Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just another little picture of some of the spring items.

Another exciting piece of news is that the New Look Book will now be available on so if a personal use consultant doesn't receive the Look Books regularly or the don't want to order until the see what is available and prefer not to order just the Books and then have to do another order to get the products, they can just visit intouch.

This is an awesome feature, especially for directors. In the past we had the option to send our unit members a Look Book thru a program that was called Consultants' First Look, it worked just like PCP but we enrolled consultants not clients. (Of course there was a fee but it was small, just as pcp is so very afforable.)

I love this, it is just another way the Company is helping us save money where we can too. Every little bit we can save is always great. Wow, I am impressed.

I also would like to take a moment because I had read a poster complain that she thought she would have to pay $50 a year to be able to use online ordering. This is not correct.

As consultants we have two sites we can get from Mary Kay. The first one is called you will need to use your consultant number and select a password to use this site. This is your MK source of information. It will have all product information, Company contest and events, Propay (the credit card processing service), the product/replacement return system, your ability to do online orders, enroll our clients for pcp, show your production, and learn MK, and much, much more. This site is free - there is never a charge for it. I always encourage my unit members to check it often. It is always being updated. It is your lifeline to the business and you will always be informed if you use it.

The second site is option It is a site that we as a consultant may use - it is your - This is basically a site provided by MK for you to provide to your clients. - I always encourage my clients to visit. There are always fun things on it. Especially this new virtual makeover, where you can upload your photo and then have the makeovers done on "you" - you can even change your hair color or style. It is really cool. I even have a hair dresser firend of mine that uses it in her shop to help clients select hairstyles and then does give them my business card in case they want to try any of the looks ( done very low key).
Our clients may even shop on line and pay online (if the consultant has propay set up). This site only costs season consultant $50 / yr and the Company is always updating - it is a very impressive site. BRAND NEW consultants can take advantage of it for 1/2 - so only $25/yr. Now how can you beat that?? Well if someone becomes a consultant during the March promotion, I believe they even receive their first 6 months free!!

The Company announced at Leadership our sales had increased by 5% over the previous year, in this economy, I feel that is very impressive but our longterm goal is to double and reach $5 billion by our 50 anniversary. Now is just such an awesome time to be in MK, if the Company wants this type of growth, things are just going to get better and better for the consultants. Wow, I am so excited.
I plan on selling my share of that additional $2.5 billion!!!

for the upset reader on pt: You only need intouch the free site to do online ordering as a consultant (the site is totally optional).

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