Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drop Some Names

Per a recommendation from a reader, and because I have been deplorably absent lately, I present (finally) a "new" topic!

What "big name" director do you know?

What interaction did you have with her? (personal conversation, lunch, etc.)

What was your overall impression of her?

What about her inspired you? (either positively to do better, or negatively to "never be like that")

{On a side note, please feel free to recommend topics, or email me if you have an interest in being an author for this blog. There is a lot that can be talked about, feel free to bring it up.}


  1. Don't know how everyone else feels about this but name dropping and asking for posetive and/or negative
    or inside information just has a gossipy feel to it.

  2. I agree, mk4me. Not only that, but for those who prefer anonymity, that would be a problem.

  3. Perhaps rather than merely name dropping, we can post tidbits of what we've taken away from big wig director's speeches. Information that we've found helpful, speeches that inspired, or, well, the opposite.

    I'm just beginning to learn "names" and I already have a favorite National . . . based on the few I've heard. And, here in Illinois, I have some fav Directors whom I've heard speak.

    Can we direct our comments this way? Thus, refraining from petty gossip? Maybe sharing nuggets we've actually heard firsthand would spark a great discussion!?

  4. Im the one who suggested this topic and I didnt mean for it to be gossipy or name dropping. I thought that if we named one who we believed to be ethical it would be fun. I agree with love4mk's statement though. It would be great to have ideas or statements from their speeches (or them personally) and you dont have to mention a name.

  5. Im anonymous I keep hitting the wrong button


  6. Well I will start Rena Tarbet is one of my favorite nationals and I believe she speaks the truth. She has been through a lot (cancer) and has remained strong. She is my directors National and she believes in building a strong foundation and I have never heard her preach the "quick, fast, in a hurry."

  7. Colleen, I must agree with you, I am not in Rena's area but because of working with some of her director's have spent time with her in very small groups. Her work ethic is unbeleivable. She has been through so much medically with her cancer, and yet she never complains or finds a reason not to do something. She has done alot of good sharing by trying to help others (her cancer center, etc), I can tell you I get very angry when I read on another site that they wonder if Rena actually has cancer because they think she just uses it. I can tell you, I have seen her suffer and for someone to be so low to accuse someone of that (especially with no knowledge of the facts) well, maybe that person should suffer even 1/100 of what she has experienced.

    I know that some of the time, she seems larger than life, but hey, she comes from Texas, big hair, big earrings, big sales, big orders.

    She truly is an inspiration.

  8. Ohhh that irkes my nerves!! Her battle has been documented and when people talk about her not having cancer (its been 20 years that she has been dealing with this) that is an absolute sin!!!
    I dont mean to get religious but its the truth! She has great training material on her site that is open to any consultant who wants it. Her area or not anyone can use it. She has been there from the beginning and I KNOW that she continues to travel even if she doesnt have to. By the way I AM anonymous I kept hitting the wrong button..LOL

  9. I confess, I don't know much about most of the nationals. I don't even know much about my own. But I did meet Sharon Buck once (she is the director of one of the adoptees in the unit I am also an adoptee in). She came to do some training. I was impressed that she remembered my name after only hearing it once (I'm not usually all that memorable, to be honest), and she just seemed very personable and genuine.

  10. I sat in a huge convention hall full of hundreds of consultants, directors and guests and listened to the beautiful story of how one woman relied on her faith to help her navigate the trauma of cancer. Rena Tarbet was truly inspiring, moving. Her talk glowed with a staccato and rhythm found only in the presentations of well rehearsed, professional orators. I remember personally committing to include her in my prayers for continued good health and recovery. I hope she is well today.

    Perhaps the only sentiment which surpassed my admiration for her speaking abilities was my disdain for what she offered as the “husband unaware plan.” I’ve seen a number of “Nationals” speak and I’ve found few able to reduce mass manipulation to such a fine art. She left me in awe. I have such respect for her ability to so effectively influence people toward behavior they would otherwise not seriously consider. She was (is) a closer. I’ve not seen anyone more effectively use anecdotes about personal faith and medical trauma to manipulate women into shelling out $100 cash to jump in and thousands to frontload.

    Amateur cons simply steal. Refined cons manipulate their marks into giving up their money. The truly admirable master cons finesses and tantalize their marks into stealing from themselves while simultaneously prompting them (the victims) to profess the virtues of the con. Ms. Tarbet has helped many women impale themselves on the Mary Kay sword. Rena is a truly admirable master con.


    What are you doing to yourself...? others?

    Do you really want to be a part of it?


  11. "Think."

    I DO think and have NEVER used the Husband Unawareness Plan, and run a very above board business.

    "What are you doing to yourself...?"

    Making the extra $400 a month that I need to.

    " others?"

    Well, a good friend of mine just shared that her rosacea is clearing and that she feels beautiful.

    "Do you really want to be a part of it?"

    Yep. Please don't lump all of us together. I have a brain and personal convictions and don't follow the sheep. I take notes and apply the things I learn from the teachers I like, and dismiss the rest.

    I'm an adult.

  12. My national and director were both advocates of the "husband unawareness plan". Even going so far as to tell us to put small inventory amounts on a few cards so hubby wouldn't notice it. A little here, a little there.

    I shudder to think what they are telling the new crop. How many soon to be IBCs are going to be asked to use their stimulus checks for inventory?

  13. word


    maybe if more took the time to think there wouldn't be so many sad sagas

  14. I've never heard the husband unawareness plan used as an inventory payment option. I have heard it suggested as a payment method for sales appointments.

    Personally, I don't use that approach at all. Just call it what it is: splitting the payment. You can pay with two methods of payment at any retail establishment, MK is no different, but I do agree that to label it as an "unawareness" program is not the wisest choice--even if it is meant in humor, not all find it humorous.

    I will say that when it is used, it is meant in humor to get a laugh. Some people don't have that type of sense of humor. Some don't see humor in anything. And others take things (and themselves) way too seriously.

  15. Also, you can't use multiple forms of payment on an inventory order unless you go directly through your director.

  16. Hey Pinked,

    Great news! Some directors offer tips re how to expand your credit limit if you've already maxed out your credit cards!


  17. Hey Deleted:

    NEW FLASH! SOME NOT ALL DIRECTORS PRACTICE UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR! Sorry I can't vouch for anyone I know who does such things. Sorry to BUST your quest for DISillusionment. I know you want to be able to control minds the way you feel MK people "controlled" yours. Not everyone follows blindly like a sheep.

    Love4mk makes a great point to your previous comment.

  18. and... you CAN use multiple forms of payment other than going thru your director. You can use multiple forms of payment if you choose to do telephone ordering AND you can use multiple forms if you want to use part card and part money order and mail the order (just like we use to do in the olden days). Yes this will cost you the price of a stamp, but if a consultant wishes to do everything on a money order basis, it is doable, it adds a few days on the order but that is about it.

    I hardly ever have a consultant use multiple forms of payment. The few exceoptions were when they had just made a deposit but it hadn't cleared the bank yet, they put what they could on their debit card and then the remainder on their cc, as soon as the funds cleared the bank, they just paid of the credit cards so no interest was incurred.

  19. Thanks, mk4me. I hadn't realized you could use multiple payment methods for non-internet orders, but that makes sense. I only ever order online.

  20. that is true, before I got the internet in my home I would place my orders over the telephone and you could use more than one card if you needed to.

  21. My director is the future National Sales director Julia Mundy. She was trying to become a National before Rena Tarbet retires, but it looks like she will fall short sadly. Although I have not seen her in person, Julia speaks highly of Rena. However, I was at the meeting where our guest speaker was Stacy James who is very spunky and a joy to listen to. These woman are brillant at their businesses and incredible leaders. I did not feel like I was pressured into anything and never felt like I was in a "pink fog." I asked questions and knew exactly what I was getting into. I have no one to blame for my short comings, but myself. I enjoy the products and will continue to order for myself as a personal use consultant. I am one of the few that can order $400 worth of product without the help of others. What can I say... I love the make up and I enjoy looking great.


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