Sunday, March 30, 2008

Most Recent Poll

The first poll on this site (click here) asked the same question.

14 people responded then, and it is interesting to see where the balance lies now.

This poll had the largest response of any so far - hopefully a sign that we are growing!

Thanks to everyone for participating.


  1. Hello David - long time no speak...

  2. Hello forensic (scam?) - how are you?

    Where have you been?

  3. Yes, t'is I.

    I had to pull the other site down and then went and deleted my hard drive in a fit of temper.. I've only just got motivated enough to come back online!!

  4. i m on msnmes - but you appear offline

  5. I can't even remember my username on there, let alone the password!!

  6. how about email, send me an email @

  7. yeah, yeah, wait for it....

    this is why i suggested IM

  8. You knew it was me from the writing style of the post I linked to didn't you!?!

  9. your style is certainly unmistakable!

  10. I don't like to call anyone trashy....

  11. I know, but whilst we're on the subject...

    ... where's Shay?


  12. oh man, that is messed up.

    I know that she and I will "get it", but some on this blog may not - keep in mind we are not on your blog or duh's.

    that being said, she is around, she is actually an author on this blog now - in addition to her other blogs...

    I am sure she will say "hi" before long.

  13. Shay IS NOT trashy

    There you go, my disclaimer!

    Will be good to catch up with her post-orangeaday!

  14. speaking of orange-a-day... THAT guy turned out to be a MAJOR SCAMMER!!! you should write a new website about him!

  15. Haha... if I were to ever write a site about scams I might have reputable companies offering to sue me for defamation!!!!

    As for orangeaday, I tried the 'official' site on blogspot but it appears to have been hijacked by someone else!!

  16. I love the way you phrase that - "...offering to sue me..."

    I wonder if you said, "no thanks"!!!

  17. Hypothetically speaking, if it were to happen, I'd probably just cut my losses and delete the site as requested ;)

  18. *waves to scam*

    I saw your comment on my blog and knew it was you. Glad to "see" you!!

    I have been busy with moving - I have been offline for several days (and suffering the heebie-jeebies because of it).

    Give me a day or two to get out from under all of these boxes and I'll be back to my Internet-geeky self. ;)

    (About the "trashy" comment - have you guys been talking to my ex again?? Knock it off! I have a reputation to uphold on this blog! LOL) ;)


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