Friday, December 21, 2007

The difficulties of always being right.

"I am always right. I am never wrong. I thought I was wrong once. It turned out I was right."

A friend quoted that to me once and I have never forgotten it.

The more I read on Pink Truth, the more I realize that the majority of the "heavies" over there can quite simply never be wrong.

Before they were in Mary Kay, they were "being stalked" by those "horrid little kay-bots".
When they joined Mary Kay, they "knew something was fishy" but enjoyed the attention.
When they bought inventory, it was somehow the right thing to do at the time.
When they began front loading their consultants it was because someone told them to.
When they got charge backs because those front loaded consultants returned their product it was the companies fault.
When they got tired of the whole thing, they "saw the light" and "broke through the pink fog"
Now sitting atop their "thrones" of Mary Kay Authority, they proclaim that their experience absolutely MUST be the ONLY experience to be had in Mary Kay.

Today's "religious" post seems to have split some of the ranks and very clearly illustrates the problems involved with mixing business and faith.

Yes, I said it is a problem.

I am not saying it is a problem that is not worth overcoming. I am saying that often, people see God's role in their life... differently. As we have discussed on this site already!

Ironically, we ALL seem to agree that manipulation is bad whether it is Mary Kay or Pink Truth doing it!

Hopefully as we all navigate what is right, what is wrong, and what are good business practices, we will all learn something HERE.

Thank you to everyone that has been continuing to make this site grow. We recently had our 1,000th "absolutely unique visitor" and are getting about 600 page views/day and about 150 visits/day!

If that does not seem like a lot, compared to one month ago, we were at 86 page views/day and 32 visits. So it shows some pretty good growth.

I personally still do not feel that it is "ready" to be publicized - I.E. "tell your friends to check it out". There are still a lot of little things that I want to do to make it easier to navigate. I am hoping that with the Christmas break I have from work I will be able to get some of these things accomplished. Of course, it does seem like catching up on my "real life" stuff is pretty time consuming as well. We will see!

Thanks everybody for all your participation. Goodnight.

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  1. No pressure, with you being sick and all, but I'm sooo eager for the day that you feel this is a "tell your friends" site! You see, I have sister consultants asking me every day for the place I go to find all my inspiration, resolve, ideas etc. Well, you know and I know that this is the place, but I'll keep it for myself until you think you're ready for an invasion of Swedish women :D

  2. My hubby thinks he is always right and I agee he always is, even when he is wrong! Sometime it is more fun to sit back and watch them embarrass themselves! aahaahha


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