Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mary Kay Co. is helping us with lots of TV Ads

Make the 2009 TV Advertising Campaign Work for You

Beginning in March, you’ll see two new TV commercials in English and one in Spanish featuring the Mary Kay® brand! One commercial promotes Mary Kay® products, while the other highlights the Mary Kay business opportunity.

These commercials will air through September on various networks including ABC, Lifetime, E!, The CW, TLC, Style Network and Univision during various programs that appeal to our target market of women and drive them to www.marykay.com to connect with an Independent Beauty Consultant.

You’ll want to check back often to this area of the Mary Kay InTouch® Web site for updates on programming, news about consumer sweepstakes, product segments and booking tools you can use.

Consultants can view the commercials online and most directors have them on their unit sites!



  1. I have been seeing these commercials all over the place on cable! I dont know how much they are paying but they are putting a lot into it. I like the way they look so spacey with the compact flying around all over the place. They will be doing this for a while. I dont see it as much as Cover Girl but its out there and I have seen them on The View and CMT

  2. When I first joined up in MK, were always told that MK would never advertise on TV because they felt there was no need for it, and that word of mouth and the consultant marketing was the only advertising it needed. That was in the late 90's. Now that they are embracing the need to advertise, that tells me that the company is open to and understands the need to change with the times.

    I am happy about the ads and I hope they keep them coming.

  3. Well, good...this should help get the consultants some business.

    I was selling in the mid-late 90s and MAN what I wouldn't have given for these ads to be aired back then!!!


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