Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Whenever I read pt, I often read complaints that the "whole truth" is never told so therefore, it is a lie. I read complaints over and over again about the MK world not being honest and that all are deceiptful because of lies of ommission or half truths. (First I disagree with that statement - I am sure some do just as I am sure others don't) but... once again I think I see a great example of the pot calling the kettle black! One of the posters nomoremlm4me makes a suggestion on how to rip off the Company - out and out stealing - the following post applauds the behavior and there are two thumbs up points and at the point I am writing this not one poster, points out that doing something illegal or immoral doesn't become right because you feel you want to stick it to MK.
and/but just in case anyone is thinking this is such a good idea, I am sure that MK would be intelligent enough to deduct the $100 rebate from buyback check amount. The rebate is being offered for a $600 wholesale inventory - if the inventory is returned, the rebate isn't valid.

The quotes:
"nomoremlm4me said:
puc4now, you've given me a great idea! Sign up, order the $600 and get your rebate. Then send all the inventory back for your 90% buyback, and you're still up $40! I would love to see thousands of women do that - it might be the proverbial straw that broke the MK pyramid's back! "
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Mon 02 Mar 02:22
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"ILikeRedBetter said:
That would be hilarious!! "

I think this is really sad that noone speaks up and says that this behavior is in poor taste.


  1. That was stupid of her. Posting online, publicly, a suggestion to commit a fraudulent act is a seriously bad idea.

  2. P.S. The Ultimate Mascara passed the dance floor test.

  3. Oops, the planned fraud won't work. From para b.7 of the consultant's agreement:

    "... Consultant agrees that Company's cost of any prizes or product bonuses awarded to Consultant because of the original purchase and any indebtedness Consultant owes Company will be deducted from the repurchase amount."

  4. Hey, long time no see!! Good to see you posting mkhonesty!


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