Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Results for the New Serum +C

WOW! They say, "A pictue is worth a thousand words".

This is an actual picture of director who used the new Serum + C on one side of her face and not theother for 9 days! Wow, doesn't take much to figure out what side she used the product on. Great for marketing the product. I love this product and it smells good too.


  1. I need to try it again. I was concerned about the breakout I had, but am not sure it was related to the product since I get hormonal breakouts and it is hard to pinpoint reasons. Then I went camping and was not using anything but soap and water out there. Time to give it another shot and see.

  2. Hi - I love your blog! Its nice to read questions and answers that are clearly obvious in the first place. Too many consultants spend way too much time being negative. Waisting too much energy. Being in this business makes me feel beautiful, like a lady and I enjoy selling what I love. :-) It has certainly Enriched My Life!

  3. I am a consultant and have been using the Timewise Serum + C for about seven weeks now. My skin had a lot of sun damage from my younger years and it is amazing how much better my skin looks. Serum + C has really brightened my skin and the sun damage seems to not be as obvious. Miranda I have sensiteve skin and I only used it once a week for the first two weeks. You might try that when you start again.

  4. Good suggestion Linda, I will do that. I have to prep my skin for the cold...and I do have sun damage from some nasty burns I got like 25 years ago.


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