Saturday, March 1, 2008

Your MK Business This Week (3/1/08 - 3/7/08)

It's a new week!

Share what is going on with your MK biz!


  1. Well I got four names ia a fisbowol and will call them next week.

  2. I made a newsletter to get to my customers and I have an apt to take my new recruit to our DIQ!

  3. WOO HOOOOO!! Great start for the week!

  4. Wow, I received my order of our new products, will it surprise you if I tell you I LOVE the texture and the wear-ability of the new products. They are AWESOME. Also attended a Robert Jones workshop the other day, and he had some great information - wow, I had seen him a few years ago but learned even more and can't wait to start demonstrating all our new products. I see our sales soaring.

  5. this week my goals are to hold 5 classes. My director has been very sick so hopefully this week she recovers. Oh by the way I'm starting the month with 3 brand new team members, very exciting

  6. I am getting my order even faster than what I was previously told. It will be here TOMORROW (instead of Friday).


    Now that Hubby has his schedule, I can start getting more bookings.


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