Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I had heard over the years about how MK does not allow advertising. To be honest, that is one thing that concerned me about joining MK and doing it for profit instead of just personal use.

This is simply not true.

I am holding in front of me 19 pages of approved ads from the Mary Kay InTouch site. There are ads for skin care, color, gift-giving, bridal, Velocity, prom makeovers, etc., etc., etc. 19 pages!

Does it surprise you to know that NONE of the ads are for recruiting? They are all for finding retail customers. (If someone isn't interested in the products, how can they be a successful consultant?)

There are 3 pages of suggestions on how to USE the ads to your best advantage - frequency, choosing a publication, etc. They also suggest using them for fliers, order stuffers, etc.

While running an ad in a daily newspaper can be expensive, weekly local newspapers can be an inexpensive alternative. There is the added bonus of being in your immediate local area (as opposed to daily papers, which can cover a much larger area).

Running ads for several weeks in a row is the best option. Running an ad just one week will not give the best results. See if you can get a discount for multiple weeks of advertising.

I would love to hear the results of everyone's advertising!


  1. The complaint is not that MK doesnt allow advertising, but that MK does not allow consultants to advertise in any way we want to. Having to use company approved ads to some seems limiting and controlling, but there is a legal reason behind it.

    I have used the ads and found them worth it. One sale more than paid for an ad. What critics fail to realize is that making your own ads can lead to legal trouble so it is best to use the words corporate has already printed for us to use, to protect our business and other consultants as well.

    Confusion is started when we each start doing our own thing. Isnt that part of the problem now anyway, confusion and mis information being put out there by overzealous consultants and directors?

    thanks shay, I need to think about getting an ad out there for mothers day!

  2. Hey, foreverpink!

    I have actually been told (over the years) that MK does not allow ANY advertising. By more than one consultant. (This is an example of how information is changed/altered when passed from person to person and not checked at the source.)

    I looked at the ads on INTouch and loved them. After all, they are legally correct and written by professional ad writers - I don't think I could come up with anything better! LOL

    Yep, I am going to get some ads running for Mother's Day, too! :D

  3. Once again, we find what many of us always say, reading is the answer. These ads are found on intouch, were we should all be reading, so even if someone has said no advertising to you, the Company site clearly shows advertising is allowed under the proper guidleines. The guidelines just protect us all.

    The ads from the Company are free, they don't charge for us to use them, so I never did understand when people complained we couldn't advertise like it was our own business.

    Thanks for bringing this to the attention of all.

  4. Exactly, MK4ME. It was shocked when I did a search of the InTouch site and found so many ads. And happy! :D

    The company has done all of the research and legal checking and designed effective ads that are worded correctly.

    It just makes my job easier! :D


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