Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today On Pink Truth

Sorry, forgot to put this up last night.

Anything that you want to discuss about PT today, heres the place to do it.


  1. I saw they were talking about new titles for some of the office staff at MKC. I do not know any of these people, nor have I heard any of them speak, that I remember. What is the big deal?

  2. We received information about staffing changes at corporate. Basically, someone retired and that resulted in some promotions and title changes. To me, it's just business as usual. As with any business, people retire, get promoted and have positons created for them. What's the big deal? Absolutely nothing, in my opinion.

  3. speaking the real truthDecember 12, 2007 at 1:13 PM

    again with the distortions!

    Today on PT there is a post about Mary Kay's donation to the Today Show's Toy Drive. Rather than saying, "Hey, Mary Kay Inc. is doing a nice thing", they rip it apart, and without facts.

    They state that MK is donating discontinued product. Can they verify that information? The newsblurb that they site does not say that at all. And the Gigi bank is still available for consultant purchase from the Seminar Sales booth, so that means they could continue to sell them to the sales force and take in money for them.

    A donation is simply that. Why not appreciate MK's generosity instead of trying to twist it into another jab at the company be perverting the information? The company can put any products on the Pink Sale and take in cash for them, here they are giving them away. Yes, they get a tax deduction, but wasn't it a PTer who claimed that the tax deductions never equal the expense?

    It's a cheap shot, and not even backed with facts, which is standard for PT, a little truth and a lot of conjecture and speculation.

    I hope that MKers will post rebuttals to every piece of erroneous info. posted there, so that onlookers can see the real truth.

  4. speaking the real truthDecember 12, 2007 at 1:16 PM


    Sean Key has been with MK for many years. He is very popular with the sales force, having worked in Sales Force Development for 2 divisions.

    Greg Franklin was already a VP, he just takes on a new role.

    Yvonne DeFranco has been in product development I believe, or maybe marketing? It seems that she is receiving a promotion to the spot vacated by Greg's move.

    As Shades said, I don't think it's a big deal. Again, PT is trying to spin it as such.

  5. speaking the real truth, The few times I visited PT, I noticed that whenever MK or a member of the MK sales force was making donations to a cause, the PTers would say things like they were doing it out of guilt. They were actually ridiculing acts of charity. I never understood that. I don't understand how giving to charity is a sign of guilt. Do you?

    Last year, I didn't work to profit at all as I was wedding planning, but in July 2006, I did a fund raiser for my cousin who was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was able to donate $120 to the hospital that treated him! If I weren't in MK, I would not be able to participate in charity events. This year, I had some spare money that I was able to donate to several causes including The Breast Cancer 3 Day (I participated, but didn't raise enough to walk myself), March of Dimes, MS, and Muscular Dystrophy. I was really pleased that I could contribute to those causes. :)

  6. shades and speaking,
    you guys are great, that is what is meant by enriching women's lives an the lives of others!

  7. pt and their nastiness rears it's ugly head.

    MK is donating discontinue products. Well, if my hair salon I will donate give free of charge products that have not sold. Usually shampoo and conditioners and styling products. I have already paid for the products and there is nothing wrong with them they just aren't moving. So instead of sitting on the selevs forever why not give it to some on that can auction it and make money for a good cause why not. Oh yes it is a write off for me, before anyone says anything THIS IS BUSINESS AND WE ARE IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY.

    With my MK I donate products to women that have cancer and usually it is women that don't have anything. I just want them to feel better about themselves and if I can give them something that will help them then I will do it.

    I have one question what has tc given probably nothing cause she is out for her and if she can bring others down with her she will which is very sad.

    STAFF CHANGES: This is nothing new in business. Sometimes you have to rearrange things so that they will run more smoothly. I just don't understand that pt they are angry women I still think they need to let it go.

  8. Thanks guys, staff changes... happens all the time.

    Unusual titles... what company doesn't have creative titles for all their positions?

    Check out these guys

    "Director of Strategic Communications"

    "Visual Communications Specialist"

    Creative titles are all the rage these days, hardly belies an insidious corporation though!

    Some of you mentioned the shameless way they flung criticism at Mary Kay's generosity. I admire your restraint. I was a little more vociferous in my outrage at this post.

    You can read it here!

    It is a little long and I didn't break it up on the front page like I have lately, but I think it is worth a read!



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