Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flexible scheduling

Hubby got a new job and is now working 2nd shift.

If I had a J-O-B, I would be scrambling for child care and trying to figure out if I could even be able to keep working. Actually, I would not even be able to work because I don't WANT to put my kids in day care.

As it is, I am completely stress-free. LOL I get to spend most mornings with Hubby and I can schedule my facials/SCC's around his schedule. I answer emails and do other "busy work" when the kids are in bed and Hubby is at work.

"Mommy Time" is important to me and Hubby, too. I can take my Mommy Time whenever I want - again, not possible if I have a J-O-B.

I love it. If I had a 9-5 job I would never see hubby! As it is, I get to spend lots of time with Hubby and the kiddos and still get to work my MK business.


  1. Boy do I hear you MKShay, my hubby works third shift. If I worked a conventional 9-5 I would never see him because I would be gone when he got home in the am and he would be asleep when I got home in the evening. The kids would be alone before school in the am and would be alone after school in the evenings. I get to spend time with hubby morning/early afternoon, see kids after school, and Mk around everything.

    And... when he is at work and kids are asleep - I can get tons of computer, paperwork, etc.. done with no interuptions.

    got to love it!

  2. MK4ME, I fully agree. If I had a 9-5er, I would rarely see hubby.

    IN keeping with my goals of 2-3 classes per week, I can easily work that around Hubby's schedule and still have lots of family time.



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