Monday, April 21, 2008

Didja miss me? ;)

Hey, all! MKShay here!

I have gotten some emails wondering where I have disappeared to - and I am popping in to assure everyone that I am still alive and kicking. LOL

We have just moved into a new house and I am having some health issues - so I am not as active on the blogs and boards right now. I have to get my house and health in order before I can do anything else.

I will try to get a post together soon! I will try to comment more often, too. :D

MKShay :o)


  1. Hey Shay! It's great to hear from you! :)

  2. HI good to see you yes we did miss you

  3. MkShay...glad to hear from you. I pray that your health improves and that your house gets put. I know what it like to move. We move about 8years ago and I still have boxes that aren't unpacked that is awful. I just need to throw them away if I have used whatever it is then I don't need it.

    You have been greatly missed
    Have a good evening

  4. Hey MkShay!!

    Hope things get straightened out for you soon. Moving is always so much fun, isn't it amazing how much stuff we can accumulate??

    Looking forward to your posts returning!

  5. We need a new topic.

  6. I was thinking we could have a topic about anyone who knows BIG directors (and without mentioning names)who are ethical (or mention the names if they want) and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

  7. Anonymous,

    Good idea.

    You talk, We Listen!!!

    Thanks -


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