Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trouble Navigating the site

Apparently some of you are having trouble navigating this site.

I have no problem seeing it on my computer. Can you guys tell me a little more about the problems you are having?

What browser are you using?

What are you able to see?

What are you not able to see?

Some of you obviously can leave comments - if you can't leave a comment, email me at



  1. OK, I think I figured it out.

    I opened I.E. and visited my site and saw the problem some of you were describing.

    I believe I fixed it.

    Let me know if it continues to be a problem.

    You may have to refresh your browser window.

    Let me know.


  2. Yeah when I went on earlier I had problems and its ok now.

  3. I have a question is it really true that 40,000 consultants a month leave MK that number sounds too high to me. You know where I got it from but I was just wondering.

  4. Glad to hear it is fixed.

    It was a stupid "glitch" that is making it hard for me to NOT throw my computer out in the snow.

    Not that I could even if I wanted to, I live in So. Cal and we DON'T GET SNOW ;(

    Colleen, I believe that it may be true. I believe "they" got that number from an MK release.

    If you think about how many people "try it out" and decide it is not for them in your own experience and multiply that times 700,000 consultants, it seems feasible.

    Two important things to keep in mind.

    1. numbers
    2. definitions

    You can always use numbers to sound like they are either REALLY big or REALLY small. This number means that for every 1 consultant out there, .06 of a person has joined and quit. Or for every 100 current consultants, 6 have joined and quit. Makes it sound a lot smaller, no?

    Definitions is another thing that is important to consider.

    Buying a $100 starter kit = financial and emotional ruin?

    I don't think so.

    If I understand the information they are "citing" (and yes I use that term VERY loosely for them!) they are talking about 40,000 consultants that "cease to be consultants". I DON'T know if that means "went inactive" or "returned inventory".

    If it means returned inventory, than 40,000 people every month would have to "beg to differ" with PT's assertion that "nobody knows about the product return policy"!!

    If it means that they went inactive, than who knows if they went active again the next month and then inactive again the following month.

    With all the personal use consultants, this seems like it could be a very regular occurrence.

    I hope that helps. I have just gotten in touch with someone that seems to have a very good head for research. Hopefully as this person has time he/she will be able to get some hard facts on some of these questions.

    BTW it is NOT blessed!

    In the meantime, one of the strongest cases that can be made here is the individual testimonies of people that are having unique experiences in Mary Kay.

    Good or bad, the examples shared WILL help shape the impression people get of Mary Kay.



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