Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Honeymoon Phase

Everyone has experienced the thrill of a new venture:
  • New job
  • New car
  • New marriage
  • New business
  • New shoes
  • New jewelry
  • New school
  • New house
  • New apartment

Whenever someone starts something new, he/she runs into 2 groups of people: the happy and the jaded.

When you start a new job, you find 2 groups:

  • "Hey! Glad to meet you! You are going to love it here!"


  • "First day, huh? Wait 'til you've been here a while. You'll hate it."

New marriage? Two groups:

  • "Newlyweds? Wonderful! Those first few years are so much fun! But after a while, you'll enjoy how comfortable you are with each other. That's even better!"


  • "Newlyweds? Sorry to hear that. You have no idea what you are in for. I wish I had never gotten married."

New house? Once again.....

  • "Oh, you just bought a house? Great! Sure beats paying rent every month, doesn't it?"


  • "You just bought a house? Hahahahaha. Hope you like having to pay for all of the repairs and taxes yourself. It sucks."

And so on....

Even if someone still enjoys the job, marriage, etc., after many years, the relationship or enjoyment level changes. The first blush of excitement passes and a more comfortable enjoyment begins. It is familiar, pleasant.

For those who become disenchanted when "the polish is off of the apple," it can be a time of resentment, anger or disappointment.

How would you describe your MK experience? Has it evolved into a pleasant, easygoing relationship? Is it still new to you? Is it a past "relationship" that you don't like to think about?


  1. Great post Shay. It is interesting the similarity between the expressions of those that hold disdain for marriage and those that despise Mary Kay.

    It seems that folks that have gone through particularly bitter divorces are the most outspoken about the "horrors of marriage". I suppose the same can be said for ex-MK'ers that were brutally taken advantage of.

    It is really too bad that the human condition allows for so many of the things that are so beautiful in life to be destroyed in such a way.

    Thanks for putting this thought out there.

  2. Thanks, David! :o)

  3. Great post Shay! Love the comparisons... and MK to me is still fresh~~as I meet new potential customers (friends) and team members daily ;)

  4. speaking the real truthMay 16, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    Okay. I'm torqued. Please turn this in to its own post if you like, because I'd like to hear from others.

    Yes, I am still happy with my MK business. And, I'm not torqued at those here, but at one of the latest posts "over there". This is what really gets my goat, is when someone over there tells their experience and thing slings it all over the rest of us. If you want to speak for herself or first hand stories, fine, do so, but leave me and the other thousands of MK consultants and directors that you do not know out of it.

    I too was a monthly Miss Go-Give. I too and well liked and respected and plan to become an NSD.


    -No, I did not fake ANYONE to become a director and do not teach others to do so.
    -My first line offspring have not faked their units either.
    -Yes, I have counseled consultants who I felt were ordering more than they should. I have actually told them to stop ordering until they sell some products!
    -No, I have never pumped in large amounts of inventory out of my personal budget to make production...NEVER.
    -Yes, I have encouraged another director that I saw doing so to step down, I told her that she wasn't saving anything. (And no, she was not mine, so I was not gaining anything).
    -I have counseled my offspring that we do not buy production, we sell enough product to warrant our ordering a significant amount each month, thus taking personal responsibility for our units, setting an example of a successful consultant, and making money at the same time.
    -I do not encourage consultants to start with inventory that is over their heads. It's really dumb to do that anyway because a scared, overwhelmed, woman usually does nothing, and like it has been pointed out, it can all be returned. My return rate is very low, and consultants regularly contact me to re-join my unit.
    -I am happiest when I know that my consultants are making money and so am I. If you build correctly and train your people correctly, this will be the case. When you help enough women get what they want from their businesses, and they are earning money, unit production takes care of itself. REALLY. That is the way that MK is supposed to work. Please stop blaming me/us if you and others have bastardized/hijacked the system for your own benefit and now you feel badly about it. We are not all like you. I am glad that you finally got a conscience, but those who are truly repentant, don't need to blame others or sling mud onto others undeservedly. Fess up for your own crimes, and leave the rest of us out of it please.

    My Senior is legit, as is her Sr. and our NSD. I know these women and know the intimate workings of their businesses. They are ethical and they make money, every month.

    I've been around and I've seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and there is some in MK, but please stop acting like there is no good or that all of us are bad.

    Whew, I feel better now.

  5. Damn girl, you tell, it, I could change just a couple of little things and put my name on it too!!

    And please.... bookings are everywhere, my unit sells oodles of product at full retail, women are busy and stressed, give them an opportunity to have fun and relax with a few friends, they love it!

    I make doggone good money as a director and love it. I do not work 24/7, I don't sit in Church thinking about who I can facial, I can go out in jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt if I choose, and I can go to a nice dinner with my husband and choose not to warm chat the waitress.

    Just because "they" couldn't make it work, just mean it doesn't work.
    Nothing will work for everyone all the time.

  6. strt, I just now figured out what your posting was in response to.
    I understand how you are feeling. Let her speak for herself, because what she is saying has no truth in my world either.

    And as for her throwing out her stats, with her spreadsheets, I wish more people were analytical because, if she had 6 offspring and 2 were only earning $20,000 commissions, 2 -$10,000 and 2 - $5,000 a year...

    (These are averages:)
    that means the top 2 of her directors were only doing $5000 a month for 12 months (figuring about 1/2 the production was coming from personals) and very few bonuses for a qualified team member or 3 qualified unit members in a month (which if they were all frontloading, they would be getting these bonuses.)

    Well the two earning $10,000 were making months and missing months, getting 9% not 13% of both unit and team, etc.... and should have stepped down until they built stronger. But that would mean that miss xnsd 2 b - would not be acheiving her goal of offspringing directors, could she have been selfish and wanting to be a National so badly, she didn't care that her offspring were buyiing it as long as she was getting what she wanted??? Maybe she developed a conscious when she realized with the type of directors she had developed, she would never have made it to National.

    AND NOW FOR HER LAST TWO, who according to miss x-nsd2b both did court of sales as they bought their production.... if they were only getting 9% of unit production because of missing production, just the commission off their orders would have resulted in $3240 in commission. So that means the entire rest of the unit did less than $20,000 wholesale production for the entire year! And that is if none of the people doing the $20,000 were personals of the director and no bonuses for recruiting or production were awarded. Of course there are many varialbes that can enter into this but, for the most part, if anyone was only making $5000 a year in commissions, if the Senior wasn't smart enough to tell the diretor to step down, I believe the Company would have.

    Yes, the big mean Company that would rather see a director step down and rebuild then to try a buy production. IT DOES NOONE ANY GOOD FOR A DIRECTOR TO BE LOOSING MONEY AND PAYING TO DRIVE A CAR OR WEAR THE SUIT.

    Of course the very same people that scream Mary Kay condones people buying cars and units, are they same people that scream that Mary Kay requested them to step down, or suggested it may be smart for them to turn over the car.
    Someone has to save these individuals from themselves!!

    As for her getting the go-give award, many people can come across as very likeable. I bet all the people she frontloaded and had quit would have had a different opionion of her. And, are probably over posting on that other site about their awful frontloading, fake, manipulating director. They could probably have a family reunion.

    It is easier to walk away and say, oh, my, I just couldn't do this anymore, it is so wrong, then saying, doggone it, I might have six offspring but only 2 actual might stay which means I only have two, and if all my future ones do this poorly, I don't stand a chance of every making it to National -

    To Any and all reading this, just because this director claims she was almost a national with 6 first line directors.....doesn't make it so. she might have had 6 offsping at the time, but from her very own figures, within a very short time, she was only going to have one or two.

    My humble opinion was she saw the future and wanted to save face and have a great excuse to run away while the getting was good.

  7. STRT and mk4me -

    I'll be happy to post about what you guys are talking about. I think it is a great point!

    I won't write it, because I am not a Director. I can either copy and paste what you said, or you can write a post and I will post it. I am sure David would, too, if you would rather send a post to him.

    Just let me know!

  8. speaking the real truthMay 17, 2008 at 8:13 AM

    Shay, it doesn't matter to me how it's posted or discussed, I just hate for this untruth to go without rebuttle, and I'm tired of being labeled by these people. When someone like "her" writes, they always claim that their truth is everyone's truth, that no one can make money in Mary Kay ethically, and that we are all scamming everyone. It is simply not true, period. I guess it makes them feel better for their own actions if they can assert that "everyone does it".

    And MK4ME, I have found that most anytime that someone who is really educated about Mary Kay commissions, bonuses, etc. analyzes the numbers in these stories, there are some very telling thing that pop out. The problem is that the average Mary Kay consultant or an onlooker with no insight into the company and the commission schedule, wouldn't catch these things. They would be convinced that her story is true based on these numbers that she has thrown out. Those of us really in the know, know better and can read between the lines.

    Buying the suit is foolish, period. Being a director in itself does not make you money, being a successful selling director who teaches others to do the same is how you make money and continue to make money AND do it ethically.

    I have between a Vue and a Cadillac unit and haven't had anyone come in with more than $1200 wholesale in a long, long, time. I do however have myself and other consultants who order between $800 and $1600 per month wholesale to support their sales. Their weekly summaries and the activity levels that they discuss with me support this level of ordering, plus I've been to their homes and know how much inventory they have. In fact, one's husband has been laid off and she is being extra careful with her money, so I know that she is not ordering extra.

    In fact, this week I had to do an inventory to finish my taxes (yes, I always file and extension, I hate doing them and procrastinate). Even though I will finish the National Court of Sales in the next few weeks (with time to spare), I only had about $1500 wholesale sitting here and another $500 wholesale coming in. Put together, that's less than a Ruby Star order on my shelf! Where's the product? I SOLD IT!! To my customers, at retail.


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