Friday, December 28, 2007

Insult to Injury

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I have been suffering through a bit of a cold. NOT fun for traveling. I lost my voice on Christmas day and have been struggling to find it since.

Not to be outdone, my body has decided that a little more excitement was in order and starting at about 3pm yesterday subjected me to what I can only describe as food poisoning. Vomiting every 20-30 minutes for the better part of 8 hours and then subsiding to every few hours overnight.

My wife and I were fortunate to "share" this affliction... Thank God we have two bathrooms where we are staying. At about 4am this morning, it hit my dad as well.

We all seem to be recovering now, and rest has been the order of the day. Liquids only and all that!

Thank you all for continuing the running commentary and please forgive my considerable absence.

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  1. Oh my!! So sorry you are sick on the holidays :(

    Get well soon

  2. Hope you are all feeling better soon--so you can celebrate for the New Year!

  3. speaking the real truthDecember 28, 2007 at 5:52 PM sorry to hear that. Hope that you are feeling better soon!

  4. Oh my goodness! Please take care--hope all of you are better by now. I guess asking, "Did you have a good Christmas?" is just too cruel....

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Dont you have to go to the doctor for food poisoning or does it just go away?
    I hope you feel better and Ill be praying for you and your family.

  6. Hope you are all better very soon!

    Hubby just called off of work and crawled back in bed, guess something is going around. David, bet you can't wait to get back to sunny Cal!

    Feel better.

  7. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers.

    Feeling a little better now, but still weak and sluggish.

    Christmas WAS good though, so thanks for asking (or sensitively not asking)

    mk4me, sorry to hear your hubby is suffering too. Yes, can't wait to get back to So Cal.

    Colleen, everything I have read so far says that as long as it passes in a few days, there is no need to see a doctor.

    Feeling just well enough to jot out a few quick responses. Sorry if I missed anyone!

  8. I have a cold too ..ughhh!!!!!

  9. Me, too! I think I had a sinus infection for 2 weeks and now I feel like I have a cold! UGH is right!

  10. Just wanted to pay you a visit from PLH - sorry to hear you were sick and I'm glad you're feeling better. My DH and I also got terribly sick on Christmas Eve with what we thought was food poisoning as well. It was not a great way to celebrate the holiday as we could barely crawl out of bed.

  11. Hi velocity,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

    I am sorry to hear about your experience. I wish you a hasty recovery (if you are still suffering) and a happy New Year!

    Thanks everyone


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