Friday, March 27, 2009

Is frontloading necessary?

Well, I hope everyone has a nice weekend - something to chat about while I am away. I know many feel that a director frontloads a consultant because her commission depends on it.. but 13% of $3000 is $390 once placed, the consultant has lots of inventory and then will not place another order for quiet awhile (at least not of a substantial size). If a consultant starts with a $600 and starts selling and then orders a $600 every month while she is selling and building her inventory and client base... in five months - if she placed a $600 each month, the sales director would still earn the very same $390, 13% of 5- $600/ws orders would be the exact same in pocket.. .and a consultant that is not overstocked is going to be far less scared to death or tempted if she doesn't get off to a good start to freak out and return the product those casuing the sales director to be charged back much of that $390.

So, if I am going to end up with the same abount, it only makes sense to me to go about it the way that is also best for the consultant. I would rather not get the commission if she didn't get started right away, then to have to be charged back.


  1. What is their justification for doing chargebacks?

  2. More reviews: Coastal colors eyeshadows. I tried them today.

    colors: very vivid, high pigment, easily blendable, has stayed on and looked good all day. I did use primer.

    browbone: honey spice.
    Lid: coastal green.
    Crease: coastal brown.

    This is a good combo for brown eyes. The green makes the brown "pop".

    Lipstick: I tried strike a pose rose. This is definitely on the cool side of the spectrum. If your skin is yellow toned, and you wear this, try adding a beigey lip gloss on top of it.

    This color is long lasting. It is also moisturizing. It's of medium darkness; not dark, not pale.

    Instead of blush I used a mineral powder...I remember the french name, la vie en rose. I forget the english one. It works great as a light blush for a natural cheek look.

  3. In any commission-based business if the product that earned the commission is returned, the commission is charged back. As far as I know it's a common business practice. ;)

    I love the new Coastal Colors! I have sold 5 of them this week! I've had my highest selling week in quite awhile. I fell just short of my $400 goal!

    I've been wearing the Coastal Colors, too. I wear Vanilla Eyecicles® as a base because the eye primer dries the skin on my lids too much. Then I use Moonstone in the browline; Coastal Brown as the midtone all over the lid; Coastal Green in the inner corner blending w/ the brown; and Coastal Blue as a lower liner. Then I line the top lid with the Tahitian Gold and the lower with the Bahama Blue. :) LOVE it.

  4. Shades, what eye primer are you using? Boots No. 7 makes a moisturizing one that works great.

    I tried 2 more things last night. Facial cleansing cloths and timewise normal to dry moisturizer. The cloth (I used half of one) cleaned my face very thoroughly. I was pretty impressed by the moisturizer. It was non greasy, soaked right in, and my skin feels soft and not rough for once. But not greasy. Very not greasy.

    How much does that moisturizer cost in full size?

  5. I feel qualified to speak on frontloading because it happened to me! NO its not necessary I was young and dumb and wanted to see my name in a newsletter I got 1200
    15 yrs ago worth of product! I will say this I didnt blame the recruiter or the company and she did show me the options but she played on my emotions at the time so she knew what she was doing. We
    have all been frontloaded in some way form or fashion. I had a wonderful job that I loved and had one bad week and was let go! I did
    6800 worth of sales in ONE WEEK and my quota was 5,000 a week and I did that except for one week! I have to tell you some of these JOBS lie to you BIGTIME! I sometimes wish I had grown up in the generation where you knew you had a job for 20 years and could retire. In direct sales you pretty much know the truth! Dont get me wrong Im all for full time jobs but where I work NOW they treat ALL of their employees like GOLD! From what I understand most of the people at MK corporate are happy Im sure there are some that are not. From what I have seen the MK tenure when it comes to directors are the ones who are honest and built it slowly but surely or those who were fast but put a lot of time into it and didnt frontload. I cant remember the name of the director but there was one who was never a top director (and in her speech she said so) but she taught her directors to be consistent and not to frontload and they have stuck with her she is an NSD! She has a strong base of loyal women (I read about her somewhere) and you can tell because her checks are above 12,000 a month but she has a lot of 1,2, and 3rd lines and they speak well of her. Frontloading in the long run does not pay! Why lose immediate income in chargebacks and angry consultants when there are millions of people in the world? Yeah I know DIQ you want to hurry up and finish but it is so oh not worth it.

  6. Miranda, I use the Mary Kay eye primer when I'm doing rigorous exercise, but for day to day I use Eyecicles as an alternative. It works just as well, but doesn't have the drying effect the eye primer has. ;)

    The Time Wise moisturizer retails for $22.

  7. OK...I just emailed mk4me. Need moisturizer like whoa.

    Hooray for 40 year old skin, n stuff. Grr! Getting old is so high maintenance!


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