Sunday, March 23, 2008

There are two kinds of people in this world…


If you look at the entire 6.7 BILLION (aprox.) people that currently occupy our globe you can split them into two groups.

Curious how I can make such a claim?

Click the link and find out.

This is actually a trivial exercise that hopefully will strongly illustrate a solid truth.

The TRUTH is that you can divide the population into two neat categories in many different ways. Those that are younger than 30 and those that are 30 and over. (pick any age) Those that are currently married and those that are not… you get the idea.

There are also tendencies that we all have. Some of us get stressed because of something as small as a shoelace breaking while others can amass $100,000 in debt and sleep like a baby every night.

Some people make decisions based on how the wind is blowing that day while others can’t pick a soda (“pop” for some of you – “coke” for the rest of you) from the vending machine without weighing the “pros” and “cons” of the decision.

Naturally, when we (generic we) bring our myriad various nuances into a venture (say, “Mary Kay” for instance) they don’t just “go away”.

Selfish people that join Mary Kay will most likely be selfish in Mary Kay.
Greedy people that join Mary Kay will most likely be greedy in Mary Kay.
Stressed people that join Mary Kay will most likely be stressed in Mary Kay.
Dishonest people that join Mary Kay will most likely be dishonest in Mary Kay.

So for those of you out there that claim that Mary Kay corrupted you… talk to me. What were you like before? In what way did Mary Kay lay its spell on you? How did you realize it? In what way were you different than before? How did you manage to get out and what steps have you taken to go back to the way you were?

Does it sound like I don’t believe that Mary Kay is a soul-sucking, false god-worshiping, cult? I don’t. But I am open to hear all cases. Do you really mean to tell me that a bunch of “pink” loving ladies turned you into an evil, manipulative, conniving psycho? Please… do tell.

I am all ears.


  1. LookingforAnswersMarch 24, 2008 at 6:37 AM

    LOL!! I like how you don’t mince your words!

    I don’t know if counts because I’m still an IBC but I’ll give my two cents!

    Before MK I was not selfish, greedy, or dishonest. Stressed yes.

    I don’t hold MK responsible for my debt load of over $20K in retail product (not to mention the other thousands of dollars for career conference, seminar and unit pins and all that comes when you become a director). However, my Director and NSD knew that I was placing orders to buy my DIQ and they did nothing to stop me. All they kept saying was “so and so bought her directorship” and “do whatever it takes to get it finished”. So tie those two things together and what do you have?

    They knew. They did nothing but watch it happen and then the train wreck that proceeded to follow. Then they had the gall to say, I didn’t work hard enough or I was negative or I didn’t bring people to meetings. Well I worked hard 40+ hours a week. I’m a realist but if your nothing but positive in MK, you’re negative, realists fall into that category. I didn’t bring people to meetings because it was an hour each way. There were very few people who wanted to be out after a day of work to get home at 11:00pm to get up at 5:00 am to start their day all over again. Plus they already “knew” of people who had been in MK and got burned or who had to invest $6000 to get started. And they “heard of MK” and how it was a pyramid and they’d want no part of that. No matter how you explained it. They were not open to hearing it. Too many people have been set up for disaster by direct sales companies so they think it’s better/safer to just go to the big box store to make their purchases.

    At meetings our NSD would always have the directors up front and say how much their highest cheque was for one month or how much they earned per hour. Well of course it was all based on our commissions not our sales. It was deceptive for new people. It should have been based on the highest class sales. Yes I understand that you need to paint a future picture but that picture is not reality without a crap load of work and sacrifice.

    Plus it really wasn’t true because many were buying production, including myself, so whatever our commission was it was going right back on the credit card to pay off orders.

    I was so desperate to be successful. To have someone proud of me. To show my family and friends that I wasn’t a failure. To prove my husband wrong. It’s that environment that just breeds those little white lies and topping up of orders every month that over time become an ever expanding debt load.

    Broken people are attracted to MK because it makes them feel good. There’s a sisterhood to be had and a place where you are recognized for doing the work which doesn’t happen every day in your regular JOB. If you’re lucky you get a yearly review and pat on the back and maybe a salary increase.

    Broken people are the ones that can be taken advantage of and who fall into doing things not above board.

    Broken people are the ones that need professional help but rarely is that ever recommended by a Director or NSD.

    Nope it’s just go hold some more classes and that will make everything better. And while you’re at it, ask God for help. Or if your husband is giving you grief, just have more sex with him to keep him happy because that’s all they think about anyway...that and money.

    Oh yes, all of that just makes all the stresses in the world go away. And for a non-religious person, I don’t talk to God and I don’t like it pushed in my face thank you very much.

    I am still and IBC and I will remain because I love the products and have a loyal customer base. Plus my customers like the way I work now and refer their friends and family to me as they know there will be no pressure to purchase or to sign up. And they know if they decide to sign up that I will tell them the truth, the whole truth...the good, the bad and the ugly. And no they will NOT start with inventory.

    I’m not bitter and I’m not angry...not anymore anyway. Just a realist.

    Good topic David.


  2. You called it lookinging, no mincing words, but some of the time the more we try to candy coat something - the true message is missed. Hopefully this message may help someone who reads it and it hits home, even if it is just one. I am sure others will be offended or defensive instead of like you realistic.

    People all have needs -if somehow, a director or nsd finds a way to play on these needs, they are wrong. I think in your situation, one type of individual would manipulate and take what they can take as long as they can and then instead of acknowledging that they have taken advantage of a person, - they put the fault on the person so that they don't need to take a good look at themselves.

    I have seen some though, that are just so caught up in the excitement, that they don't stop long enough to look in the future to realize for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. (Especially if they made it without having to "make it" happen.

    There are people (over analytical and caring people) that realize, if you want to build a future, build it securely and strong. Care about the individual more than yourself. Instant gratification is not usually the best in the long run.

    I do not want a consultant, or offspring buying their way - because sooner or later it will come back to bite both of us in the a**.

    I want my success to be because of the other people I have helped be successful (on their terms).

    And in your case, because of the way things were done, they now don't have a happy director, if you had been mentored and built buy selling, building, and building your people without incurring all that debt, you may have made it to directorship, and been able to have had a money making unit with happy money making consultants.

    So everyone lost. We people can't see that encouraging a consultant to buy her wat into the car and buy her way into directorship is bad for everyone.

    So one might become a director with 30 "consultants" but if they are fakes and friends, do these directors and nsd's think all of a sudden these people are going to start working their business and start placing orders because they need product? (Only in one's dreams) - and yes, it is true in time you will continue to add, but it takes time to buld working consultants, and by the time that happens, it will be too late. For the new director and her unit).

    There are directors and nsd like this in the Company, there also are directors and nsds that believe as I do. But like anything in life, we will hear about the bad, because it is more sensational than the good.

    Wow, , how boring to read, I joined, booked load of clases, and facis, sold product, built some more, recruited a few, built more clients, and continued, trained my consultants to book and sell before they started building a team. And then we built and consistancy brought us to where we are. Not real exciting reading is it?

    But I know I haven't left a trail of destruction, shattered lives, and dreams. No not every recruit or unit member stayed with us, but when they left, it was just because it wasn't a good fit - not because they couldn't afford to stay.

    So once again, it can be done right and ethically, it just may take a little longer. It is sometimes important to remember it was the turtle that one the race.

    And our business (and our life) should be a journey not a race.
    We all need to take time to smell the roses along the way.

  3. PINKBREN here...

    Before Marykay I was a God fearing owner of a hair salon...In Mary Kay I am God fearing owner of a hair salon. I try a do what is right and I try and treat people the way that I want to be treated. I can tell you that I could work MK more I don't. I can see if you keep it up and you keep working and doing it the way that MK wanted us to it works.

    I know that there are some that buy there way I am not going to do that. I am an ethical person and I have to daughters that are watching what I do. I want them to do the right things in life too. We need to realize that not ever one is in this to be ethical and they are not in other businesses either. They just don't know how to be honest when being honest would be better.

    I won't buy my way to the top and I don't want others under me doing that either. I just like the flexiblity that this can afford me once I start working it. So this is my take.

    This is just my opinion.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  4. I am not selfish, greedy, stressed or dishonest. Either before or after joining Mary Kay. I do not claim that Mary Kay corrupted me.

    In what way were you different than before? Now I have realized that "friends don't give business advice" and while "friends" at the meetings, I make my business decisions now based upon MY business, not what "friends" want.

    I was encourged to "be a star", "stock up on this sale", "don't miss getting X product now - you'll regret it", "you can't sell it if you don't have it", etc. Like LookingforAnswers, my SD and DIQ knew my sales were not supporting the orders made!

    Looking at cc balance that skyrocketed will bring that into shocking reality. It's not MK's fault and I'm not saying it is. I placed the orders - no one else.

    How did you manage to get out and what steps have you taken to go back to the way you were?

    I haven't gotten out, I'm still a consultant and still in debt. I'm stepping up my work and decreased my orders drastically - ordering only when absolutely necessary.

    I have traded items with others in the unit. I know we are not supposed to but I needed what she had and vice versa, & we are both carrying credit card debt on the products we were "encouraged" to buy, gotta have "hot items", etc.

    I have decided to have a spring cleaning inventory sale and apply 100% towards paying off my MK cc!

    I don't want to return the product but when I started I said I'd review it in a year. My time is almost up and I'm still in debt.

    All suggestions welcome!

  5. Rural, since you will be doing your "review" soon, here are some questions that I think would be good to ask:

    Is your debt slowly decreasing?
    Are your sales slowly increasing?

    Do you expect to be debt free within one year of starting your MK business? Is this really realistic? How about setting a goal of being debt free in 5 years, or 2 or 3 years? (Depending on the size of the debt and how much MK you sell.)

    It's easy to eat an elephant one bite at a time. Not so easy to try to choke down a leg all at once.

  6. Another tip about credit card debt, don't hold your payment to once a month. Say you have a good sale and have $100 set aside for your credit card payment, (most will wait for the bill) no if you just paid your credit card, you will be waiting 20 or so days to get the bill, send the payment, you will save that many days that interest won't be charged on that amount. (It is not alot but it adds up). There is no limit on how many times you can make a credit card payment in a month.

    (this also helps if you have it set aside but then something in life happens, you don't go borrow from what should be going to the credit card because it is already gone.)

    I had one unit member that would make weekly payments. It really helps reduce the debt.

    If you have you card set up online it makes it even easier.

    I have a credit card that awards me frequent flyer miles. So I always charged my orders to get the points and then pay the order off withing the month. No interest and I get points, I use the free ticket when I go to Seminar. (That really helps keep Seminar costs down) -

    There are just so many ways to be smart with your money.

    I am sure eveyone knows this but don't only make the minimum payment.

    If your interest rate ins't good on your credit card, consider getting a personal loan (with a great interest rate) for a year or two - you will know exactly what your payment will be every month, and only order what you have that cash will cover the order once you set this up.

  7. Thanks for the great advice. I do always pay extra, and sometimes even write out an extra check during the month, but I always held it for the bill -not anymore!

    Yes, my MK Sales always pay the cc statment and today I pushed a sales challenge of contacting 30 people in 24 hours! Out of the 10 I spoke with personally (& showed the new eye colors & compact), I got over $ 300 in sales.

    I'm thinking of holding off on running the "sale" and really getting serious about working.
    I hate to run "sales" because if you start, some customers expect you to keep the product (or all products) at the lower price.

    The challenge was time consuming (all in 1 day plus work JOB) but I may re-set my goals for a min of 10or 15 per day for 2 - 3 days per week.

    Thanks Again!


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