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Today On Pink Truth

Since I am not available until later, and life happens at the speed of... well life, this is where you, the observant reader can keep the conversation going.

If you see something that has anything to do with Mary Kay and feel that it would be worth conversation here this is the place to do it. For the sake of everyone reading, please try to follow the following guidelines:

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For instance:


Today, Pink Truth discussed why a $10,000/month unit does not give the director of that unit an "executive income".

Pink Peace says,

"I'm going to show you how a unit with production of $10,000 in a given month STILL isn't much of a wage in Mary Kay. The vast majority of sales directors do not have production of $10K in a given month. They DREAM of $10K production, but they are probably going between $4K (the bare minimum to keep their units) to $8K (the bare minimum to have the sales director car without copays). Let me stress again, production of $10,000 in a month is very unusual in Mary Kay."

Let me start by saying that if you MADE $10,000 dollars/month you would probably be right on the edge of what some would consider "executive income". Based on the fact that everyone will have a different version of what that phrase means, it is difficult to say with certainty who is and who is not "making" it. It would seem to me that if someone promised me an "executive income", my first question would be, "How much is that?".

Having said that, it seems to me that if you are not producing AT LEAST this much with your team, you should not expect anything more from MK. Your team sells $10K wholesale. Mary Kay gets all $10,000. How much of that do you feel entitled to? Half? More? What industry do you know where a Sales Manager gets 26% on top of the sales persons commission?

Just some thoughts.... anyone else thinking about this?


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  1. Well apparently that didn't work as well as I wanted. I thought it would auto post at midnight.... but no, it just posted it right now and said that it was posted at midnight. Oh well. I am not staying up until midnight every night! It will just go up whenever I go down!


  2. I was told by my director and a national that "executive income" was 6 figures. I did not excel to make that. These same two also said they only worked 15-20 hours a week. They never said it outright, but I was definately lead to believe that they were both making this much. This conversation was before I signed. I have been to my directors home. If she was making that much money then I would expect she would be living better than she was. It was a nice home, but not nicer than mine, and my husband nor I make anywhere near six figures.

    I would like to hear from some directors here, who are working their units the right way. Are you anywhere close to six figures? Do you see six figures at all in your future? And how much do you deduct for expenses? How much is left at the end of the year, versus the time you spend? My director gave us so many gifts for attending events! And even though I know the gifts were not expensive, she gave out a lot of luggage. Every time we went out of town, we got luggage, and a pillow, and jewelery, etc. And it was a revolving door. She has so many new consultants signing up, then they are never heard from again. It seems like she put in a lot of money to not see a return. She still sends me her newletter. Its different people every month. She has two people who have been with her for 2 years. Their sales are not high - less than $300. But those are the only two familiar faces. Every month, the faces change.

  3. I honestly dont see how someone can live off just a commission check of a Grand Prix income unless that director is doing a lot of recruiting and getting massive recruiting checks OR she has a good stream of clients and a good reorder business or is selling 1000.00 a week consistently. I DO know there are some VIBE people who work 20-25 hours a week and they do live off of MK because they are holding 3-4 classes a week. If someone is consistent and Ms Ash did say consistency is the key to success it can be done but I think it takes a good year to get to that point caddie or vibe or GP

  4. Hi Judi,

    I think that making 6 figures is definitely possible. It is not going to be the "average" by any means. I think that it would not be hard to do the math and figure out what kind of work that would take.

    In order to make $100k in commissions at 13% you would need a unit placing $775,000. At 26% it would be less; $385,000.

    Either way, when you think about how many people you would need - and more importantly, how much they need to be selling, you get a picture of how much work it will take to get to that level. If this picture is not being drawn at the beginning, that is deceptive. It is obvious that it was not explained this way for you.

    However, it is by no means impossible to achieve this level of sales leadership. Nor is it inconceivable that people (like shades on the other post) just want to have fun and make a few bucks on the side.


    You make a good point. Consistency is important. It seems that the longer you spend developing your client list, the "better" the work to pay ratio gets.

    If you have 0 regular clients and need to make $3,000 a month to survive, that means you have to track down AT LEAST $6,000 in sales every month.

    If you have 1,000 regularly ordering clients, you may spend only a few hours a day "taking orders".

    Thanks both of you.


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