Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Something for Everyone

Niche markets are important too. Especially those that use a lot of makeup.

MK's general image is designed to appeal to a broad base of women who wear makeup. That said, if you look at the actual products, there is a gracious plenty of items suitable for gothic looks.

Before I start listing favorites, let me say this. If you're a goth, and you're reading this, let me exhort you not to wear whiteface or try to use your cosmetics to look paler than you really are. It looks silly. All skin tones, properly cared for, are beautiful. Match your skin tone exactly with your foundation and powder. You're striving for a stark, otherworldly beauty, not for looking like a sad clown, OK? ;P

Let's start at the top. Eyebrows: We tend to shape them thinly and then fill them in. MK has eyebrow pencils to match your brows, or if you prefer powder, use coal, espresso, or chocolate kiss with a small angle brush. You can seal the powder by spraying a little hairspray on your brow brush and running it lightly over the brow.

Eyeshadow: Coal (true intense black), Sweet Plum, Raisin, Espresso, and Navy Blue are all very dark colors that blend beautifully. Crystalline and Moonstone are great shimmery pale highlights for your browbone. MK makes pencil or liquid liners, as you prefer...and then there is Ultimate Mascara for thick lashes, or Waterproof if you sweat a lot on the dance floor.

Blush: Pick the lightest blush that's suitable for your skin tone. Then sweep a little bronzer on the underside of your cheekbones, and a little highlighter over the top half. This gives you a sculpted look without overdoing the color.

Lips: For your darkest lip looks there are Dark Berry, Dark Chocolate, and Plum lip liners. You can put on a tiny bit of lip gloss or balm for moisture and then color your lips entirely with the dark liner. It has good staying power. Or for lipstick, try Black Cherry, Rich Fig, or Red, alone or with/over your lip liner.

For makeup that stays fresh all night, try the MK liquid foundation suitable for your skin type, with mineral foundation powder lightly applied over it. You'll look like a flawless doll.

There, I've done all the work for you. :) All you have to do now is apply the products to your face.


  1. oops, forgot something. Make sure you use the MK eyeshadow primer! Your colors will pop and stay put like never before.

  2. Thank you Miranda, I learn a new trick, I had never heard about the hair spray on the eyebrow brush to hold the powders, love it, it makes so much sense!!

    and you say you can't sell...
    bull sh*t.. lol

  3. lol I'll just keep reviewing and buying. If my posts boost sales, you can scoop up the business.

    I'm modeling tonight again...for 3 hours. When I get home I will be exhausted. I still have a book I'm proofing, though. I think I keep the coffee growers in business.

  4. Miranda your life sounds cool!
    I cant think of the last time i modeled for anybody. keep having fun!

  5. Thanks for the tips Miranda. I'm going as goth Alice In Wonderland for Halloween. Your tips are great.


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