Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No more skin care?

I just got an email indicating that Mary Kay, in an attempt to return to its roots will no longer be offering ANY products other than beauty.

This change is not being "officially announced" yet because they are still trying to figure out the processes and procedures it will take to make a smooth transition.

Because I know that many of you ONLY focus on the skin care side of sales I thought this would be a relevant conversation to have.

How will these changes affect you?

Please wait until the announcement is official to discuss this anywhere else as I do not want to disrupt the company's plan to release this information in a correctly timed fashion. (That includes discussing this on other blogs... they may not know about it yet) I trust that my readers are all mature enough to not let this get spread all over the internet.

If you have more information about this and would like to add you may do so here.


  1. is this a joke, no more skin care...If Mary kay wanted to go back to their roots wouldn't that mean just skin care?? That is how Mary kay started was with skin care...I think if this was true, I would have to throw in the towel..I am not going to make a lot of money selling a eyeshadows...so, did this e-mail come from MK corporate or did this come from someone with inside info?? I am a little bit upset about this one...I think MK would lose a lot of money discontinuing their skin care line...I am hoping I misunderstood this post.

  2. okay, I will not post as anonymous again, I just didn't have a user account yet, I been lurking here for awhile, but this one I had to post on..

  3. mkta,

    thanks for getting the conversation started... for reasons that I can't discuss right now I must be unusually vague about the source of this information.

    That being said, it IS possible that you are correct. They MAY be returning to skin care ONLY. The only things I can say for sure are:

    1. they want to "return to their roots"

    2. they will be eliminating things offered in order to accomplish this.

    (*I was pretty sure they were eliminating SKIN CARE, but that may have been something my brain "made" me hear because I thought skin care came after cosmetics... still not an MK aficionado myself)

    As I receive more info I will update this site... thanks.

    Again let me emphasize, PLEASE DO NOT discuss this outside of this site.

  4. I understand that you need to keep your source confidential, but can you explain what the e-mail said that would lead you to believe skin care...
    they just came out with a whole mineral line, I would find it hard to believe that they are now going to discontinue their color line...I wouldn't really mind because i personally believe your money is more in the skin care...
    if possible, could you please explain further..

  5. in all fairness, anyone can read this site, I do not plan on discussing it on any other sites, but I am sure someone else might...

  6. Sorry for making that confusing.

    There was no specific mention of what products are being eliminated. I assumed it would be skin care, but based on your comment above (I believe you are correct that skin care is the primary) it stands to reason that skin care will remain and the "beauty" items will remain. Again at this point... I can't be sure.

    I know that many people will be able to read this, but I also need to trust they will have the maturity to keep the conversation on these pages only. I can only request that everyone keep their mouths shut!

  7. I, too, heard something about this a few weeks ago. Personally, I hope it's true.

  8. eversleigh,

    thanks for jumping in-

    did you happen to hear whether it was skin care being eliminated or beauty products... obviously that is pretty pivotal to the discussion at hand.


  9. Wow. I'm a brand new IBC. This whole thing bugs me. I love the skincare, but it's the color that keeps my younger customers interested. I'd hate to see MK throw that away.

  10. I have an aunt who works at one of the distribution centers and she's heard this talk for a while. I don't know if this is David's joke, but the rumor has been around for a while. I keep expecting it show up on PT!

  11. I also accepted to see this on PT, but nothing yet...I do not go there very often, but unfortunately, if there is something new that MK is going to do, it seems to be on PT.

  12. I know that "she" heralds herself as the maven of "you heard it here first", but really - this is not a "color change" announcement. this is stuff that is not being discussed amongst the sales force yet...

    Is it possible that "we" know something "she" doesn't?

    by the eversleigh's comment got snagged for some reason... she said,

    "I heard skin care was going to stay, color was going to go."

    More as the story unfolds...

  13. I just got my mineral shadow. I am disappointed that they are about half the size of the old shadows. I have not gotten the blush yet (should be arriving tomorrow). Is it also smaller than the original?

  14. I haven't heard anything but if they were to discontinue any lines, body care is probably the weakest of the lines.

    A little trivia, from what I have read, when Mary Kay first launch it was skin care and wigs. Color came later, and the other lines were added after that. We have carried hair care but they said that we could not compete and keep the prices reasonable.

    I truly doubt wigs would be that lucrative but personally, it would be a only a small portion of my sales if they did discontinue the body care.


  15. arabella--the new mineral makeup is smaller in size, however, it is more pigmented so you shouldn't be applying as much product to get the same intensity. Hope that is helpful to you.

    ~Shades of Pink~

  16. Personally, it would be fine by me if we only had the skin care. I sell more skin care anyway.


  17. Where did my comment go?! It was there, then gone. :( Poof, it vanished.

    Anyway, I just mentioned that maybe taking a quick peek at the calendar is in order...

  18. LookingforAnswersApril 1, 2008 at 7:20 PM

    completely off topic...has any one tried to go to PT today?

    Looks like the site has been hit with a Trojan virus...at least that's what my internet security warning box says.

    Looks like someone send them a "bomb"


    PS...I think David is removing certain posts for a reason that he will reveal at some point.

  19. Is Dave trying to keep us from remembering today is April 1?

    (Just trying to keep you on your toes Dave!)

  20. Ok, I am tired of deleting all of your, "is this an April Fools joke?" questions

    Wow, I have a newfound respect for what TC does.... trying to manipulate people to seem clueless is hard work!

    You guys are all very good... many of you (you know who you are) had it right. This is just a practical joke.

    Ha ha.

    hope you all had a great first of April.

    Stories here if you got 'em.

  21. I was wondering where my post went. Like Mary Kay would forego skin care . . . come on! I read everything, and then read it again, and realized . . .ah, it's April 1.

    That was good . . . but also a bit sad to see how quickly we are "taken" by unverified information, rabbit holes, and threats.

    We are better than that ladies!!!!

    (It was a good one, though - for a moment, just a moment, I imagined them making the big announcement at seminar. The consultant's boo'd and hissed. That's when I realized this was a trick! :) )

  22. Can't tell I'm a real s/c personality type can you?? hahahah, 3rd time someone "got me" good today.

  23. No wonder my comments vanished. I figured I was spoiling the joke and quit commenting. ;)

    ~Shades of Pink~

  24. David you had me fooled!!!!!


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