Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lmtd. Ed. Romantic Notions Set

This is a limited edition set featured in the Fall/Holiday Look Book. The set includes a vitamin enriched mineral formula blush that has 3 colors in a swirled pattern that can be used alone or swirled together,it comes in Silk Nector (good for Ivory/Beige skintones and Soft Sable for Beige/Bronze skintones),a professional quality cheek brush with a soft pink handle, and a zippered pink satin w/ lace overlay cosmetic bag. The retail price on the set is $30.00.

The question I was asked was "Did I have clients asking if they could buy just one piece and how to handle the situation." During my open house, I had displayed them with the blush open and with the brush on the cosmetic bag and a Look Book opened to the page where it was shown and listed as a set. Most just purchased it as a set. I did receive a couple of questions, I just explained that it was a limited edition set, not individual pieces but we could try to match up the colors to the regular line blushes. Both bought the set.

Now, I had one consultant call me with the same question and she said that the client was a wonderful client and she really wanted just the blush, and she was willing to break the set and but didn't know what to charge her and wanted my input. After brainstorming a little bit, my conclusion was... the size of the blush is equivalent to what two blushes would be.. our blushes are $10 each... so the blush piece would be $20.00, but the beauty of this is that they are getting 3 colors plus a 4th by swirling, the brush would sell for $10 (we have had other single brushes in the past that had a retail price of $10) so that price is right in line too and often clients need a good brush but can't afford to spend the $48 dollars on the brush set. The cosmetic bag could then be used as a hostess gift or gift with purchase, etc... So as long as both parties agree, this is a win/win situation. Because selling the two pieces - the retail value of the set is collected.

Thanks for the question and I hope this helps!


  1. You are very welcome and it was a great question and perhaps it will also help others that may end up with the same question!


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