Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to....

Help me out here.

We NEED a name for this site. I really want to create a new "welcome" post. But I can't seem to get past the line, "Welcome to....".

Welcome to what? Balanced Mary Kay is lame. It is too long, and not interesting AT ALL.

The Truth About Mary Kay is worse. It is true that is what we are looking for, but we don't really have the corner on that market yet!!! Plus it is pretty lame for the name of a blog.

Pink lighthouse and pinking shears have set a pretty high bar for originality and cleverness-ality!

My brain is ABSOLUTELY fried. If I try to generate something new and original we are going to end up with "bicycles in snow" or "air speed velocity of an unladen swallow" which are both even worse than the bad examples I gave earlier.

So PLEASE, help me out. And don't be offended when I don't use your idea! ;)

Ok, go.

Nothing Follows


  1. It's 4:00 am out here and I just finished the lasagna and am ready to drop. Here is one for tonight but I will think better once I get some sleep.

    Welcome to the Pink Link ...
    The site that
    Links you to ..(fill in the blank)

  2. Not bad for 4 am! I am going to drop too. And only 1 am for me!

    Get some sleep and dream up some more!!!

  3. speaking the real truthDecember 22, 2007 at 7:02 AM


    I think you should pay attention to the key words in the title so that they show up when people are looking for info. on MK, and especially if anyone is looking for PT. I would want to make sure that they find this site with the real truth.

  4. strt,

    That is a good point, what key words should be emphasized?

  5. How about something like "The Mary Kay Experience" because ultimately, what we are doing is sharing our experiences--good or bad.

    Some ideas on this theme:

    Experiencing Mary Kay

    Mary Kay Experiences

    The Mary Kay Experience

    Experiencing Pink

    Exploring Pink

    Exploring Mary Kay

    Pink Journeys

    Mary Kay Journeys

    OK. I'll give it a rest! ;)

  6. Shades,

    Those are some great suggestions.... Pretty soon we will have to put it to a vote.

    I still want ideas from anybody else that has them...

    Please throw your suggestions in!!!


  7. Or combine mk4me and strt and use "Pink Link....the site that links you to the Mary Kay Experience".

    I really like both. I agree with strt, though, that it needs to come up in Google searches. Tracy feeds on that more than she feeds on food (and we know how much THAT is). That is one reason so many people find my site when searching for hers. It's also the reason I put her name in the titles of my posts so often.


  8. How about


  9. I like ME's..

    or even something like

    The Pink Link - The Pink Truth about Mary Kay Exeriences

    With what me say's about searches, this would have Mary Kay in it but if someone is looking for
    PT in a search, wouldn't this come up too and maybe they wouldn't find just the bad??

  10. Just thought of another one along the lines of MK4ME and ME's suggestions:

    Living Pink Truths: A Collection of Mary Kay Experiences

    Incidentally, a search for "pink truth mk" brought someone to my site in the past. ;)

    Some other ideas:

    Collecting Pink Truths

    Our Pink Truth

    I do like the Pink Link idea and combining it with one of the other ideas.

  11. Thought of another idea--unrelated to the others I mentioned in my previous posts. This one is kind of like Pink Bren's:

    Think Outside the Pink!

    You see, I do think that those on PT were at some point in a Pink Fog. They make the mistake of thinking everyone is in a fog. When I read comments about things like, "one year out.." or "Christmas without MK" it makes me think that MK was the end all be all of their existence(s). I think a more balanced approach to warning others is NOT telling them to run away from MK and not even trying, but helping people realize that there is life outside of MK. I think some of those ladies may have been workaholics to some extent. You hear about people being married to their careers. Well, it could happen in MK just as it can happen in any career opportunity.

    Somehow, there are people who lose sight that you can have a Mary Kay career while living everyday life as a normal human being. The trick of the trade is keeping it all balanced. That was ultimately my goal when I started my blog. I was trying to illustrate a balance (hence, my tagline is "Keeping Life Balanced"), but that is difficult to do in writing. Also, I decided it best to write about my personal MK experiences and leave out personal stuff. Ultimately, no one will know someone's commitment to MK unless they know them personally and see them in action on a regular basis.

  12. Oh--and when I speak of "life outside MK," that applies to those who are still happy and working their MK careers as well as those who have decided to leave MK.

  13. Ok, we are definitely getting somewhere now...

    I am packing and prepping to leave all day today, so you wont hear too much from me, but this is some good stuff.

    I think we should have a good name by the time '08 comes around!

    -great in '08
    -celebrate '08
    -ban hate in '08 (read that one a few times... it gets more funner each time)

    more later

  14. How about....

    Thinking Pink

    The Pink Whisperer

    The Mary Kay Chronicles

    Both Sides of Pink

  15. speaking the real truthDecember 23, 2007 at 3:40 PM

    those who have run blogs probably know the most about how to get visitors to a particular blog

    2 things to consider though:

    MK Corp. does not like anyone using the Mary Kay name, and the Pink Link is the name of our DVD that director's receive each quarter.

    I know that MK Corp. is checking out some of these blogs, so we do not want any copyright(?) issues with the name.

    How about "The Real Pink Truth?" A site for those with questions about a Mary Kay Business.

  16. I just did a trademark search and Pink Link is owned by MK corp, but it is also owned by others having to do with breast cancer research. I suppose technically we would be in violation of it if it was used here. Not sure if MK corp would ask Dave to cease and desist--he IS, after all, trying to put good stuff on the internet about MK.

    I think my favorite so far is "Living Pink Truths: A Collection of Mary Kay Experiences". That would turn up in the searches and it would also be descriptive of what is said here. It does not, however, have anything to do with Tracy or PT--it sounds more like we are just writing about our own experiences in MK and not proving Tracy is wrong. The Living Pink Truths is really good though.

    Oh, wait---how 'bout this? Experiencing the Pink Truth


    Experiencing Pink Truths


    Tracy is Nuts and Here's Why

  17. How about Pink Power..I sometimes wonder about the pink thing since our compacts are going to black!!


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