Friday, October 30, 2009

Judge Hatchett says...

I like watching the Court shows that are on tv these days. No, I don't sit and watch them but I usually have the tv on while I am working. During a case the other day as one of the defendant's was making all sorts of excuses for what they did... Judge Hatchett took a minute to give some wise advice. This is what she said and I felt it was so true. She said..
"If you do a bad thing, call it a bad thing. Do not make excuses for it because it is what it is. Acknowledge what you did or you will live a life of excuses.
People are what they do."

I thought it was spot on.


  1. I hate excuses! If you make a mistake, own up to it! Occasionally something will happen like a delayed airplane or a blown out tire, but 99% of the time, people's screwups are just screwups. It's not half as bad to admit it as it is to try to weasel out.

  2. It's pretty simple, isn't it?

    I didn't do a lick of work this week. No phone calls, no appointments, forgot to mail product to a customer, no follow ups. I took the week completely off.

    I brought in $0.00.

    Gee, this Mary Kay business doesn't work at all . . . ;-) People should have called ME!
    They should have emailed ME!
    They should have ordered on my website!
    What a sham.

    Get my point?

    I'll be back at it next week! My weeks prior to this one were a
    $300, $400, $700, $200.

    There was a REASON for that $0. I DID SQUAT!



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