Saturday, May 31, 2008

The So-Called "Mary Kay Husband Story"

Man, my blogging job gets easier and easier!

Here's another jewel from PT:

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Here are a few comments/observations I had:
  • He quit his job because MK was supposed to be their primary support? Huh? Did he not know how much she was making and if they could make it on that amount? The money "soon started to run short" - What happened?
  • Directors, help me out - a $680 payment on the Caddy? What kind of production did this woman have? (Or not have)
  • So is he bailing because she isn't making money or what? Is he blaming Mk for the divorce?

This whole post is hinky to me. Just doesn't sound like something a guy would write. I don't know of any guy that is going to up and quit his job and be Mr. Mom without a LOT of proof that the bills are going to be paid and the money is going to come in. Even then, I can't see it. Call me old-fashioned or whatever, but I just don't see it.

Thoughts, everyone?


  1. there are 2 sides to every story, there is no telling what really happened. He may be blaming MK for some of his shortcomings. I am sure if you asked the wife, she would tell a totally different story.

    That is the problem with all of these blogs, you never know how much of what is written is the whole story.

    I do find it hard to believe that he just up and quit his job before MK replaced the income. His story sort of implies that.

  2. I don't know where the $680 number came from, but it may be a typo.

    From Intouch/Resources/Publications/Advance Online/Pink Cadillac Program, for Monthly Net Adjusted Wholesale Production of $27,000 - $30,999, the monthly lease Co-op payment is $630.

    There is a typo in that table: the "Monthly Net Adjusted Wholesale Production" should read "Quarterly ...". It is the previous quarter's adjusted production that determines the monthly co-op payment for the current quarter.

    There is no way to determine the "why": It could be a number of things, including having a bitching husband, just as a bitching wife can effect a man's job performance.

    Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons for paying co-op is believing that the production caused by a DIQ will continue when that DIQ becomes a director and those unit members are no longer in the parent unit. The new senior director may have had enough production to qualify for a Cadillac as a result of the DIQ "unit", but the director needs to seriously look at what her production will be when that new unit debuts. If who is going to be left will not support Cadillac production, then the director should request a Premier level vehicle or cash compensation, despite the psychological push to become a "Cadillac Unit".

    If the lower level car is picked, and then the unit really does do Cadillac production without the DIQ "unit", then the lower level car can be turned in for the Cadillac. Once a director takes a Cadillac (or any car for that matter), she has to pay co-op if she falls below production requirements, or turn it in. If she turns it in, then she cannot requalify until the original requalification period.

    This is part of the reason why a lot of directors are taking the cash option. The monthly payment in the commission may go to zero, but you will never be paying co-op. But driving a pink Cadillac and the visual statement it makes can be a source of pride and inspiration. You can't make the same sort of statement driving around the family van or sedan, even if you pasted dollar bills all over the car.

  3. BTW, Advance is available online through InTouch to everyone, not just directors. It used to be that only directors could order the paper Advance booklet through the director order sheet, but Advance has been online for at least one or two years, maybe more.

  4. My Director's husband quit his job 2 1/2 years ago when his wife (my Director) decided (with her husband on board) to become a Director. She has supported their family for the last 2 years as a Director.

    I know that my Director is not working 65 hours a week...she was working 25 or so and has decided to bump that up to 40 so she and her family can purchase land at the end of the year to build their dream home.

    I find it incredibly hard to imagine that 65 hours a week wouldn't produce results ($$$ and recruits). Seriously. I'm a wee little consultant, and in 10 hours or less per week (phone calls, unit meeting, and classes), I'm making $300+ per week just from sales, not to mention my little commission checks from team building.

    There surely aren't any guarantees as a Director, but it's unbelievable that 65 hours wouldn't keep a unit running....really really well. As for a man quitting his job and being a Mr. Mom, I see nothing wrong with that.

  5. Alison you made a good point!! There is no way on Gods green earth that a woman (or man) could not live on this IF they are doing classes and facials and have a team that is selling!! I can see if you have 100 do nothings!! Most of the Caddie drivers are not working 60 hours a week more like 35-40.


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