Saturday, March 29, 2008

Laying down the Law

It has been some time since I have been able to personally welcome everyone that leaves a comment on this blog. As such, allow me to say a BIG welcome to all!

I know that I have said this before, and I will say it again – I don’t want this site to be MY opinion about Mary Kay. Consequently, those of you that are reading and leaving comments are the VIP’s or MVP’s or whatever you want to call it. You are the ones that make this site what it is. Thank you.

Having said that, it seems to be in everyone’s best interest to lay down some sort of guidelines for keeping the conversation on the same page.

The rules and regulations governing leaving a comment on this site are as follows:

1. No Personal Attacks. If you disagree with someone’s point of view, do so as passionately and vehemently as you need to. Sometimes the only way to get to the bottom of something is to let both parties vent all their frustrations so that the other side can see things from their perspective. However, there is no need for self-indulgent, juvenile attacks such as name-calling, unfounded accusations, criticisms of child raising decisions, etc.
2. Only Comment What You Know. There are two ways that you can know something (for the purpose of this conversation anyway).
  1. You experienced it yourself.
  2. You have a source that is recognized as an authority on the matter that you can quote and give references to. (preferably in the form of a link so we can easily follow)
    1. Examples of GOOD sources
      1. Census information.
      2. A study published in a reputable publication.
      3. An article in a News Publication.
    2. Examples of BAD sources
      1. Your friend’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s neighbor’s story.
      2. The Enquirer.
      3. A comment that you read on a blog one time.
3. No “Anonymous” comments. Please realize that almost everyone that comments here is using a “screen name” and not the name that they go by in “real life”! I am not suggesting that you leave comments with your real name. Please realize that one of the primary reasons this blog exists is to ENCOURAGE conversation about Mary Kay. Using the moniker “anonymous” DISCORAGES conversation. I am simply requesting that you use some way that we can identify you. You can use a letter followed by numbers for all I care. A-3214 for instance would be just fine. I am beginning to seriously consider blocking anonymous comments from being used – which would mean comments would need to be approved – and would potentially discourage commentators that would have otherwise chimed in. Hopefully we don’t need to go there.

These rules naturally are subject to change over time and should be viewed as guidelines that may or may not cover EVERY possible scenario that could cause a comment to be removed. Nor does “breaking” these rules guarantee that a comment WILL be deleted. Comments will still be removed or kept at MY sole discretion!!!!


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