Monday, September 28, 2009

Review of the Fall/Holiday Products

I had my quarterly open house this past weekend. I am always able to get a pretty good indication of which new and limited edition products are going to sell the best from the Look Book. I see alot of people in the two days and get alot of feedback and I watch what sells or goes on their "wish lists". So here goes:

The sets of Gingerspice and Peppermint (shower gel & body lotion) were a hit with the price. Many plan on picking them up at the Christmas/Holiday Open House but they were very excited about the $15 dollar price tag. Gingerspice was the def. fav of the two fragrances.

The loose powder eyeshadows were moving. Everyone that tried them absolutely loved the way they went on so smooth and the soft beautiful finish they provided.
The two new regular line lip glosses: Fancy Nancy and Bronze Bliss were well received but Fancy Nancy was the top pick. I would also like to add for anyone that has the Caribean Coral left over from the Coastal Cool Looks, the Fancy Nancy is almost the exact same color (only about one shade different.)

To my surprise, the blush sets sold, I have none left. (Need to get an order in asap because I need more stuff)- I thought that clients would think that the price was too high even though they do receive the blush (3 + shades), the blush brush, and the cosmetic bag) but it was not a deterent for anyone. We discussed it and figured that it was the size of two of our blushes and that would have been $20 dollars and the brush is certainly worth $10 plus they get the cute pink lace cosmetic bag, so all in all it is a fair price.

There was interst in the men's limited edition but it is on the to do list for the December open house.

Serum +C rocked. It was the first item many requested as soon as they walked in because most had already received their Look Books in the mail and couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

Many were excited to be able to get the shower gels and sugar scrubs to match the "spa" line and I had requests for gift baskets for Christmas.

So all in all, I would say we have a very strong Holiday line! Sell, sell, sell. Grand total of my two day open house .... over $3,000! Not bad for having a great time with wonderful folks. It is a rough job but hey, someone's gotta do it! ;)


  1. coongrats MK4ME! Thanks for the update as well. I am always leary of getting limited edition stuff cause without samples you never know how well its gonna sell.

    that bronze bliss, seems to me to be just like beach it?
    How well did the shimmering powders and the fragrance solids sell?

  2. The Bronze Bliss is a little more brown than the beach bronze. It is actually right between the Beach Bronze and the Sweet Raisin.

    Perhaps it was my lack of promoting it but I only had a little interest in the solids and the powders but they didn't get me too excited either.

    I did get the feeling they would move better at the Holiday open house than this Fall/Back to School one.

    I find this Fall open house, most of my clients shop for themselves and get ideas for gift giving and then come back to the Holiday Open House to finish their gift shopping.

    There is alot of truth to the concept, we sell what we promote and we promote what we like and believe in.

  3. That's really good! :) I am retrying the serum starting at once or twice a week. I am having zit issues but I don't think it is related to the serum because my back is broken out as well. Weather change = gothchiq gets sick. bleh. I got some icky virus but am on the mend now.

    Will be doing the liquid foundation plus mineral powder trick tomorrow. I have a modeling session and all these zits and old allergy rash marks and mosquito bites on my legs need to be hidden and hidden well.

  4. Psst, psst, mk4me. I am running out of loofah scrub. Do you have any left (even if it's not the same scent I originally got)?

  5. MK4ME,

    Do you have customers asking if they can buy the blush by itself or the brush by itself? If so, how are you handling that? Would you break the sets?


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