Monday, March 9, 2009

T.O.P. Lawsuit Article Comment/PT

Often when I read any article I have many questions as to how much of it is true or "ebellished" I try very hard to read into the information to see if it adds up. This one doesn't compute but because the poster is complaining about a MK director it becomes instant truth, not one person questions what was apparent to me in an instant. If you want to read the whole post, just visit the TOP Lawsuit Article - I have no opinion on if her director did this or did not do this, also I have to ask since she admits to starting to repay the debt if she didn't want all this to happen in the first place but is having buyers remorse. or why she never felt that she should notify the Company about the unethical behavior before now- aside from all of that -I am only looking at the numbers-

{{Mary Fitzpatrick said: Hello, I am a fairley new X-consultant.( Defected Nov. 08
Here is my prediciment. I joined MK in Jan. 0f 08. High pressure tactics from the director and National- I got into over 10K in credit card debt.
I decided to send back 11K worth of inventory to the company - got a check back quickley for a little over 6k.. }}

So in 10 months she incurred over $10,000 in debt... she returned over $11,000 in inventory to the Company and received a check for over $6,000 - which means she must have returned $22,000 retail to the Company because had she returned $11,000 retail, that would have been $5500 wholesale which at 90% would have been a maximum of $4950 - and since she had that much the Company would have deducted prize money or commissions leaving her with less that $4950. So that means she had purchased over $22,000 retail or $11,000 wholesale which 90% of that would have been approx $9900 less prizes, commissions, etc.. I don't see how that stuff would have added up to close to $4000 - but to have over $22,000 retail/$11,000 wholsale in 10 months?

This whole post seems very, very questionable - things don't just add up.

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  1. I can't do math. X( I'll let you do that part!


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