Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.....

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive....."

-Sir Walter Scott

I just pulled this little tidbit from a certain site we all know (from a comment, not a post):

"Also...has anyone ever suggested a major strike force on the marykay web sites? kinda like going to the consultant locator and just emailing each site a link to [PT]? How fun that could be...everyone doing it on the same evil, possibly crashing their systems! ha..."


This goes beyond just wanting to tell your story. This is (as the author even admits) "evil."

So, let me get this straight. This person wants to get all of the PTers to misuse the Consultant Locator system so they can cyberharass consultants?

Not that I see PTers banding together to do anything but whine (remember the billboard they were going to purchase? Or that they were going to hand out PT cards at MK events? Hahahahahahaha), but we are talking about sending anti-MK website links to consultants via a MK website they pay for!

Anyone else see anything wrong with this?

PTers - want to explain how this is a good idea?


  1. I am sure it is not a surprise to many but from reading pt for about 1 1/2 yrs. now, they have already done this and thought it was very funny, they have left evil messages in guestbooks on unitnet sites, placed faked orders on with consultants, and we know that they have done other very unethcial things ( I won't further explain - in case some haven't thought of it yet) because it is their way to get back at Mary Kay, and yet they continue accuse MK people of abusing religion and what is right and wrong. And how are they really getting back at Mary Kay?? They are hurting an individual that didn't do anything to them. Just happened to be an innocent bystander, but they think they have the right to say Mary Kay stands by and watches people get abused.

    I am surprised TC hasn't spoken out to stop this type of behavior.
    Condoning it means she agrees with it and she and her site loose even more credibility.

    No matter how wronged they feel they have been, two wrongs, never make a right.

    And one last and hopefully helpful point, if anyone has ever experienced unethical or illegal behavior in MK, first call the Company, normally they will ask you to put it in writing as they need "proof", they will not reveal your name, but they will correct the individual and they will keep the complaint in their file.

    Get it, enough complaints, they have something to work with!!??

    First many on PT have never contacted the Company for anything, the just anonymously post on PT and second the few that have called, from their own testimony have never taken the personal responsibility to write it and mail it to MK. So, the bad behavior must not have bothered them enough to do something about it - so why are they going to get all self-righteous now, because they can anonymoulsy post and whine with a bunch of others???

    My 16 yearold teenage daughter and her friends are more mature than this bunch. It is very sad to see grown woman, acting like this. But it does bring out another point, does it surprise anyone, that they didn't succeed in a "people" type business??

  2. mk4me is right, that is something that they have talked about doing before, some actually did it which led to the pass word protections on some of the unit net sites. It was so over the top that I think that is what caused TC to try and revamp her site. That is about the time I stopped reading PT because the things they were talking about doing to consultants who had done nothing to deserve the harrassment was more than I could take. Any kind of credibility that they may have had with me quickly went out the window.
    So here it is again, it proves that they all think alike, with the cyberstalking and harrasment in general. Childish high school behavior

  3. There is one person on PT who goes and finds MK fishbowls in order to have the consultant call them so they can give her a lecture about PT. If that isnt' over the top obsessiveness then I dont' know what is.

  4. Shana -

    IMHO, that is just plain hostility. I would LOVE it if someone gave me a lecture about PT!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I could tell her a thing or two. LOL

    What I really don't understand is why on earth the PTers are so angry and hostile??? Especially since so many (notice I did NOT say "all) of the stories that I have read really just boil down to them making bad choices??

  5. speaking the real truthMay 24, 2008 at 7:47 AM

    Okay, today there is a new post where the owner is "tooting their horn" about a mention in an article, calling it "big".

    It's what, one paragraph in a lengthy story?

    Also, notice that the author of the story got it wrong. Consultants do not continue to receive commissions on every one downline from them. At every level, even NSD, there are limits on how far down you receive commissions. This is one reason that I point out we are NOT a pyramid company.

    He does go on to print the new NSD's story, so I figure I'll let him slide on the one incorrect sentence.

    As for the other site, I'm glad that this article mentions the owner of that site by name. That gives others an opportunity to research her and her actions and come to their own conclusions.

  6. If that person tooting her own horn is Tracy Coenen, yeah, she does love to toot her horn.

    With a lot of hyperbole in the tootin'!

  7. speaking the real truthMay 26, 2008 at 8:46 AM

    If you refer to the article in the Utah newspaper, you will see how the PTers operate. Notice how they have ganged up on the "MK Husband" and left negative responses to his comment to decrease his rating.

    My comment on the article is that the reporter has incorrect info. listed in his facts. When you recruit someone, you do not receive commissions down the line. There are limits on commissions at every level, including NSD. I believe that NSDs currently are paid on 1st-3rd and the Top 10 units in their area outside of those lines. This means that some NSDs have lots of directors and tons of consultants that they are not commissioned on. No one really talks about that though.

    I'll just state my comment here, as I don't want to take the time and energy to register to comment on another site.

  8. speaking the real truthMay 26, 2008 at 8:51 AM

    One other comment. I say to let the site owner over there comment in the media and make herself known for her anti-Mary Kay crusade. I figure that it lowers her credibility for her other seemingly professional business ventures.

  9. speaking the real truthMay 27, 2008 at 8:14 AM

    Again with the everyone lies thing.

    After reading today's post "over there", I am trying to figure her out. I think that sometimes you want to think that "everyone" does something so that you do not feel so badly about your own behavior.

    Not everyone does what she did. I didn't and know many who have not. Here's the big point:


    Does everyone see it? The ones who are now confessing to their behavior are also the same ones saying that they really didn't make any money, and that they couldn't ever get where they wanted to be. Do you see the connection? Those of us posting our stories here, who do work ethically, are making money.

    I think that the Rena comment is also taken out of context. Sure, many people sign up family members who use the product. That is a far cry from inventing people and making up social security numbers. Sometimes that family member wants the discount and wants to help you. Maybe they'll do something with the business, maybe they won't. The point is that if you finished DIQ with less than 30 working consultants, you had better get busy finding some working ones.


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