Sunday, March 23, 2008

Most Recent Poll

Interesting results! We will have to do this again when Dem's get their nominee figured out.

Leave your nominations here if you will be voting independent.

While we are at it... if you have any thoughts about the ongoing political scene unfolding (I am sure some of you do) and don't have anywhere else to ventilate some of those feelings... feel free to share your political insight on this post. We are not a political blog by any means, but I am sure that we could discover some interesting differences amongst our little group here!

They say that you should never discuss politics or religion in _________ settings. We have discussed religion (a little) lets hit politics (a little)! Remember to keep it civil! And of course, we should all agree to disagree if we must.


  1. Being a Canadian, I really don’t have a say or an interest in US politics but I have to say that I find myself reading the news stories about Clinton and Obama. As an outsider, I think they’d make a fantastic duo in any office. They both seem to be dynamic and have the people/economy/war on their minds.

    And to top it off, one is woman and the other one African American. I just love that. A few weeks back there was talk about them being running mates in the election but that Clinton would be on the top. I think actually it would be better the other way and how powerful the office could be if that’s what were to happen.

    It’s going to be really interesting watching how this all unfolds.

    Happy Easter!

  2. I'm all for Barack Obama. I have had a strong disliking for Hillary Clinton since 1992 ;). I won't elaborate much on that. I hope to see Obama vs McCain. The more I listen to Obama, the more I like him.

    A few weeks ago, Clinton and Obama had a debate at my place of employment. I watched on TV--didn't win the lottery to get tickets. I was extremely impressed with Obama's demeanor and professionalism while Hillary did all the things you don't want a female candidate to do. I loved that they called her out on NAFTA. She said she never supported it. Whatever. She was all for that when her HUSBAND created it. Then she whined and complained that she was getting the questions first and made reference to a SNL skit! Get over it, lady! You're running for president. It's not gonna be easy! ARGH.

    OK. Rant over. I just don't like her.

  3. I found it interesting when Hillary (or her campaign) was addressing "experience in the white house" and going on about how much she had - a segment on a morning tv show, then that night on late tv, they were discussing it and saying that the pastry chef had more "experience in the white house" than she did!

    We've had the Clinton's there and look what happened!

    The more I hear from Obama, the more I like him!

  4. PINKBREN here... This very long

    I am not voting for obama or chelsea's momma. I think that obama doesn't have enough experience and I don't think that he likes our Country. I think that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I also think that with all the church stuff he lied. First he said that he never heard it then in his speech he said that he did. Come on this is a guy that votes present on most issues that should tell you something he doesn't go to work.

    He wants to go and talk to all of our enemies they will be dancing if he is elected because they know to that he doesn't like his country. And his wife is proud of the US for the first time in her adult life. Please!!!! I think that he is scary and just what change does he want he really never says. He can talk a good talk however looking at his record he doesn't walk what he talks.

    He is never denounced his preacher damning the US in God's name that is something. And that the US government started the aid virus to kill black people OH PLEASE!!! Or that we are the evil ones defending our country. This is something and people are falling for it we are in trouble. I can tell you that he will not support Isreal and that is Biblical that those that support Isreal will be blessed and they that do not will be cursed. He wants to pull out the troops before the job is done well let me tell you if he does that you won't be able to go to the grocery store without fear of getting blown up cause they will follow us home. I don't want any more of our troops to be killed either however saying that I don't want the terrorist here in our Country cause we have a President that would cut and run. My husband is right now this very minute in Iraq and he says that we need to finish the job.

    About health care UNIVERSAL PLEASE!!! I can tell you our family went to London they have universal health care and the front headlines of the London Times "WOMEN DIES WAITING FOR HYSTERECTOMY" I don't want to wait. Then he is going to fine parents that don't carry insurance on their kids well stupid if they don't have the money to pay for insurance do you think that they are going to have money to pay a fine. GOOD LORD this man is something and I don't like it. One more thing he supports partial birth abortions and he is for gay marriage. I am sorry this is wrong andyway you cut it.

    I will be casting my vote for John McCain although a little more liberal than I like I think that he can run our Country the best. I know that he can. He is strong in defense and that is what we need. We don't need someone that will lay down and let our Country down. McCain is the man for the job. I am praying that McCain will beat the democrats in November.

    This is a scary time in our USA a country that I have always been PROUD OF, I have daughters that are 13 and I am scared for them. The problem is that we have gotten away from what our founding fathers wanted to be a God fearing Christain nation. However at some point we have to have a President that will roll over and let others take over and then watch out cause it is just a matter of time before that eastern sky opens.

    Ok I have now offend many because I have not only talk of politics i have talked Bible too. Well this is how I feel and this is want I think.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  5. I have to see what happens with the presidential debates. I simply don't like Hillary Clinton at all. I liked McCain back in 2000 and actually voted for him in the 2000 primaries. He was defeated by Bush. I don't particularly like any political candidate. I despise Hillary Clinton.
    If it's McCain vs. Clinton my decision will be quite simple in November! ;)

  6. I didn't participate in this poll, because "none of the above" was not an option. I haven't fully made up my mind yet, but I am probably going to vote 3rd party in the upcoming election...perhaps Constitution Party. Many will say that I am "throwing my vote away." Perhaps. But I am going to walk away with a clear conscience.

  7. Mr. Clinton visited 4 towns in our state today (KY)- Frankfort (capitol), Paris (not so big), Maysville (where Clooney was yesterday) and Morehead (very small college town). Everybody was making jokes today about why he chose the last town!

    The local news showed good turn outs for the events but I don't ever recall election campaigning done at this level before. I did not attend. It will certainly be interesting!


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