take it as well.

  6. the problem is, she is not expected or invited to defend her point. There is no communication. It is one letter emailed to an email address probably after finding pt and getting angry and hurt. The writer probably never goes back, probably doesn't realize it is going to be put up as an "article".

    In many cases ( we know for a fact) the writer is banned, real funny asking someone to defend themselves and making fun of them and saying that they are rude, posting their insults and then running and notstaying to defend themselves. The saddest part is many that are making fun of them and not being brave enough to reply are the lemmings that are following the group attack and are still "in the dark" as far as pt ways. The banning of those who disagree, or cause trouble.

    Much as they accuse all in Mk of being in the "pink fog" - these poor souls are in the "pt fog". And noone can say they do not ban more than one or two (it is just the bad apples, ummmm) sound familiar - entire blogs and one of the funniest (not so active at this time) blogs was "Duh" and another is PTLies.
    Niether of these sites pro-mk, actual, more anti-mk but the are definetely anti - pt.

    And let's give her another break, she is still in college, many of us posters have kids as old if not older than her! One or two on pt sound like they could have grandkids that old! She may have some maturing left to do.

    Most young adults can come across as "cocky" life hasn't hit them enough to humble them.

    It may not have been perfect, but I understood what her message was, does that mean I am super smart or super stupid?

  7. With this many PT members daring to stand up for a few of the opposing views on PT, it may be time for the second "Exodus"..
    In other words it may be time for another large group of posters to leave PT just like many of them did about a year ago. After that happened we began to see blogs like "PTLies" and "Some call me Duh".. Those blogs basically exposed the pettiness and contradictory nature of TC and her blog's mission.

    Once people, even if they dont care for MK or MLMs, see what TC is like and what her blog is all about, they ususally dont wanna play with her anymore.

  8. I'm gonna go with "super patient."

    Dave, Havurah's talking about you again.


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