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A Directors's Point of View (Rerun)

I was looking over past posts because I did a very detailed overview of what a Prmiere Club Director earns and was too tired to keep looking but I found a gem that I thought was so worth rerunning and a appropriate response to a recent article on pt. I had to read it several times because as I was reading it, I keep thinking, this sounds just like something I wrote and so spot on.. but I didn't remember writing it.. As I continued to read, the reason I didn't remember writing it is because it was authored by one of our members.

The underlying reason for me wanting to bring this forward again (no I don't plan on reposting past articles because they can be found just reading back in our files) - we will try and reserve "reruns" for the tv series, but pt continues to say that their stories must be true because they all sound the same. My point is that in my circle of the directors that DO "do it" right, all of our stories will sound the same too! Interesting, huh? Perhaps we do "become" like those we hang around. So if one has a great national and a great area, you will learn to do things the way they should be done. You will not use fake team members, activate consultants no longer in your unit, take a new consultant's card and charge way more than you were authorized to do, etc... you will teach your unit members how to present the product and sell the product, and eventually to build a team. You will teach them not to make a nuisance of themselves stalking and aggressively persuing potential clients and to conduct yourself as a professional. You will not manipulate them to buy way more product then they need for prizes, cars, or units. You will not rent storage space to store the product you are buying so that you appear "successful". Isn't it ironic that, most of those that have "seen the light" on pt have confessed to having done things wrong for years but thought it was okay because everyone else was doing it that way too and then when they can't afford to continue to charge their appearances, they now "SEE" the light and repent!

The article from JTA on pt was what prompted this. Just because she was almost in NIQ doesn't mean she can tell us that means she was so successful. Reading her article shows me that she had operated all along to acheive her goals not to help others acheive theirs. Based on info she provided, with the people she had, she would not have made it thru NIQ because the majority of her offspring units were not going to qualify because they were "making" their units happen and couldn't afford to finance JTA's decision to go National. So perhaps she did at this point in her career path take a look at what she had built and it didn't look so pretty, so now what does she do? Build again the proper way or realize it is going to be alot of hard work and time to rebuild and justify her decision not to invest more time in it and blame MK. Of course, she admits that she had been making great money off the backs of others ?? Reading her story, all I think is that she saw it all starting to fall apart and ran away before it totally collapsed.

So for those reading - here is the post from STRT and could have been from me for (the most part) and it was in response to an article on PT at that time.

From 5/17/2008 by Speaking the Real Truth

Yes, I am still happy with my MK business. And, I'm not torqued at those here, but at one of the latest posts "over there".
This is what really gets my goat, is when someone over there tells their experience and then slings it all over the rest of us.
If you want to speak for yourself or first hand stories, fine, do so, but leave me and the other thousands of MK consultants and directors that you do not know out of it.
I too was a monthly Miss Go-Give, well liked and respected and plan to become an NSD. But,-no, I did not fake ANYONE to become a director and do not teach others to do so.-My first line offspring have not faked their units either.

-Yes, I have counseled consultants who I felt were ordering more than they should. I have actually told them to stop ordering until they sell some products!

-No, I have never pumped in large amounts of inventory out of my personal budget to make production...NEVER.

-Yes, I have encouraged another director that I saw doing so to step down, I told her that she wasn't saving anything. (And no, she was not mine, so I was not gaining anything).

-I have counseled my offspring that we do not buy production, we sell enough product to warrant our ordering a significant amount each month, thus taking personal responsibility for our units, setting an example of a successful consultant, and making money at the same time.

-I do not encourage consultants to start with inventory that is over their heads. It's really dumb to do that anyway because a scared, overwhelmed, woman usually does nothing, and like it has been pointed out, it can all be returned. My return rate is very low, and consultants regularly contact me to re-join my unit.

-I am happiest when I know that my consultants are making money and so am I. If you build correctly and train your people correctly, this will be the case. When you help enough women get what they want from their businesses, and they are earning money, unit production takes care of itself. REALLY. That is the way that MK is supposed to work.

Please stop blaming me/us if you and others have bastardized/hijacked the system for your own benefit and now you feel badly about it. We are not all like you. I am glad that you finally got a conscience, but those who are truly repentant, don't need to blame others or sling mud onto others undeservedly.

Fess up for your own crimes, and leave the rest of us out of it please.

My Senior is legit, as is her Sr. and our NSD. I know these women and know the intimate workings of their businesses. They are ethical and they make money, every month. I've been around and I've seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and there is some in MK, but please stop acting like there is no good or that all of us are bad.


  1. Gloria Mayfield Banks (like her or not) said something I will never forget.."Mary Kay is all how you decide to see things". I just read an article on the net where a young lady said that she was going to join MK and she liked her prospective director went to the meeting and when she saw PT she decided not to. If she had come here first maybe she would have joined who knows. Its all on how you decide to SEE things and what is presented in front of you. I read JTA's article and I actually felt sorry for her months ago when I saw it and I said to myself if this woman who was close to NSD had hung in there she may have made it! However she took the high road and decided not to for her personal reasons. If it made her feel better I say more power to her. When I read STRT answers from a long time ago it made me SEE things differently. There were women in the 80s calling MK a scam and some people calling corporate america a scam. Its all how you decide to SEE things. I see MK as a company that has a darn good product to sell and an opportunity to make pin money, good money, and outstanding money.
    MOST people hate their jobs and use it as a means to an end, some folks are self-employed and love it and hate it. Whatever meets your needs at that point in your life is what is important. We have all been in love and then things change and we hate men or we love them. Some women in MK had big checks and when they lose directors all of a sudden MK is an evil place to be. I have come to the conclusion that ENRON was a great company to be in before it fell and Kenneth Lea lied and cheated and stole money from people now its an evil place. Heck some people who were looking for other jobs couldnt get them if they put ENRON on their resume and they were honest people, but interviewers saw them as evil incarnate. MK4ME sees MK as an opportunity to help her family, treat customers well and not work as hard as she did in corporate america but she WORKED with her UNIT to get to that point. It wasnt quick and she didnt put herself in tons of debt and she knew she had to do this because she is smart or through OSMOSIS...LOL Gloria is charismatic but there are other ones too that look better and sound better and didnt make it. When I read this posting it taught me one thing. Your experiences and your ideals determine your success (unless you have a life threatening illness)..stuff happens. Its all in how you decide to see things.

  2. Amen Colleen! for almsot all you wrote with the big exception... I don't think JTA was so close to national nor do I feel she "took the high road" (but I must admit, it does make for a heart wrenching story line)- I think she realized that she would never see national because she had built her house on stilts and not a solid foundation and it is far easier for any of us to find fault elsewhere and say she walked away because she could no longer take advantage of people and sell a lie than to realize... what goes around comes around...
    instead of her being an example of how "not" to do things, she throws herself under the bus and becomes a whinning marter for pt cause.

    she moved up by setting others up to fail... but..she didn't move fast enough to get to the top before it started to crumble. So now instead of people seeing that what many of us say is true, do it right or it won't work, they want to show it as proof that MK doesn't work. Imo, what it proves is what people like myself and STRT say, MK works if you do it the right way.

    Do I sound harsh? I truly hope not, but it wasn't all of a sudden, she grew a consciuous, she realized she wasn't going to be able to manipulate her way any further.

    Being an analyst and knowing how this business can work I take for granted that people would realize what I do and not fall for most of what is said over there.

    and I have heard Gloria say many times over and over and that you want to be selling the product that you don't want your car on credit cards. That if you have a goal for example to place a $600 wholesale, one would need to calculate how much you need to sell and then work to that selling goal to justify your product order. Not order and then hope you can sell it.

    Focus on the activity and then the results will follow.

  3. I stand corrected MK4ME if you read JTA's next post you are right she admitted to the front-loading. Im just shocked that others followed suit doing this.

  4. subtle though it may be, this just goes to further establish my point. I posted my comment PRIOR to JTA's follow up post. PT does prove something, one should do Mary Kay the way it was established and intended to be done, not by cheating and being selfish and greedy. - when not done the right way, you will end up with a failed attempt and proclaiming one can not do it without cheating. MY POINT -how would they know? They did it wrong from the beginning.

    They have proved it will not work if you don't work the right way. They HAVE NOT proved it can't work if you do it right.

    and for the few that said when they tried to do it right, they didn't make production, etc... doing it right for 3 - 6 months after years of doing it wrong, doesn't prove anything either.

    Suggestion, just do the work and earn the status. Do it honestly, consider others feelings and needs, do it for others, don't use and abuse others, don't let your pride get in the way if you don't acheive a goal. Be humble, set a new date and work to acheive it again. Make it Happen doesn't mean cheat... it means work hard.


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