Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exciting March in Mary Kay!

I believe I have mentioned that the Company announced at Leadership Conference that we had a 5% growth in our sales over the previous year. The long term goal is to DOUBLE our sales in the next 5 years by our 50th Anniversary!! In order to double our sales, it will require more consultants, let's face it, the consultants we have aren't going to all of a sudden want to double what they do. So.... the Company has a super exciting offer for anyone joining Mary Kay the month of March. I think it is the best Incentive I have ever seen.

I will put details next, but in a nutshell, the $600 can be cummulative, does not need to be done all at once (withing March/April) and then the new consultant will receive a $100 rebate from her starter kit, in addition to that, she will receive a 6month FREE subscription to her personal MK website and 50 FREE business cards.. and some other perks... and the regular bonuses for the $600 initial order are still available. Wow!! If someone ever considered trying Mary Kay, I don't know if there would be a better time. (PS - if you don't want to do facials, or shows, or show and sell the product - please don't think that Mary Kay is right for you) - it will require some nights and weekends - you will have good shows and poor shows... you will get some yeses and you will get some no's. There is no magic. Put your focus on selling the product and building your client base and put team building second.

Here is the information from the Company.
Make the Most of Great Start

Check out and for more information.
(ever have a question - we would be happy to answer them to the best of our ability!)

Direct from MK:
With commercials airing in television markets across the country and the Great Start promotion underway, there's never been a better time to build your team!

Your customers have more incentive to consider a Mary Kay business with the Great Start $100 rebate program. Women who already love the Mary Kay® products will welcome this opportunity to add extra dollars to their budgets. So take action now, and use the tools created to grow your team. You'll especially want to take advantage of the customer-ready flier designed for you to use when talking about the special offers that come with starting a Mary Kay business along with limited time offers available only in March.

$100 Rebate for New Consultants - How it works

A new Independent Beauty Consultant will receive a $100 rebate check if she submits her Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement from March 1 – 31, 2009, and in the month of March or April submits one or more $600 Section 1 order(s) which, alone or combined, equal a wholesale amount of $600 or more (excluding sales tax and shipping). No further action is required to receive the rebate check. Rebate checks will be mailed no later than thirty (30) days from April 30, 2009.

Check- back often as more tools and resources will be added.


  1. I had two new recruits due to this promotion. And I loved hearing my director say, "Now this is work. Please don't think of MK as a hobby. It's fun work, but it's work." As both these gals needed extra dough - she wanted them to know that 1)No, the product would sell itself, and 2)That it would take effort.

    Great promotion!

    PLUS - and this is truly Go Give on the part of MK Corporate. One of my recruits signed up on February 27th. The company STILL HONORED THE $100 REBATE even though the promotion didn't begin until March 1.

  2. Congratulations Cuppa Jo!!

    It is a very generous offer. Everyone needs to remember that Mk is not for everyone and it is not a get rich quick scheme either. Results are not instant.

  3. This one part bugs me:

    "Your customers have more incentive to consider a Mary Kay business with the Great Start $100 rebate program."

    But if you recruit your customers, they become your competition, and you don't get product sales to them any more.

  4. In all fairness Miranda I doubt if people are going to be recruiting their customers with this program.
    There are not that many people who are going to jump on this because you have to talk to five women to get one recruit. I understand your concern though and its an honest thought but I dont see this promotion getting tons of women excited except for those who really want to do it.

  5. I hope you are right. When I used to do MK I did not recruit. However the girl who recruited me recruited just about anyone she did a skin care class for and then BLAMMO her customer base was gone! Our director told her the real money was in recruiting so that's what she did. But she had a great big inventory to sell (so did I. my stupid director ordered me all the wrong things. She should have let me order my own initial inventory.)

    I hit the MK website yesterday to look at the colors and I was happy to note that there was no longer a pumpkin orange lipstick or anything like that, that no one would want to ever buy! But what happened to the nice dark purple lipstick that mk4me sent me? Was it limited edition? booo! put it back! There was a black cherry one or something and right next to it on the page was something even darker. *makes grabby hands*

  6. Personally, I do not encourage my unit members to recruit just everyone. Most will be far better customers than they will be consultants. I think we need to get to know our clients and then proceed. I see the ability in some and others, well.. I do share the information lightly, if there is interest - they will ask you more questions.

    I don't pester, beg, manipulate, or pressure, if you have to go thru those lengths to get them to join, it just means the entire time they are in MK getting them to do anything is going to be like pulling teeth.

    I want my team and unit members to want to join.

    If a consultant is doing MK real part time for a little extra income focus should always Primarily be on selling the product. Actually no matter how you are doing MK, the PRIMARY focus should be selling the product. (and then we don't end up in messes like we read about)- and this product can be sold - I sold over $3000 retail so far this month. My rule even as a director is never to sell less than $2000 retail in a month.

    As with everything in life, there is a balance.

    I have had two contacts this month from former consultant (not from my unit) that after years would like to get back into MK. I am meeting with one tomorrow to see what she thinks - she has been out for years and moved her last year and now knows people and would like to start. I have a facial booked with the other so she can try the new products before I see if she wantd to rejoin. She hasn't been in since the classic basic and I would like her to see the new line first.

    Doing things right, does pay off in the long run.

  7. Actually my two new recruits are indeed former customers. However, both of them never spent more than $100 in an entire year.

    Now, I would definitely think twice about recruiting my customers who spend $100 every other month!

    But, for these two gals, it was a great time for them to start (which is most important - they actually contacted me about the opportunity), I will still remain connected with them, and I won't really lose much $$$ by having recruited them.


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