Friday, September 11, 2009

Customer Service

What Miranda said is so true, weather changes can bring about skin changes, make sure you check with your clients to see if their skin care is working for them or if you need to make adjustments. If you don''t help educate your clients on the seasonal changes and either changing a piece or supplementing a product, they may feel Mary Kay just isn't working for them any more and look for something else.

A classic example is someone that is combo/oily in the summer and uses both 3/1 c/o and moisturizer c/o may start feeling dry as the weather turns, simply changing the 3/1 cleanser to the n/d and leaving the moisturizer the same could be just enough to have their skin feeling balanced again. Not enough, then they could go to both n/d products for the winter. If they would prefer not to change supplementing the oil free hydrating gel could be just the fix.

If someone is already dry they may want to add the intense moisture cream for the colder weather to keep them from feeling dry. It is up to us to gain this education on our products and then it is our responsibility to make sure we keep our clients happy and their skin looking and feeling great. Not taking care of your clients will cause them to go else where.

As for the "papers" Miranda was talking about Mary Kay has a great product for absorbing oil without hampering your make up. They are called Beauty Blotters - thay will lift the oil off your skin and leave your makeup perfectly in place.
Take care of your clients and they will stay your clients. Read about your products in the product guide and MKintouch. Knowing your products ensures you can suggest what will work best for your clients.

When in doubt and can't find a good answer in your guide or from your director? The medical relations department at MK is awesome and will give you suggestions and information that will aid you in keep your client happy. Learning about our products is our responsibility, the products do not sell themselves, we must market them but if we don't know what we are marketing, it makes it hard to sell. Knowing your products and their benefits will make the difference in how well you sell the products.


  1. I got really dry one winter and tried switching to the N/D cleanser, but I broke out because it made me too oily. I just added the Intense Moisturizing Cream to the dry patches and that worked. I'm surprised the cream didn't break me out, but the cleanser did. :P

  2. Sometime we learn thru trila and error, not everything works for everyone and that is why it is so important to know our products and how to mix and match.

    Thanks for another suggestions for those that make switches Shades!


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