Monday, December 17, 2007

From Today's comments

Some things came up today that I felt would be worth mentioning here.

First, Shay in SC asks:

"If you have someone wanting to join, do you advise them to wait until after Jan. 1st, or have them sign up now?

I guess my thoughts are that it is too late to get sales for Christmas (as a new consultant, not an existing one), so it would be better to wait until Jan.

What are everyone else's thoughts on this?"

Going back to a very old post, (HERE) about Donna Meixsell, an anonymous visitor mentioned:

"i am very close to the Meixsell family and know personally that the money the hotel required them to spend on food highly exceeded both estimates and she actually spent money out of her pocket to host this even, rather than making any. She's a remarkably amazing lady with a heart of gold. If haters could open their heart to family, friends and god maybe they could learn some of the go-give spirit that Donna has."

Check it out if you haven't read it yet (or in a while)... it may even bring back nostalgic feelings... (already???)

Many thanks to everyone participating in the "Today/This Week on Pink Truth". Also, thanks for all the participation all over the site.

Please leave any thoughts you have for Shay here!


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  1. In regard to Shay's question, I think it's best to gage what the prospective consultant is comfortable with and go with that. I have a girl right now who signed up last September and terminated before activating. She's now getting ready to sign a new agreement for the $20 start up fee. I sent her some books and told her to take orders and to let me know when she is ready for her agreement. I just let them do it on their own time. And once they make the decision, I'm here for them! :)

  2. It really depends on if someone is excited. The sooner the starter kit arrives, the sooner one can start looking at the new consultant training workbooks and the skin care dvd and checking out the products and practicing. Most people have extra time off over the Holidays (good time to study.) The other advantage is we often see friends and relatives we don't always see and it might be a very easy way to let them know you have started a new business with MK.
    (Now I am not talking about becoming one of the obnoxious stalkers, the exconsultants on pt use to be and ordering people at gun point to go in the bathroom and try satin hands and not allowing them to leave until after they buy one from you) - I mean just saying something like, hey, I am so excited, I am a MK beauty consultant. ...

    Now on the other hand if someone is going to get the starter kit and not even open it up until after the first of the year, it would be up to them but if they waited, they would have all of January and all of February to place their initial order and be entitled to the different bonuses on the levels of inventory. (If they wanted to do a level that quaified for a bonus.)

    Personally, I know I have delivered product Christmas Eve - as late as 4:30. Malls are still open until the same time and I have done some fun facials on the days right after Christmas, so I feel there is no right or wrong, my thought if you are going to do it, why wait until tomorrow what you can do today. I believe that we can still sell product between now and the end of the year.

    And, it takes several days to get the starter kit, the sooner you order it, the sooner you get it.

    Hey Shay, nice seeing you over here too!!

    Hey Shay is this question for you??
    If it is, I say "Go For It!"

  3. MK4ME -

    Yes, it is for me. :D

    I am going to put the word out about joining MK when I see everyone on Christmas, but I won't actually join until after the first of the year. I know I won't get much done over the holidays and I know I will see everyone soon after Christmas. (My birthday is Jan. 10th.) My family is very pro-MK, but I know several of them don't have a rep (because the rep moved, quit, etc.).

    I will also be starting a pro-MK blog when I get closer to signing. :D One more voice out there for MK. LOL

  4. Shay the Starfleet CommanderDecember 18, 2007 at 10:20 AM

    MK4ME -

    Can you email me? My email is

  5. speaking the real truthDecember 18, 2007 at 11:13 AM

    Shay, are you the ShaySC from PT?

    I'm with MK4ME as usual. If someone is excited and ready, let's do it! No reason to wait. She can get her Kit and be booking for the new year and telling everyone that she sees at Christmas events about her new venture.

    If she wants to wait, then she waits. Whatever feels right for her.

  6. Shay, it sounds like you will have a pretty strong customer base to start with. :) You may even be surprised. If you're going to start telling people now that you are joining MK, you may get a few starter orders. ;)

  7. Shay the Starfleet CommanderDecember 18, 2007 at 12:18 PM

    STRT -

    Yes, I am ShayinSC from PT, although I have been booted from PT for recent comments I made.

    shadesofpink -

    I will have a strong base to start with. LOL My Mom already has a rep, so I will not be a rep for her, but I have other relatives that need a MK rep. :D

  8. speaking the real truthDecember 18, 2007 at 2:44 PM


    Your mom can be your customer. It is understood in MK circles that immediate family and life long friends should purchase from the new consultant. They will probably be better clients for her anyway.

    I am curious about you going from a poster on PT to a MK consultant. Where you anti-MK at some point? How did you get involved with PT? I don't remember you saying much that was really anti-MK, but it seems like I remember you getting bashed for a post involving another direct sales company or something.

    I hope that you have seen the truth about PT, and that many others do the same. It's really a shame that people cannot have a feeling and keep it within some type of boundary. To become obsessed with MK after you've left the company or when you've never been in the company seems strange and unhealthy to me.

    Anyway, welcome to the MK family, and it really is a family.

  9. Shay the Starfleet CommanderDecember 18, 2007 at 4:06 PM

    STRT -

    I posted my story on ME's blog. here is what I wrote there (instead of typing it all over again. LOL):

    "I was MK long ago (before I had kiddos). I was mainly just personal use, but did make a few sales. Did not have any inventory to speak of. Never sent product back. Just went inactive. My Mom is a die-hard MK user and is not a rep. She has just always loved the products, and she has a really awesome MK rep.

    I found PT through a Google search. I have lots of friends that are MK reps, and I was just doing some research. (I have been asked by friends about being a rep again.)

    I found Duh’s blog after comments on PT from banned members. Just a Google search. Nothing exciting.

    I enjoy visiting the blogs listed on Duh’s blog because many of them have good suggestions on booking and getting sales, etc. I pass the ideas along to my friends in MK."

    Now, I will be honest - when I first started reading PT, I was shocked and saddened by what I read. My first reaction was to tell everyone I knew in MK to RUN, don't walk, away from MK.

    But 2 things happened to change my mind.

    First, I saw how any positive posts about MK are deleted and the posters are banned.

    Second, I went to a Satin Hands class that turned into a SCC. :D

    Seeing a group of ladies having a ball and seeing how much fun I had (plus the sales the rep got) really hit home. On top of that, the rep (Jen) is a sweetheart and we really hit it off. :o)

    So I was never anti-MK because of my experience. I was horrified at the stories I read on PT.

    But now I realize that PT is not a balanced view of MK at all. MK is portrayed as this evil empire, doing no good at all and destroying women everywhere. NO MATTER WHAT MK DOES, IT IS RIDICULED AND CHASTISED BY PT.

    So that's my story. :D

    I called Jen and told her I was signing up in January.

  10. Shay, we are all rooting for you!!

  11. Shay the Starfleet CommanderDecember 18, 2007 at 6:22 PM

    Thanks, MK4ME! :D

  12. speaking the real truthDecember 19, 2007 at 11:00 AM

    HOORAY! Good for you Shay!

    I was just wondering about someone who finds PT and then what happens. I suspected that most would be like you and see through the "untruths". Maybe PT even helped you in your journey towards MK, because their accusations would force you to seek out the truth.

    Again, welcome. I hope that get everything that you want from your business, that is what we call a success.

  13. speaking the real truthDecember 19, 2007 at 11:08 AM

    Oh my. Today on PT there is a post with one of those crazy ways to get money for your Starter Kit/First Order.

    This IS crazy, and I cannot blame PT for posting it. Do not ask 5-10 people at work for money!

    If you need the $100, have a yard sale, sell a piece of furniture, work extra at another job, ask for the Starter Kit as a gift from family members for your birthday or Christmas.

    I do not recommend offering these "buy $150 for $100 deals" either. Because when that order arrives, then what next? Those clients may always expect a deal, and your closest friends/family have just bought $150 worth of products, so they aren't in need of other products at the moment, so why would they book an appt? The consultant is now majorly handicapped!

    David, could we address the large fees currently being charged by some directors/NSDs for events that they host? I have some things to say about this topic that will let everyone know that I am not in a pink fog. This is a problem area that I would love to see corporate do something about.

  14. speaking the real truth.December 19, 2007 at 11:09 AM

    or how about a post on what we would like to see change in MK, that would be productive

  15. I would love to see some REAL ways to make this business work. Some tried and true methods. If that would have been around when I first started then things may have been different. Maybe those who have been doing it a while can give examples of what works, what doesn't, what is worth the effort, etc.

  16. speaking the real truthDecember 19, 2007 at 2:26 PM

    Judi, I am sure that each of us could offer up some REAL ways that we make this business work.

    To really make money and get somewhere in Mary Kay, YOU MUST BUILD A STRONG CUSTOMER BASE, and you do that by putting product on faces. I capitalize *yell* that out because some will just not yield to that. Yes, you can make some nice part time money doing otherwise, but to really build a business, you must hold appointments.

    Now, how does one do that? By talking to people. Not stalking them. Letting people know what you do and asking for the appt. I have people ask me to come over and get some help. I use goody bags and coupons to start a conversation and increase interest in getting with me. Clients will almost always by more when they put products on their face, so I focus on that.

    Once I establish them as a client, I offer great service, the PCP program, free delivery, and a birthday club which encourages them to have a follow up once per year, because I know those clients that I see more often in appts. are closer to me and the product.

    I also get good training, Robert Jones, etc. on what I do. That makes me a valuable resource to my clients and they want my help and will refer/bring others for my advice and expertise.

    As far as recruiting, my daily life is my best recruiting tool.

  17. speaking the real truthDecember 19, 2007 at 2:31 PM

    Not worth it or does not work (IMHO):

    Giving out 5 business cards per day

    Standing at the mall to talk to strangers

    Putting fliers/cards everywhere

    Telling strangers that they would be great at what I do

    Giving a discount to everyone to build my customer base

    Trying to recruit everyone that I see

    Cold calling on offices

    The Pinked cards

    Paying large amounts to work booths at fairs/events

    Going to every event on the planet and buying everything for sale in hopes of getting "the idea" that will make your business

    Accosting women in the produce dept. to be your model-gag!

  18. STRT -

    One thing I will say about finding PT before I decided to rejoin MK: I REALLY put a lot of thought as to whether or not I wanted to rejoin.

    At first, I thought I was lucky to have been saved from the evil MK empire. I can really relate to those people who post, "I am so glad I found this site (PT) before I joined!" because I felt that way, too.

    But I am glad I stayed on PT long enough to see through the untruths and decide to come back to MK.

    In addition, instead of just being personal use, I have decided that I am going to go for more than just that. I am going to work on building my customer base and (eventually) a team. :D

    I have a blog that is up and running about MK, but I won't "publicize" it until I am a rep. ;)

    Soon to be in the pink again,

    -----Shay :o)

  19. Again, STRT and I agree, surprised?

    Our January Jumpstart is $4.00, yup that is it, breakfast is provided, we bring a bag lunch, it is from 9:00- 3:00 no overnight. My meetings are free any large events we do have never been more than $5.

    When we go to Career Conference, we car pool, our several other units have come together and rented a bus, it is very inexpensive for all and noone has to worry about driving or parking fees at the hotel.

    Our area doesn't promote big dollar retreats, etc... I have been around along time and I don't believe in promoting alot of other non MK sponsored events with the exception of Robert Jones. (Basically because most consultants never felt adequate with color) but now with our new color tools, I will even reconsider that.

    Before we attend anything, I remind my unit members, not to get caught up in the promotion to buy tapes, books, etc... these items are always available and usually don't sell out, I don't want them tying up money in something I have that they can borrow because of the sales pitch and then come down with buyers remorse.

    If consultants can get trained and make money, they will stay consultants. If they are spending more than they are making "to attend trainings" - they may get trained but they will not stay.

    A consultant that is really working for just $50 a week, and learns the product and color techniques really imho the cost of seminar would be too much, but I have learned it is not my decision, my job is to give her the choices, if asked for my opinion, I will tell her pro's and con's and then support her decision. I do not it is my job to tell her "she HAS to go" or "she SHOULD NOT go". I am not her boss or her mother.

  20. judi, if you read back through earlier posts I have "written" a ton about what works for me in the business. I love this business and have my consultants best interests at heart. I do not want to "HAVE" to recruit because I always need to be replacing the ones leaving, I want to "choose"
    to recruit because I find a women who may be able to find something that will fit a need she may have.

    It doesn't make a difference to me if she wants to make $50/wk or $1000/wk, both consultants are equally important to me. It is just like your children, you love them unconditionally. I don't help the ones that come in with more money than ones with less money.

    I will still do their first class with them whether they start with inventory or not. (I have heard of directors that will only do the debut or first class if they come in with a star order) - wrong, wrong, wrong. That is actually blackmailing - amount of inventory = amount of help. WRONG!!

    Maybe some of my views come from my beginnings, I didn't join to do any more than personal service. I joined with a minimum ($180 w/s) - now you do know it was back, don't ya?? anyway for the first 2 years of my business I did little more than personal service. My recruiter, my director, and my NSD NEVER pushed me to do more.

    Insert a long story here in the future. I decided to pursue full time.... 12+ years later, I am so very gratefully I was never pushed to do more because I probably would have pushed back and quit. Instead I have had an incredible life and business opportunity.

    I hope you can see from the answers from all of us here, that there are people that will put their foot down and say the experiences you have had are wrong. Please keep asking away, I have a crazy life, there are a few on here and on anoter site that know me- I am a very real person. I have 3 older kids in the house. Hubby on third shift, one kid on second shift, 2 kids in high school, 2 labs, 1 bo-jack, 3 cats, 2 fish (had 3 but one passed) - live in the county (10 miles to the nearest post office) - last week couldn't get the car out the driveway, when we finally did, couldn't make it up the hill cause of ice. (Want to laugh, son took me on 4 wheeler to son and daughter in laws' house so they could drive me where I needed to go, trust me I was in pants!!)

    Have a married son with two awesome grandkids, and one son in the Marines. Both of my daughter in laws are part time consultants. It is so cool to have rhem involved in something I love so much - I love them so much too. If this business was suppose to be about using people, do you think for one minute I would put my beautiful d-i-l's in harms way?

    judi, everyone hear will answer any of your questions, then you decide, sit back and read pt, read what we say here, and then take your personal experience as a lesson in what "NOT" to do.

    Keep asking, we will do our best at answering, and remember you could be the voice right now for alot of lurkers that may be reading but afraid to ask. You are the spokesperson, you can ask any of those questions that you never got answers for because you will get answers here. That is what David wants this site to be and I know I am happy (and I am sure STRT too) to help in anyway I can. I am sure if there are other directors posting here too, they would answer too.

    P.S. My son made out good today at the Hospital(same day surgery)

  21. If consultants can get trained and make money, they will stay consultants. If they are spending more than they are making "to attend trainings" - they may get trained but they will not stay.

    I LOVE THAT!! It is so true!

  22. thanks Judi! I have tried answering some of your other questions on older threads but I am not sure if you ever got back round to reading them, sometimes I post a little late.

    Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, in this day and age, you can get the training you need without having to attend a meeting if there isn't one that suits YOUR needs in your area. I have a few girls that fall into this category. We do alot of telephone training and conference calls. I have a unitnet site that I update (with the help of a VA as well) almost daily. Training packages mailed to consultants, etc...

    Plus there are sites such as MKRules and the Mysts. I will not start a blog because I know I just don't have the time to maintain it without something else having to suffer. That is one reason, I find myself being very active on this one. (and a couple of others) I think a site like this in very valuable.

    Please believe I don't think it should convince everyone that they need to do MK, but I like the fact it gives "the rest of the story" from what they may read on PT and also it is great for consultants that don't have a place to ask questions. I remember reading on ME's site a new consultant was reading PT, poor thing she freaked and at there instance, "Get out, send back the inventory (drek) before you go into debt. The poor thing was freaked. She did what they TOLD her to do. Before long she was reading and she posted on ME's blog how she wised she hadn't jumped into sending her product back but alas she had. She was upset because after thinking more about it, she thought she really would have enjoyed MK. With the buyback policy, she wasn't risking loosing anything as long as she gave her business a year to get going. Notice they didn't give her choices, they told her. Isn't this the very thing they accuse their nationals and directors of doing?

    Do you know a very neat thing that happened here?? ShayinSC has been a consultant before years ago. She had thought about rejoining because it would fit into her life again. When she went to do some research (wow, people actually will research a decision before blindly jumping into it, imagine that?) unfortunately or fortunately she stumbled on to PT... she was bright however, she kept reading and then she started to notice discrepancies and she started questioning some stuff she was reading. She started looking at other sites and then was invited to a MK party and went. Wow, she had fun and she loved the product. She found the consultant wasn't pushy. - She got herself a new haircut and today she feels like a million bucks!! Yeah for Shay!! Anyway, she has seen from PT what traps not to get stuck in and from readidng here and other places, she has seen the right way to do it and I can't wait to see her get going.

    You gotta love it - it is now

    So Judi, ask away, if you have personal questions - if there is a way I can email David an secondary email address I use -to get to you, I would be more than happy to have you email me and have answers for you. (I will not feel bad if you choose not to ask me anything either - I just want you to know if there is something you are uncomfortable about posting, I will see if I can present a decent explanation/answer for you.)

    Thank you for being a voice for many that probably have not been brave enough to post yet! :)

  23. MK4ME -

    I have another update! :D

    After being on the phone for a few minutes with my cousin, I now have $100 in orders and one booking for January! WOO HOOOO! I may have my inventory sold before I even order it! LOL

    She was so excited when I told her I was going back to MK! She said she didn't have a consultant and missed using MK stuff. I told her we have soooooooo much more stuff than we did before!

    She scheduled a SCC so that she can see everything!

    I am excited!


  24. Way to go MKShay! May I say cudo's to David and Me, because of your blogs and Shay's open mind not running after reading pt, she is going to have fun with her Mary Kay. You can hear her excitement already!

  25. Speaking the real truth and MK for me I was WAITING for a director to bring up the expensive events!! I have NO problem with a director or even NSD making her own money outside of MK if they want to be motivational speakers and talk to corporations since they have a proven track record of success.
    Its no secret that GMB has a motivational speaking business and its no secret that other NSD's do these types of things) as well.

    What I "abhor" is successful directors (we need not name them)
    charging 50-200.00 for someone to hear them explain how they did it and made it. I know some of you dont believe me but there is someone doing that right now. This director Im thinking of I admire but I just think this is a bit costly. I see nothing wrong with the motivational tapes and CD's but after you have heard 10-15 of them its the same thing. I think Intouch takes care of 70 percent of the trainging and the consultants guide..and the other is trial and error and add 30 percent there. Experience is the best teacher..Ill add part 2 to this.

  26. Part 2 of exorbitant fees on the part of Directors.

    IMHO the only time someone should be so (and I have never been there yet) dripping in pink with tapes and instruction and motivation is during DIQ. I would imagine that is when you would want to pump up the pink and get real MK (if that makes any sense) you really have to focus. I remember when you had to maintain the car for 4 months before you could even become a director!!! There are some one month wonders out there who have made it and stayed but not many.
    I dont think MK will stop some of these people who are skating to NSD very quickly because it is a quick cash flow for the company, but as in any company in the long run word gets out and product gets sent back and it starts a trickle down effect. MK in the 80s and 90s really had the market on network marketing and they did it the RIGHT way! I dont want to see them be known as a pink Amway!
    Things SEEM like they are changing though and there is ONE area where
    PT got it right. Some of as those NSD commission checks are not as high as they used to be, because of the trickle down theory. Its not the company or the product its the greed of some. I remember when a top director made 15-20k a month easily.....truth you remember the Mattie Dozier, Lisa Madson, Gloria Mayfield and Pam Tull days!!! Now some of the tops are making 15,000 in a month or shade above that. Not bad but there is the potential to make much more and do it by caring not
    breeding new consultants out of the kennel. MK units were strong and I mean strong in the 80s and early 90s. I used to see tons of
    career cars, not as many as I used to. I DO think it will come back though.

  27. colleen, I totally agree with you. And... you know, I believe Mary Kay herself would agree with us. Mary Kay, herself, would attend smaller events as a guest speaker, do you think she charged for coming and speaking?? NSD are suppose to be filling in Mary Kay shoes. I think some of the Nationals have gone overboard charging big $$ for an event to hear them speak. IMHO, that is the job of a National. I think some of them just get money hungry. And.. a few of them, as much as I love and respect them, I could probably repeat their stories because, well let's face it your story is your story and it shouldn't change so if I have heard it once or twice, why do I need to hear it over and over again and then have to pay to hear it again.

  28. I think I may disagree with you guys a little bit here.


    I am sure that as we sort through our definitions of certain things we are probably pretty closely matched, but it sounds like you are saying that someone who has "been through the fires" and came out on top do not deserve to make money as guest speakers.

    It is one of those peculiar aspects of "performance" type work. I think it is ridiculous how much money certain baseball players make. However, it is what it is. The fans pay big money to see the games, advertisers pay big money to reach those fans, and the VERY few athletes that make it to that level have in some sense of the word, "earned" it.

    From another point of view, the perceived value of a thing is drastically reduced when it is offered for free. Not to create a commentary on the value (real or otherwise) of a guest speakers thoughts, but if they just "volunteered" their "pearls of wisdom", it could be compared to throwing those pearls to the pigs. (also not saying MK'ers are pigs)

    So are they overpaid?


    Should they be paid more?


    Even if they came to events for free, the coordination of an event still takes a lot of effort and expense.

    Everyone will benefit differently from an event.

    I personally HATE events. I am pretty sure I have some form of ADD and can't really focus on something for more than...

    (refrigerator run)

    ...a couple of minutes.

    However, I have a friend that can't get enough of events and books and books on tapes... He is constantly teaching me things that I would never in a million years been able to figure out as a result.

    I think (therefore) it is good that these events are offered.

    If they benefit you; go, enjoy and learn.

    If they don't; stay home, save your money, and bug your friends that went for the stuff they learned!

    Just a thought, not fully developed!

  29. Think we are coming from two seperate places, I do not believe that Seminar, Career Conference, etc... are over priced. My problem is when a National (mine does not operate as such) has a promotion, do x and you can win a pizza pj party at my home (Registration will be $199) - sorry I feel it is wrong

    Now NSD basically get paid thru commissions for teaching/speaking-this is basically their job description. To pay them extra for what the Company expects them to be doing seems like they are taking advantage of their positions. Now it they want to be motivational speakers outside the MK world and charge an arm and a leg so be it.

    Nationals are suppose to be leading this Company as Mary Kay did. When she attended an event as a guest speaker in the MK world, it did not come with a bill and it did not make her any less important.

    P.S. I had the pleasure of spending time with Mary Kay privately (it was only a few minutes but she was an amazing woman)

    P.S.S. David, I know we joked about this before but I truly am ADD, diagnosed and being treated for it! Another reason the flexibilty of MK really works for me, repeatition bores me!

  30. Sit at the feet of Allison Lemarr,
    get a chance to eat with Lisa Madson, Take a boat trip with Gloria Mayfield, win a prize and get to see Tammy Crayk's house...LOL. They are people not
    Paris Hilton!!! Nothing wrong with this but I dont think consultants should have to sell so much to get up close to an NSD..LOL

    It was an EVENT at one time to be an NSD and I mean a BIG thing now its not made to be as big its almost expected if you have a big area to go that way. While Im on my rant there are not too many things in MK that I saw change that bothered me that much except the star consultant prizes and the bonuses. The star consultant prizes in the day were fax machines, and computers and handbags and just NICE stuff!! The bonuses of free product in the early 90s (dont get me started) you could order 1200.00 (wholesale) and get an extra bonus of things that were close to 400.00
    I remember as a new consultant in the 90s I ordered 600.00 wholesale and got a free product bonus of an extra 200.00 worth of mascara and lipstick and ahhhhhh they should bring that back!

  31. As I suspected, we are talking on different levels.

    I agree that a $200 PJ party is ridiculous, but are any of them doing that?

    I think that a National Director is responsible for her area, no?

    If she elects to operate her area by dealing only with her directors (even senior directors only) wouldn't that be her prerogative?

    Perhaps she does a few speaking events for her area and spends a lot of time motivating her best directors to do better.

    If she guest speaks in other areas, it seems that she is going "above and beyond".

    It sort of gets into a conversation similar to tipping your server at a nice restaurant.

    You could argue, "I already paid for my meal, let the server and the establishment work out how much money the server gets".

    I always tip 20% or more just because that is the way I am. But I have a serious problem with restaurants that add a 17% tip to my bill automatically. First of all, they just cost their waiter 3%. On a $400 tab, that is $12. Maybe not a huge deal, but still.

    On the other hand, what if my waiter offered horrible service? why should they automatically get a 17% tip?

    I digress.

    I am not sure what kind of a job description is afforded to a NSD, so partially I am talking about things that I know nothing (or at least very little) about.


    Although I don't remember the better days you are talking about, they sound great!

  32. I got invited to a pajama party at my national's house. $200 to sleep on her floor with 8 other people I did not know. WHO would want to do this? WHY would grown women with access to a hotel WANT to sleep on the floor at a national's house? I thought it was a joke until I saw my director drooling. I do believe she went.

  33. Judi these are the things Im speaking of pajama parties with a National and pizza parties with a National and boat trips for 200.00 is a waste of time..ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. David, this time we still see differently. Because of the go-give philosophy, even if a National is speaking in another area, I am sure she has unit and area members that are adopted and motivated by other directors and other Nationals. In MK, we should all be helping each other. If I have an adoptee in my unit, I treat her as if she is my own personal team member. If she is in the same Seminar division great, if she isn't great. She is a consultant and my job is to help her. So if I help someone not in my area, I expect if I have someone adopted in another area to be helped as well.

    I don't mind paying if I choose to go see a National and it is just enough to offset the room rent and maybe the cost incurred with the even, I am oppossed to paying big dollars to listen to one speak at a NON-MK event and it becoming a IPA (income producting activity).

  35. Judi, Colleen,

    Thank you.. I am not surprised that this happens, and I fully agree... Ridiculous! Just plain silly.

    However, I am sure that it may appeal to some. My wife said the sleeping on the floor bit wouldn't bother her, but she would not spend $200 for this "privilege"

    Maybe $20 though!

    Out of curiosity though, was it a $200 inventory order OR was it like, "pay me $200 to sleep here"?

    Funny though either way!

  36. mk4me

    I understand the Go Give spirit and I certainly don't think they should be getting rich off of their "status", see above comment.

    But if they are traveling all over the country (I have a friend that was a guest speaker for many years), it costs a LOT to travel all the time. Airfare, Hotel, Food it adds up and if they are doing more than their job calls for, they should receive compensation.

    Not insane compensation (as I am sure occurs), but compensation nonetheless.

    Are you saying they should not accept motivational speaking engagements outside of MK?

  37. This has become an interesting thread. I was not aware of NSD's and top directors charging registration fees and such for events.

    The fees I've paid for retreats have been strictly for the room (we do overnights once a year). My NSD did a slumber party at her home for DIQ's or new directors (I can't remember which). I was not aware of any huge fee, though. I didn't qualify so I am not sure. But knowing this, I'll watch out for that. ;)


  38. Sometimes this typing stuff is difficult. No David, I don't think that NSD shouldn't take outside speaking opportunities, I think it is great and that is where I think they should ask whatever they want for a few. I agree if they travel to make sure their room and planefare are covered. I just don't agree with a $200 slumber party in the Nationals' home.

    May I add this isn't a complaint I have in my area. As a matter of fact, when my National comes down to work with our unit, so will not take any compensation, pays for her own plane ticket, rents a car, but stays with me and my Zooey family. She is awesome.

    She is so real, yes, she is a High I and since I am a high S/C it is funny to see how the two of us interact but I love her dearly and respect her too.


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