Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's talk about it.

For general discussion.

Is Mary Kay:

  1. A pyramid scheme
  2. A Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) plan
  3. A Dual-Marketing plan
  4. A Direct Marketing plan
  5. Something else


  1. Wow, nobody's commented yet?

    Okay. Dual-level marketing. Why? Because it is possible to make money without recruiting. Everybody makes 50% no matter where they are on the "pyramid". BUt you know, with a company like Quixtar, for example, you don't make ANY money unless you recruit. You can SELL the products, but there isn't really a system in place that teaches you how to do that. Plus you make like 50 cents or something.

    Also, because my recruit can pass me up and become a director or something before I do, if that's what they want to do...

    Dual level marketing. Direct sales. You can call it an MLM, but it's not really because, I don't make money off of my recruits' recruits unless I am a director. So that should tell you something right there.


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