Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Well, boys and girls, I am still not up to par, but I had to take a moment and post!

I will be honest - with my health the way it has been, I have not been getting out and working my MK biz like I want to.

HOWEVER! I got a call for a reorder today! A nice-sized one - almost $100! And a request for a 2-person Color class. WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! Because of the health issues I have at the moment, they are coming to my house.

Ladies and gents, this business DOES work. It IS a great business, and I am so glad to be a part of it!!

Just popping in to share the luv......



  1. congrats on the reorder shay! Those sort of things do happen in this business. Its a true example of how money is made from good customer service that you gave someone in the past. They could have gone somewhere else but they called you. That says a lot!

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Shay! I've been down and out, too. Since it is becoming more difficult to afford my commute to work ($3.79/gallon!?), I am going to be working my business more now.

  3. Shay Im glad you are better and its good to see you. My director said that she knows of a few directors who do Queens court on reorders!!! Of course these directors have been in for 10 years or more and service their customers.

  4. I am tickled pink about the reorders and the booking. I am looking forward to getting back in saddle, so to speak.

    Got a doc's appointment tomorrow - we'll see what she says.

    *crossing fingers*

  5. Please accept my best wishes and hope for a positive outcome re your medical problem. I hope you're beyond this malady soon.


  6. Reorders rock. Once you have built a customer base and service your clients well, it is amazing at what reorders can do for you. I spent almost an entire month with a child in ICU (even slept at the hospital), could not book any classes or facials and still had over $2,000 in sales for the month. I felt like I got paid for being at the hospital.

    MKShay and Shades hope both of you are good as new, very soon!!

    And, hope to see David back one of these days!

  7. Don't think you need 10 years under your belt to get to Queens Court of Sales with reorders. My friend achieved it in her first year (last year) and most of her sales came from on the go and then reorders! She is on target again this year! ;)

  8. Hello all! I am new to this site. Let me tell you what a relief it was to find a MK site that was actually positive. :)

    My Comment on your post, Shay...congrats on the reorder. That always feels nice. I've been pretty (okay, mostly) inactive for the last year, and decided to pull together an order in April. Through one facial and reorders I pulled a $400 wholesale order out of somewhere!!

    This business IS great. What other job lets you take a one year hiatus then make a couple hundred bucks for very little work the next month? Or even decide to earn a car or something in the next few months. It's crazy. I love it. :)

  9. Hey Alison, congratulations and good for you!!

    There are lots of posetive sites out there, I just think we get shocked with the negative ones, when nothing posetive is allowed to be posted.

    I love your attitude, you didn't blame the Company or say noone wants MK, you said you took pretty much a leave of absence and now that you decided to go back to work, it worked for you. Woohoo!!
    What's that called?? Persoanl Responsibility, right on girlfriend!

  10. Shay will ALWAYS have an excuse why she's not selling hardly anything. She will always say the business works but she's sick or busy or tired or choosing to do something else blah blah. Sounds like too much effort to promote a bs company. But her choice, I suppose.

  11. anonymous,

    so that you (and anyone else that reads this site) are aware, I am only keeping your comment on here because I know that Shay is more than capable of putting up with your cowardly ignorance. i am sure that she will respond to you when she has a chance.

    however, if you post a pointless and unfounded comment like that about any of the members of this blog that are not authors, be sure, it will be deleted. This is a place to evaluate Mary Kay. Not to tear down other peoples esteem.

    by the way, how is your business going? since your company is obviously so much better than this "bs" company, why don't you tell us all about it - and the role you play there. Perhaps you prefer to remain anonymous because tearing other people down makes you feel good about yourself.

    until you id yourself and agree to participate in the conversation WE are having (not the one YOU want to have) I will consider you a coward whose opinion weighs very little. and if you choose to continue insulting people in this nonconstructive way, i will have to delete your comments.

    thank you in advance for your understanding.

  12. Anonymous -

    I was wondering where the Shay-haters were! Gosh, I missed you! Your cowardly attacks make my day! ROTFL

    Anon, I am sick. I found out yesterday just how sick, but that's another story. (I am also tired and busy, but that is not unusual. LOL)

    I find it amazing that MK enables me to actually make money when I can't work my business the way I want to. It makes me wonder how on Earth so many people whining on PT could not make any money doing this business. I am making money off of the effort I put out a few months ago! To me, that speaks volumes!!

    Over the next few weeks, while the meds (hopefully) kick in and I start feeling better, I will be working my biz more. I will report my progress so you can have more fuel for your negative bile. LOL

    I have the feeling that whatever I post, you will find a way to put a negative spin on it. That's okay. I am a big girl, and I can handle it.

    Anon, I am going to be ill for a very long time, unfortunately, but hopefully you can get out of your hater-mode more quickly.

    Life's too short to hate, Anonymous Shay-hater.

  13. Dont worry Shay there were some Colleen haters a year ago too I felt kind of famous..LOL It only lasted for one day. By the way IM not anonymous I was once because I hit the wrong button IM the NICE anonymous.


  14. I think the reason some are shay-haters is because she has been in for such a short time. How can someone who has not even been to all the events talk about this MK experience? She hasn't HAD a MK experience. And she blogs about how much she loves MK. How can she when she has been in for such a short time? It's more like infatuation, at this point.

    Shay, I hope you go far with your business. I hope you do it right, from the beginning. I hope you get attached to a selling unit that pushes selling, and business management, and learn the products well.

    I remember well when I got my first few reorders. WOW. Money for no time worked. It was beautiful. I hope you get many more. And get well soon.

  15. dont worry shay, everybody needs a few haters in their life. I actually feel that you need at least 5-10 haters to push you along and give you the fuel to make it when they say you cant.

    So if you dont have enough haters in your life, then get some more. If you dont have any haters, then you must be doing something wrong. But dont worry, the more you strive towards success, then the more haters you will have!

    Get well soon!

  16. Not that she needs any help but if I remember correctly Shay had been in MK before so she would be familiar with the Company (more than someone who had just joined).

    My suspicion however, is MKShay was poster on pt for awhile, and then was invited to a MK party, went, absolutely fell in love with the new products, and remembered what she had loved before, found that things can be done right and one can make money.

    I imagine there were many (from pt land) not happy with her because basically she proved them wrong by speaking out and becoming pro-mk. She was viewed as a turncoat.

    Of course this is just my two cents.

    Hope the doctor is able to help you get better soon MKShay!

  17. Chrissy -

    Interesting comments. I will see if I can answer adequately. :o)

    I was in MK about 13+ years ago. I was in for a year. Nothing horrible happened - I was personal use and went inactive.

    Last year, I was invited to a Satin Hands/SCC. It was wonderful! I had so much fun and the consultant was very nice. I bought a good bit of stuff (full retail, I might add) and got compliments at church from friends.

    The whole experience was positive for me. I really did fall in love with MK.

    You say I have not been in long enough to blog about how much I love MK. Really? That's like telling a newlywed that she can't tell people how much she loves her hubby! :D

    I don't blog about how to become a Director. I don't blog about how to qualify for a car. I don't blog about how to have a $700 SCC.

    I blog about what I know and how I feel.

    What is so wrong with that?

    I could easily come on here and blog weekly about how I hold 5 SCC's and bring in $1000 a week. How I have 123 customers and how I sponsored 18 people last month. No one would be the wiser.

    But I don't. That would be dishonest. :o(

  18. Shay... You are a breath of fresh air! Yes, reorders rock~~~ and Yes, you can do the Court of Sales on mostly reorders (I do it every year!) And no, I do NOT buy into it!
    Hoping the meds can help you feel better and start working the business as you want to to build up even more reorders for those times that your health is an issue!

  19. Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone! :o)


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