Saturday, March 1, 2008

New advertiser - for you movie buffs (or freaks)

I don't normally call attention to the advertising on this site... and it shows! (not a lot of clicks)

I thought I should give this one some attention though because if you like movies - and don't already have a movie rental plan - you should really consider this deal.

If you feel like this site already has too many advertisements, don't click on the link below and the scary, mean ads will stay safely out of site! If you want to see why I think you should sign up for the new advertiser, click below.

I have been so impressed with blockbuster for the last few years because of this program they have right now. I know it is off the normal subject for this site, but sometimes you just have to take a break, order a pizza and a coke, and watch an old classic - or new hit - and just tune out the world for a couple of hours.

Check out Blockbuster's mail program. I love it. You get your movies in the mail (like netflix) but when you are done watching it, you just drive to the nearest Blockbuster and when you hand them your movie THEY GIVE YOU A FREE RENTAL. Right there in the store. You just pick out your next movie and straight exchange it for the one you just got in the mail. AND as soon as they scan the envelope for the exchange, they alert BB online to send you the next movie in your "Q". It usually takes a day or two to get there, so unless you are watching two movies a day - every day - you should be good to go.

They have three options. One, Two, or Three DVD's at a time. You can check out the pricing online. If you use the link on this site, you get 50% off for the first month as well!

If you love movies... give it a try!

Blockbuster - 50% off your first month with code perf999

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