Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time for a new game...

I know this will not be the first time that this has been pointed out, nor will it be the last, but perhaps it is time to make a game of it...

I am talking of course about the ever so exciting "fresh converts" that extol the many wonders and virtues of Pink Truth and their god TC.

So without further delay, let us play... "IS SHE REAL OR FAKE" !!!!

The quirky exciting game where YOU the reader attempt to guess whether the newest disciple of Pink Truth is an actual, honest-to-goodness ex-MK, ex-lurker that has SEEN THE LIGHT and come out of the Pink Fog - OR - just a made up person that exists only in TC's head and now the hearts of many faithful, devoted PT'ers.

For this FIRST installment, I would like to introduce you to "rica82" - safe to assume that that is an anonymous screenname. She says,

"I have been reading this thread for over a year now and have just gotten the courage to post. I have been in Mary Kay 15 years and a director for 4 years. I tried to run my business with integrity using the golden rule but got no where. I was never one to frontload recruits, I just couldn't do it and feel good about myself. I held classes , facials and ran unit meetings. I observed other directors who would recruit anything breathing and frontload and they were the most successful in our area. I always felt that I never said the right words to get it done. So therefore I was a hit and miss director working very hard to maintain production every other month. I just could not do it any more. I left a great paying career in order to pursue directorship and make my dreams come true. I felt so successfull when I achieved directorship and took it very seriously that I was to lead other women there also. I can't believe that I hung on so long and truly believed in the opportunity and believed other top directors and nsd's and believed they were all legit until I had been a director for a while and then you hear the make a way logic and the rumors about other directors and nsd's and you can see the backstabbing to get recruits. It is so saturated in our town that directors would be recruiting other peoples customers etc. to get it done. I just got to the point where I couldn't go on and it was the most painful decision I made to step down from directorship. I didn't feel this bad leaving the career I had for thirty years. I now just service my customers and sell products, no recruiting. I also got us into alot of debt and have been working to pay that off. I want to thank everyone who has posted here at PT as it has helped me so much. Some time later I will post my whole story but for now I just wanted to thank you all and finally got the courage to do it."

Ok, there's the first challenge. And here are the rules.

Clearly state your opinion - Is this a REAL person? OR is this a FAKE person? Indicate your guess with a REAL or a FAKE.

If you feel so inclined (and because this game wont be much fun without it) explain WHY you think that.

Thats it. Rules are simple. There are no prizes because 1. I am cheap and you can get prizes from MK anyway 2. We will probably never know for sure.

Finally, if YOU are rica82, you can hop on into the discussion and defend your "real-ness".

..."Is she REAL or FAKE starts......... NOW"

{cue cheesy game show music}


  1. IDK. I think she could be real. I just don't understand how someone could get to directorship, and stay there for 4 years only to find herself in such a predicament.

    What PTers and PLHers (Pinklighthouse -ers ..) don't seem to understand is that it's YOUR business. You can work it however you want. If you think something is unethical, simply choose to take a higher road. Refuse to do business that way and find a way, make a way to do it with honesty. I absolutely believe that everything we're taught (such as 'find a way, make a way') is MEANT in an honest way - it's the person who chooses to make it unethical by interpretting it as backstabbing your way to the top.

    We're in MK for goodness sakes. Who DOES that??

  2. I think she's a FAKE.

    1. She's been in MK 15 years and a director 4 years. She talks about what happened as a director. Uh, what about those 11 years BEFORE she became a director? Was she not running her business with integrity and the golden rule then, too? But she still got no where? For 15 years? Again, what was she doing in the 11 years before she became a director?

    2. She "was a hit and miss director working very hard to maintain production every other month. I just could not do it any more." She did this for FOUR years???!!!?!?!?! She did not have enough growth in her unit in FOUR WHOLE YEARS to make unit production every single month? None of her unit members increased their sales, and thus their orders, in FOUR WHOLE YEARS? Not even by a little bit?

    We've heard that saying, the definition of insanity is to keep on doing what you've been doing but expect different results.

    If you want different results you have to change what you are doing.

    3. "...until I had been a director for a while and then you hear the make a way logic and the rumors about other directors and nsd's and you can see the backstabbing to get recruits. It is so saturated in our town that directors would be recruiting other peoples customers etc. to get it done."

    As a CONSULTANT I've heard the "make a way logic". And I've heard rumors. And I've seen "backstabbing to get recruits". AND I've seen CONSULTANTS recruit others' customers. Shoot, I've had some of my own customers recruited out from under me. Guess what? It wasn't directors, either. It was done by consultants.

    Where WAS this "rica82" for the 11 years she was a consultant before she became a director? Did she never have a customer recruited by some one else while she was a consultant? Did she never hear the "make a way logic" while she was a consultant?

    4. " was the most painful decision I made to step down from directorship." Why? If it was so terrible being a director, I would think stepping down would be a happy, liberating, wonderful thing to do. Was she ASHAMED to go back to being a mere consultant?

    5. "I now just service my customers and sell products, no recruiting." Uh huh. Right. Why no recruiting? Supposedly she has now learned what not to do so why not recruit the RIGHT way?

    6. Ah, yes. Now for the debt. All of those claiming to be/have been directors on PT ran up debt.

    So. What's so different about being a consultant versus being a director? I mean from the PT claim of this terrible MK business. It's ethical to be a consultant, but not ethical to be a director? What makes it ok to be a consultant, but not a director?

    I've been in this business nearly 16 years. A director IS a consultant. Just ask MK4Me and Speaking The Real Truth! A director who stops being a consultant is, well, just asking for hard times.

    I swear these stories all read like a copy and paste template.

    Is it my imagination, or are there a great deal more "directors" finally getting up the "courage" to post on PT after reading/lurking for a year or more? TC doesn't have time for the lowly consultants. She wants the "big wigs." Are there fewer and fewer "consultants" coming out on PT?

    And to top off my opinion that this person is a TC fake, is the thanking PT and those who post and how helpful they have all been. Gag me. And she's gonna post her whole story later. All part of the template.

    I just read MK4Me's comment on how she helped another director straighten out her unit. And we have STRT here, too. Proof that there ARE people in the sales force who can help struggling directors. And consultants.

  3. Sadly, she could be real. I have a couple friends who stepped down from because she got there dishonestly (had her unit pull money together to pay for the 30th team member's starter kit...SOOOO stupid!). Getting there that way would make your life hell for sure. The other stepped down for health reasons and has since "lost faith in the Mary Kay way." Stupid, again. Mary Kay didn't make her sick. Anyway, I digress...the person could be real.

    Sadly, it could be a BS post. I kind of wonder if posts are created by miffed PTers, perhaps greatly embellishing their own experience or someone else's experience.

    Call me old fashioned, but I firmly believe in Mother Teresa's way of being... She was asked to participate in a march against the Vietnam war, and she politely declined, saying that she would never march against anything. She would surely march FOR something, though. I really wonder what PT's motive is, aside from wallowing in self pity and super negative energy. Life is way too short to be so negative, and my hand would get sore pointing a finger at everyone else all the time.

    That said, I had a $400 class today!!! It felt first class in a year! :) Yeah me!!

  4. Well, I think that most on PT are fake. I think that tc makes up names and makes up situations so that she can keep going. What I don't understand is the debt thing. I can understand putting a little on a CC then paying it off. Why in the world would someone rack up so much debt, are they crazy or what?

    What did she do for 11 years? Was she making money before she became a director that leads me to believe that she bought her way into her directorship. And she saw when she was a director that there were others doing things wrong?

    What about when she was a consultant there wasn't anything going on then? That just doesn't make sense. I think those on pt are mostly tc...I truly thinks that she makes many things up. With all the lies that she tells I don't know how she keeps up with all of them and then you see how they get caught in their nasty little web.

    It just upsets me that some get their feelings hurt and start bashing. What I don't understand is that if something is wrong confront the person that you have the problem with. If you don't think I kinda think that it is on you. I know when I have a problem or what I think is a problem with my director I will tell her. If she has a problem with me she also tells me. This is a business and should be run that way.

    I think that MK is a great opportunity it is not for everyone. That is where some of the problems arise, there are some women that I sell to that I would never try and recruit. Why? Because I know that they would be personal buy only and I want women on my team that have a desire to make a better life and a better way. That is just my feeling.

    Well, I will step down. I do think that a lot of those on pt are made up people cause tc wants her site to look busy and who would really know. You know they won't let anyone on there site that has an opinion different than theirs so how would anyone really know.

    Well, Have a GREAT DAY

  5. I get the impression that she is real HOWEVER because of the writing style of some of these people I suspect some of the ones in the past may have been fake. I just dont see how someone can all of a sudden come to a conclusion that they want to give up the whole MK thing after being on top UNLESS they pull out and dont get any more commission checks. If someone is thinking about leaving I can see it. If a director has come to the conclusion that she is POSITIVE that she is done its time to pull out.

  6. FAKE! TC is a big fat FAKE! Most of what she does is FAKE!


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