Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Log your Parties on Intouch For the Party w/a Purpose

This little picture shows us there are two ways to look at everything. Do you see a sweet young girl in the above picture or a haggy old witch? Or can you take a step back evaluate and see both? I would love some comments on what you saw first and then after looking a little deeper?? Please post!!
Interesting, huh?

Very often I find I get so busy, I often don't take the time to go and log my info on intouch but since I wanted my unit to records theirs, I felt I should lead by example. So I started (for them). Guess what?? I received a notice, I was in the top 50! woo hoo. Never would have even realized it - so I guess i will be getting a prize.. Fun since I was only doing what I should have been doing anyway.

I will get busy on our blog again as soon as I can kick this inner ear/allergy/vertigo problem,I have been dealing with. I have two requests from our readers that deserve an answer, I just want to make sure I do them justice. Stayed tuned for me to provide some fun and informative stuff.
Night all! Pink Dreams, mk4me


  1. I can't see the hag! Immediately was the sweet girl, but no witchy-poo.

    Say ladies, I started a blog for my customers. It's a "second cup" of my Cuppa Jo blog. Maybe come over and say hello?

    I've linked this site from my home page . . . but, um, not that other witchy one . . .

  2. Cuppa, the girl's chin forms the witch's nose.The necklace forms the mouth. Check again.

  3. Miranda, I'm hoping this says something about me, because I had to take your instructions and seriously work up a sweat to find the witch. Actually, I was frustrated I couldn't find her!

    Found her. Thanks!


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