Monday, March 9, 2009

The Spring Products

Want to see what is coming out for Spring? Make sure you visit on or about March 16th- the photo is the travel set.... it even comes with two bottles that you can use to fill with your cleanser and moisturizer (or shampoo and conditioner) when you travel - and you could always slip in the foil packs of the cleanser and moisturizers, a mini sunscreen, after sun gel, mascara, island bronze eyesicle, and lip gloss! How cute and convenient. The Coastal Cool Color selection are very in trend. The tri color eye shadow square, three limited edition color lip glosses, and two eye pencils - a blue and a gold. (I used the blue over my liquid black liner and absolutely loved the look). Products will be available for all to order March 15th - the new quarter starts March 16th.

My suggestion is these are best to market to your existing client base - when working with brand new clients I try to always introduce them to regular line products so that when they go to reorder, the colors they have been using are still available, my regulars know these are a fun but limited edition. If showing them to your new clients make sure they realize they are seasonal and are a limited edition so that they are not disappointed if they can't get them when they run out.


  1. Sorry the posts have been a little behind, I had my spring open house in my former hometown Friday and Saturday, another wonderful time. So far two day total in excess of $2900- not too bad for visiting and catching up with all my friends/clients while we snacked on good food. I just send out invitiations - my clients come if they choose. And judging from the reaction and the sales - the Spring line is going to be a success. (yes, I had the Spring products available because the next open house i do there will not be until June).

  2. Is there something those eye shadows fit into? Or does it come with a plastic cover of some kind?

    PT is all "blah blah ugly colors blah." Err WAT? Do these guys wear nothing but unadventurous taupe? Why so serious PT? lol. I can rock those colors and YES in full daylight and YES at work. Coastal! You know! Surf and sand!

    Which reminds me, I'm visiting friends in SC this weekend. No beach trips, but still a nice getaway.

    I'm glad you made good money!

  3. It does come in a little clear plastic case (not very fancy) but then it also fits right into the compact or the compact pro.

    Hope the weather is beautiful for your weekend getaway, Miranda!

  4. Well currently they are saying low fifties and drizzly. There's a St. Patrick's day thing downtown we have to steer clear of when driving in. Personally, I want to see if there are any goth nights at the Art Bar in Columbia or maybe in Charlotte.

    This Cover Girl lipstick is drying my lips!!! *trashes* GRRRRR

  5. I put my order in today!Yay for PCP. Woo hoo, it's about time we came out with these colors. I'm just irritated that they're limited edition. Why couldn't they be added to the regular line? Oh, well. My color clients are going to go nuts over these.

    Enjoy your vacation Miranda.

  6. I would like to continue to be helpful:
    From pt: RubySlippers said:
    "Isn't the Hawaiian Sunset lip gloss the same as the former "Mocha Freeze" lip gloss? The lip glosses look like former colors that MK carried. "

    It is not the same color as the lipstick that is a current line (not former color) lipstick called mocha freeze.

  7. I want an amethyst colored lipstick.


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