Monday, March 2, 2009

New Promotion for March

Great promtion, post is probably to small to read, so make sure you visit and find out all the details!!


  1. What is really nice about this is you get the website FREE for six months, you get the 100 rebate, and you get the business cards and I have to say its one of the best promotions they have done and I have seen a lot of them.. I dont think I have ever seen them do the website for free at all. This is quite nice in conjunction with the advertising they are doing.

  2. I agree colleen!

    and in print everywhere, it is only a $600 wholesale required, not $1800, $2400, $3000, $3600 or more, just $600 and the new ibc still gets all the bonuses!

  3. What is the usual cost of the Web site?

  4. Answer:

    For new subscribers, the non-refundable first year of enrollment is $25, plus sales tax if applicable. We encourage new Independent Beauty Consultants to sign up for their Personal Web Sites through the First Steps program. After that, a one-year nonrefundable subscription fee for the Mary Kay® Personal Web Site program is $50, plus sales tax if applicable.

  5. For a whole year? That's not bad.

  6. Miranda according to the naysayers and yes it has been said that 25.00
    a year or 50.00 a year is too much for a website guess where that came from? Need I say more.

  7. The Company also always updates and improves our websites, no extra fee. The seasonal products are always featured, now we have the virtual makeover where our clients can upload their very own photos for the makeovers to see how the colors look on them and even try different hair styles and hair color on themselves! (it is way cool)

    clients can also order online and use secure pay (if one is set up with propay).

    It is very professional and I feel state of the art and is constantly updated. I don't know where in the world (if you couldn't do it yourself) - you would find the value. It may be the same for all consultants but... my clients don't care what other consultants have, they care what I have.

  8. Most people, like me, can't put together their own Web sites. Of if they can, many of them do a horrible job. If someone else designs and maintains a site for you, of course it will cost money.

  9. I just saw the Mary Kay commercial during Good Morning America! Yea Us!!!


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