Friday, December 14, 2007

Question for Pink Truth Users

Do you want your ex-Mary Kay compatriots to call you or not?

I am a little confused. Can you help me out?

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  1. Depends on the person I think there is nothing wrong with a phone call once in a while.

  2. Thanks Colleen,

    Are you in Mary Kay?

    Were you and are now not?

    I am sure you have mentioned it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

    What is your story? If you don't mind me asking.

    I have been trying to keep up with the conversation on Pink Truth regarding shunning and it seems to be a little confusing.

    Some seem to say that they are shunned because their ex-director friends don't call them, while others say they feel shunned because they no longer have anything to talk about and wish they would NOT call.

    I think someone here, there or somewhere else talked about the different kinds of friends we gather throughout our lives. It is a very fascinating subject to me and I am curious to hear some details of what some view as shunning and why it felt that way to them.

    I think we may have seen some of that if I were not banned as I believe raisinberry was starting to reveal to me some of the reasons she felt that she (and others) had been shunned.

    I would really like some of those conversations to get the opportunity to be continued over here.

    without asking you to reveal your pink truth identity (if you have one) do you have access to the message boards? Do you know if further discussion has started there as a result of my "outburst"?

    just curious.

    have a good evening.

  3. With PTer's if someone leaves MK and the director doesn't call them, then the director is bad and only cared about her for her money, if the director does contact her, they don't want to hear from her because they think she is going to beg or guilt them into not quitting. So what's the old saying - damned if you do and damned if you don't!

    It doesn't matter this is a no win situation because it doesn't matter what the director does/doesn't do, they will continue to complain.

    I have a few friends that are no longer consultants and we are still awesome friends, lunches, family stuff, etc... a friend is a friend in or out of Mary Kay. On the other hand I have had consultants leave MK and haven't remained in contact with them but they were business assosciates more than friends. People are not money to me, they are people and they are important.

  4. I stopped hearing from my director when I stopped ordering. I did feel used. Before I signed up and while I was ordering she called me multiple times a day. You are beautiful. Your are so smart. All the compliments I could stand. Hugs and kisses when I saw her at meetings. Occasionally I would finally get her to give me some time so I could get some one on one training. But there was not much training as much as "look what I have". A housecleaner, an assistant, etc. And then I didn't hear from her. I ran into her at the mall once and I felt like she was trying to get away from me as fast as she could. I think the situation was awkward for her.

    I emailed her when I could no longer log into InTouch. She emailed me back with instructions on how to get reactivated and a request for my phone number. It's changed since I first gave it to her when I signed on. She's never stopped sending me emails, though. Or the newsletter. I still get the newsletter.

    I think it is hard for those still in MK to deal emotionally with those who have left. Especially is they left unhappy. You ARE affected by the negativity since this job is such hard work. So I can understand wanting to distance yourself from those who have left.

  5. Im still in MK David and NO I dont have any registration on PT. Ill give you my story when I get home from work tonight.

  6. judi, I don't know if this is the case with your director or not but it seems from reading that maybe she just isn't knowledgable enough on how to train and do skin care classes (I belive if you are going to assume the role of directorship you should know how to help others not just say, You can do it!).

    If she doesn't really know how to do a good skin care class, facial, opening, presentation, closing, money managment etc.. she may have tried to avoid you because she couldn't help you.

    I can only speak for myself, but I would go out of my way to help a consultant that showed the desire to work this business the way it sounded like you wanted to.

    One quick note to everyone, our newsletters or group emails are just that (mass mailings and we sometimes we don't always take a name off as fast as we should. So a consultant that has quit may continue to get communications for awhile longer. So communications like newsletters, group emails are not personal, - a personal contact is a personal contact. There is a difference.

    And for the record... as much as I think it might be great to have someone else clean my home, I don't have a house keeper or an office assistant. The only thing I delegate - I use a Virtual Assistant for my newsletter and unitnet maintenance and postcards, new consultant training packages, etc..And if one has ever seen what my newsletters looked like, you would understand. Back in my previous profession, I had an adminstrative assistant, so I am a little computer challenge with things like that.

  7. It's sad that a few bad experiences are overshadowing the great ones. I am a former consultant and my former director contacts/calls me appropriately. She is a wonderful and caring lady.
    But I also want to say that this is a business so don't be upset that it's ran as such. If you quite your office job would you expect your old boss to keep in touch with you?


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