Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The PT Cost of Doing Business

We went over a few of the items that contribute to the cost of doing Mary kay, so I wanted to back up that post with this one.

180degrees and a few others said in reference to the post – (please feel to read the entire piece on pt)
This woman once again assumes that if a website has ads, it must be making a profit. If she reads in other places on the site, she will see that the income maintains the site. Believe it or not, the real motive that the creator, Tracy Coenen, had, was to help MK ladies, at whatever point of their MK trek they were on, or to warn them about the business if they hadn't signed yet.
TRACY said: Just to ease the concerns of the Kaybots... PT has NEVER turned a profit. It has always COST MONEY, which I have paid for out of my own pocket because I want to. I'm not looking for any sympathy, but just want the record to be set straight that this is not a money making venture. It is a special project that I fund personally because I feel it is important. So there.

My Comment:
Now, with advertising the site has, the site has the potential to make a profit. Also, the sales of pt cards, T-shirts, hats, Essentials of Fraud book, the donation bucket etc… So everyone is to take Tracy's word that it looses money? I will not call anyone a liar, but with her business savy, I do believe she very easily could have a money maker. (As we all know, none of us are in business to loose money, right? But my biggest question is…Why does no one ask to see Schedule C's? All mkers, if we say we are making money, we are lying because we don’t pony up a schedule C. But the other side would be if they say they are loosing money, it is the truth? (no supporting data is required) hmmmmm....
I wonder if fewer people would want to be a part of pt if they found out TC was making money from the site? (None of them are getting anything for their time or there stories- wouldn't this be taking advantage of all the stories and posters that keep the site going?)

Kinzie said: (quoting the author): “The creator of the site appears smart enough to take all of that frustration and turn it into profit.”
LOL! At least Tracy appears to be smart which is more complimentary than most of the Kaybot letters that come through here!

And I say she is smart enough to make a profit on pt., she is a savy, business woman, in business to make money.
In closing, I make good money with my Mary Kay Business. So There! .. I guess we were all just missing the So there... must be just as good as a Schedule C!

So that wa basically what I wanted to publish, but a little bit of a poll could be fun too:

If pt (loyals) found out that the site was making money (after the expenses of running it) and tc was taking a paycheck, do you feel that they would still feel as passionate about being a part of the forum? Just curiousity? What is your h.o.?


  1. I would like to add, if she is running it make money, I have no problem what so ever with that. Most of us who go into a business venture would like to make some money. (If most didn't make some money, they would no longer exist). My only point is - would people feel differently if she were profiting from what is suppose to be a nonprofit (charity) site.

    As far as in she is running it as a business, it would be a good thing for her to be making money and if she found a way to help and make money and do something she enjoys more power to her.

  2. I would like to assume that TC is telling the truth. If she starts making a profit, I expect her to begin telling that as well.

    Indeed...What about that Schedule C? If the MK women have to show it, then how about PT? I am not terribly fond of double standards. I see a lot of high income claims on there. I was one of the few people (that I recall) ever there to state "I'm close to f**king broke." And it's not for lack of work...I just had the audacity to get my MA in English Lit. *shrugs*

    *switches topic*
    purple lipsticks to wear to the club....*bounces around*


    Seriously... MK4ME and other consultants who post here...*do* you have a goth scene in your locale? If you don't know, look for related email lists on yahoogroups. If you guys are selling purple lipsticks and black/purple/cranberry shadows, there's an additional cosmetic market for you. We bend over backwards looking for dark, long lasting colors and saturated pigments. That includes the men, by the way, especially the eyeliners. If you can provide this stuff, you're in the money.

    Don't really expect to recruit and large it isn't all that likely. But we buy makeup by the ton. You'll get more money selling us makeup.

  3. Well Miranda, we know you love the plush violet, I also think you would like the black cherry, with dark lipliners, you can pull colors darker too (I know you know this. ) - (I am working {just got delayed with all the orders from my open house) on another package for you to test and review.)

    Personally, I love our liquid black liner and I can tell you I am a real cry baby, sad commercials, songs, etc... and it stays...

    Everyone stay tuned, more reviews to come. And as for goth clubs around here, bawaaaaa....
    I have been to goth clubs but I see way more Amish groups, and redneck bars, that even regular clubs... hahahha (goth clubs around her) rotflmao

    (i wasn't born and raised her I just moved into the belly of the beast!

    Hey these folks even get days off for hunting season! For real!!

  4. I have a question. Do you think there is any validity to the points made on PT about orders and their reflection on profits? I mean there are people who order large amounts, but don't sell it. I have done it myself unfortunately. Doesn't that "inflate" things to make them appear better than what they are?

  5. Since I am at a little bit of a loss for something to write today, busy and not focused, mkmommy, I think I am going to borrow your questions for today's post. Hope you don't mind!


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