Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's a new month!

Can you believe it's March already??

What are some of your goals or plans for your business this month?

Hubby started a new work schedule (2nd shift) that will make doing evening SCC's challenging, but I am going to focus on morning SCC's and for SCC's on his days off. My goal is for 2 per week.

Does anyone else want to share their plans for this month?


  1. I came to a realization this past week. I think one huge reason I have not been reaching my retail sales goals is because I couldn't envision the goal. I just had a figure out there to run at with no real plan. For March, I'm doing something totally new to me. I'm making an items sold goal. So, my retail goal is $2000 for March. This type of momentum is required if I want to hit DIQ any time soon. So, my strategy to reach this goal is to sell 20 Miracle Sets. In order to sell the 20 Miracle Sets, I have a goal to do a Power Start--30 faces in 30 days. In order to get my Power Start accomplished I must hold at least 10 SCC's in March; therefore, I must schedule at least 20 appointments for March. I'll report my progress! :D

  2. Putting your goal that way Shades will make it easier to track! Make a thermometer with the 20 Miracle Sets at the top and mark off each time you sell one~~you will quickly be able to see the progress (or lack of) which can be VERY motivating!
    Congrats on a well thought out goal and a very doable one!

  3. Shades of Pink -

    What a great idea! I've been blah/blah about hitting my goals during jan/feb - not enough sunlight? But that is a good kick in the pants idea that I may use too!

  4. Thanks, ladies! I have one booking so far for March. I'll be getting on the phone this week to get more scheduled! :D


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