Sunday, May 25, 2008

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Good response to the age question! And what an even grouping up and down the spectrum.

One of the things that I love and find fascinating about the faceless anonymity of the internet (particularly on blogs like this one) is that you can truly get a sense of what it is like to interact with someone without having any of the usual preconceived notions about them. Racism, ageism, et. al tend to be reduced or done away with and you are left with simply the "meat" of a persons thoughts and feelings.

As such, and because I have always loved making people guess my age before I tell them, I invite you all to paint a picture of how you picture me. That's right, I want to know, based on your interaction with me on THIS blog what you imagine I might look like. How old do you think I am? What race/ethnicity am I? How do I style my hair? What kind of clothes do I wear? I want to know... If you saw me in "real life" would you recognize me?

For those of you that don't already know what I HAVE revealed about myself, I am a husband of a Mary Kay Beauty consultant. So at least you know I am not a woman, and I am married - so I am probably not a 13 year old! Other than that, I have kept it purposely vague and I want to see if you, my readers, have been able to pick up on subtle clues that I have laid down, intentionally or otherwise, that would give an accurate or inaccurate picture of who I am.

I am curious who will be brave enough to start this out - or if everyone will be to afraid of offending me, or being wrong to actually get this 'experiment' started!

Please humor me - and have fun with this!!


  1. OK...I will take a stab at this. I think that you are probably mid to late 30's possibly 40's. I think that you are very causual in your dress and living in CA I think that you might be a sufer dude. Although I believe seeing that you are not orginally from CA you and your wife are from somewhere in the NE. You are probably tall and fit, your hair is probably medium in length, and maybe sandyblonde and you probably wear it back. I am just guessing.

    Have a GREAT DAY

  2. In my minds eye, you are originally from the midwest, are 5'8, casually dressed and in your late to early 40's. You like the outdoors and . . . have children?

    Wanted to share a few things.

    1. I've not been back to Pink Truth after making a choice to discontinue reading their site. I'm purging all things wasteful. Pink Truth was one of them. I'm sure through postings here, a site I really enjoy, I can stay updated to PT's rantings.

    2. I've decided to chuck the anonymous, love4mk, and use my true blogger name with a link to my website. I don't write about MK, but rather motherhood, parenting, personal musings, and I'm in a quest to hop on the mommyblog bandwagon, so I'm opening up "who I am" to those on blogs that I read.

    3. Thank you, once again, for your level headed approach to MK. I'll have you know that a good friend of mine is posed to become a director by the end of the month. She has gathered her team members legitimately, and we are a strong team working together (we even hold appointments together and swap who "presents").

    If she doesn't get it done this month, she'll just restart DIQ - she's cool with that. No deception here. We've only approached people who have expressed interest. And who couldn't use an extra $50 a week to pay for the crazy gas prices????

    Happy Memorial Day!


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