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Pink Truth; the conversation (part III)

Please read this first - Pink Truth; the conversation

Here is the second comment I received.

fellforit said:

"Looking"-With respect, you really have been kept in the dark about this Mary Kay thing. Thousands of women buy product they only hope to sell because the real focus is on what level they can get to next or even worse what level they can help the upline reach.
MK doesn't have to worry about customers buying product. The silly little IBC's do plenty of that and then they round up their family and friends to do the same so that they can wear an ugly red jacket or same-as-the-next-gal plum suit. WE ARE THE CONSUMER!
No question that your wife may be running her business w/true integrity and care...I tried to do that too and after only 1 month in DIQ I couldn't keep up with the vultures...I wasn't willing to do all the things they wanted me to do to break rules, overspend and stretch the truth.
Best to you and to your wife.

Assuming that most (or all) of the members on PT are former IBC's, I would say that this comment was ridiculing of the members... Note that this was not my comment... it was "one of them" You will notice in my response that I point out that she is being demeaning. I can't say for sure, but I don't think that this ridiculing of members got her removed from the society.

Here is my response: (as you will see, I had missed her comment initially and responded to her after responding to some of the other comments, so chronologically, if you were to look at PT, this comment was answered much later)

Fellforit, (sorry, i didn't notice your comment earlier)

With equal respect, why would thousands of women buy product they have no real ability or intention to sell?

I can't understand how you can be so demeaning to so many women. You are in essence saying that thousands of women are so stupid that they are buying (or attempting to buy) levels of recognition.

My wife sold a lot of product and recruited some people who sold a lot of product to earn that red jacket she wears. It is not something that I personally would wear, but it means something to her. She knows she earned it.

She was in DIQ recently and needed $100 more wholesale to meet production for that month. She had more than that in her business (MK) account, so she bought the extra inventory. The next month she would have needed to place $1,000 wholesale to meet production. She did not have it in her account and there was no logical reason to use the credit card (she did not need that much inventory) so she stepped out of DIQ. It was very hard for her... DIQ was very exciting and everyone really wanted her to succeed. But she recognized that her team was not ready, and that she needed a stronger base before becoming a director. So, she is not in DIQ now. She will go for it again when she gets to the point that her teams production justifies it.

I am sure that many other people have become directors in the meantime. Some of her recruits have recruited people that won't "count" towards her down-line when she debuts.

C'est la vie.

It seems to me that after buying a certain amount of product, (starter kit only or a few thousand dollars worth) you would sell that before placing another order. If you decide that $1,000 wholesale is going to be your "on hand" inventory you start with $1,000 of inventory. If you sell $500 (retail) in a month, you only need to replace $250 (wholesale) to maintain your $1,000. If you decide you want to build your inventory, you may use all $500 (I know, less expenses) toward inventory. If you want to get the $9,600 level prize, you should plan on selling $20,000 worth of product.

For directors, it is even more important. If you want to meet production requirements, you had better have a team that is producing. If you don't, you are not ready to be a director. If you want to have a team of people that look up to you and are excited about selling a product, the color of your jacket will not really matter. If you want to wear a plum jacket, I would agree with other people on this site, just go buy a plum jacket. It will be much cheaper.

I am sorry that people were encouraging you to break rules, overspend and stretch the truth. It baffles my mind that people would do those things in the first place, but irks me even more that they would encourage other people to do it.

Thank you for your best wishes, they are greatly appreciated.

I was banned because of:

While it is nice that "Looking" is supporting his wife, Pink Truth is not the forum for pro-MK people to promote their agendas. I also won't allow him to ridicule our mission or our members on this site.

Was I ridiculing the agenda here?

Was I ridiculing the members here?

Was I promoting a Pro MK agenda here?

Let me know.

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