Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't you read,kaybot?

Do as I say, not as I do is all I can think of when I read this on pt.

The following is a direct quote from Pt:
"I am so happy that one Mary Kaybot had the presence of mind to ask what the real story is behind this website and the owner. She certainly couldn't have followed the first link on the "Welcome" page and read about us there."

This is rich. What are we always saying when people say "I never knew that", "no one every told me" - hahahha, ready your consultant agreement, read your inventory options brochure, read your consultants guide, read the Appaulause Magazine, read your unitnet site, and read --- everything that you need to know about everything in Mk is written in there. (and many of them couldn't read any of this.) But have an arbitrary visitor stop by their blog and post but not follow the link to the welcome page to rad what they were all about... oh my.. chuckles and double standards.


  1. ps - the typos are provided for your entertainment. Please list in the comments all the mistakes I made. I thought it would be fun if it were like a word search and of course since I am always referred to as a kaybot, I have read that we can not spell, use proper grammar, or think for ourselves and I didn't want to confuse anyone.

    Ok, yes, I am in a silly mood today,

  2. If you would like to hire me as a proofreader, my fee is $14 per hour. ;) That's what I charge the book company, anyway. Yo, check your email, I need 2 makeup items.

  3. I demand $24 per hour for tech editing. The minimum charge is 2 hours.

    Who would want to read past the first page. Did you see the catty fighting under the director letter last week? Wow! One girl had the audacity to suggest they cut down on it on the private boards and then a bunch of members criticized her. One of them outright attacked her very rudely. Then Tracy came on and sanctioned the nastiness on the front page, saying she liked it.

    The comment really should have read:

    "I am so amazed that someone read past all of our b*tchiness, our rude behavior and our cruel and immature attacks on appearance and spelling errors (that only applies to kaybots) to look at the purpose of this website."

  4. Yes I saw that. That poor woman. She is NOT a troll. Tracy is an @$$.

    I have applied for technical writing jobs from time to time as the pay is (like you mentioned) much better than straight proofreading and/or copyediting. I took lots of classes on tech writing, but you know, it's hard to break into a new field that you haven't already worked in, especially with the economy in the toilet. Maybe one day I'll get lucky!

    I am proofreading science fiction novels for a small book company as my second job. A large company would possibly pay me more, but *shrugs* it is a good supplemental income. Which reminds me, I gotta do my taxes. *cringes*

  5. Hey don't forget to pick out my mistakes and list.. I did make them intentional to be sarcastic.

    1. ready = read
    2. rad = read

    hmmm... I thought I put alot more in there when I was typing it. Oh well. :)

    Missed the cat fight but it is sad the way the will rip someone apart especially if one is just pointing out something is not ethical or illegal.

  6. If you are in college you can apply for an internship. Look at defense contracting companies in your area. It may seem to be a step back, but in reality, you are getting experience without risk, as well as networking. You can often turn around and apply with the same company's open positions when your internship is completed. In this economy, it might even be worthwhile to enroll in a university and take a class for the purpose of gaining an internship. Many companies will actually pay you (not much) to intern. You usually have to dedicate 80 hours (not sure, it could be less) for the entire semester which is about four months. At the very least, when you apply for future tech jobs, you can add a four month internship to your resume.

    I would love to edit books and $14 is nothing to scoff at. Cops in our area make about $20 to start. $14 is only $6 less and you don't get shot at or have to taze pee-soaked drunks! (My poor husband)

    I personally dream of telecommuting, making good money editing to support my true dream of writing. I'm young. It could happen! =)

  7. LOL. My husband is the cop in that scenario--not the pee-soaked drunk! Just thought I would clarify!

  8. rotflmao, glad that you pointed that out your mom! hahaha

  9. Hurrr!

    I'm 40 years old...far from being in college any more. I got my MA in English Literature. I still take continuing education classes however.

    I'm glad your husband is not the

  10. LOL. I figured you were around 28 like me! Damn internet anonymity. I'm a late starter as far as college goes. I stayed home with my kids till they were in school. I feel old even at 28. My groupmates in some of my classes are 18-20 years old. You know you're old when people you are in class with ask you to buy them alcohol and you start to lecture them on the law and underage drinking.


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