Thursday, December 20, 2007

Guest Speakers, Special Events and Motivational CD's - OH MY!

Great topic here. I won't say much because I want to hear everyones views.

Please don't just agree with the person above you. You don't necessarily have to disagree with them either!

There is a myriad of ways you can spend/invest/waste your money in Mary Kay other than on product and supplies. There are many special training opportunities available.

These range in price from FREE to hundreds of dollars. (thousands anyone?)

Which ones are worth it? Which ones are worthless?

If ALL are valueless to you, what would you like to see that would help YOU?

If you feel that certain events are worthless, do you feel that is just an expression of your evaluation of value, or are they ripping everyone off?

For instance, "I HATE going to events. (not MK per se, but actually almost any event) However, I recognize the great value of events for many people".

Ok, your turn. Give it a shot. Which ones do you attend and why?

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  1. I thought career conference was a big waste of time and money. I lived about 4 hours away so I had to stay over. Most of the time was spent in congratulations. A lot of screaming, clapping, dancing. I thougth the wands the directors were holding were juvenile. When my director handed me mine I put it at my feet. If I needed to find her I could use a cell phone???? I didn't need her waving a huge angel to get my attention. I was mostly embarressed. I went there with pen and paper, ready to take notes and go home with what I needed to make my business grow. I did not get that.

    I also went to a training class where I learned how to apply makeup. That was very useful. I knew what worked for my face but no one else's. So I learned where to put dark shadow on a person who has eyes wide apart, close together, etc. That was a good one. They also taught us how to overcome objections. It felt manipulative, but I realized this was part of selling, so I took notes and learned.

    The CDs were very motivational, but it takes more than motivation to sell.

    I asked a lot of questions, I wanted answers to my questions. I got a lot of I Stories. I am guessing that the answers would not have been good, that's why I didn't get them. Maybe my area is one of the tainted ones.

  2. Good morning all,

    I went to the career conference and I did get some information. I will have to agree with Judi there was a lot of hoopla and I think their could have been less than that. I am not a hoopla girl. Anyway it was OK. Am I going this year I don't know it depends on when it is.

    The tapes don't buy them if I want motivation I will read my Bible and Pray. That is my motivation. We had a Christmas party I didn't go. I went last year however this year I did not.

    I did however buy those makeup tip books and dvd's and I thought those were good. You know being a hairdresser I did learn how to put on makeup when I was in school about 27 years ago.

    Guest speakers usually don't go to those. One this might be a little off topic. My director decided that she was going to have our monday night meetings in Corpus Christi and we were going to have to pay $7 to go and I told her if you have them at your house I will go and if you don't then I won't. I will pay however my feeling is this is a homebased business and why not use your home for the meetings. I am not comfortable with that charging thing I don't mind paying it. However what if there is someone that is just starting out and can't afford it so I do have a little problem with that.


  3. I really enjoy Career Conference. I go every year. I have never missed it. The first year I went I was so excited I went home and had a $1600 sales month! That was my biggest sales month ever! I liked listening to the speakers because some of them have really compelling stories and it gives me a sense of "if she could do it, I can certainly do it!" I think Career Conference is fun and I liked the training I received. The next year I went, I got to meet my NSD! I really like her as a person. I've now had the opportunity to train with her in person 4 times. I enjoy being in her presence. Oh, and the furthest I've had to travel for Career Conference is 2 hours. Nothing I couldn't handle. Last year, it was here where I work. Practically no travel at all. :)

    Seminar, on the other hand, is a different story. I felt about Seminar the way Judi felt about Career Conference. I went to Seminar in 2004 and haven't been back. I may go this year. I told my director Seminar is like the Olympics for me--I'll go every 4 years. ;) Conversely, I'll only go to Seminar if I meet my big goals this year: DIQ or Director, Car Qualifier. I felt there was virtually zero training at Seminar and it was primarily recognition--which is all fine and good, but it just wasn't balanced IMO. I also felt at times like I was at a revival. I didn't like that feeling at all.

    As far as training CD's/DVD's I've bought a handful, but I like to borrow them from my director and put them into my iPod. There are some good ones out there. I listed my favorites on my blog awhile back. I don't buy many, but I browse the LearnMK Media Source once in awhile and if a topic sounds relevant to things I'm having questions about in my business, I'll order the CD. They're only $2.50, after all.

    Another event I like is an annual retreat our local directors organize. It used to be organized and MC'ed by Kathy Helou and Debi Moore, but they could no longer come up here to hold them once their areas grew to be so large in the South. The first year I joined, I attended this retreat and it was the last retreat Kathy and Debi attended. I liked it, but I had no idea what it was all about. I didn't even know what a NSD was yet! Anywho, since the NSD's could no longer make the trip up to hold the event, their directors keep it going which is nice. I like the retreat because you meet some real people and hear different directors' experiences. The cost is always less than $100. This year I cannot go. I want to go, however, with the job/finance situation right now, I have to put every penny I earn from MK and my regular job toward our household finances. It would not be fair for me to go on a mini holiday at this time. ;) I do have every intention of attending Career Conference.

    Pink Bren, I don't like having a fee for meetings, either. Our unit joins our senior unit for meetings once again and I like it that way. My director was holding meetings on her own for awhile, but the room fee was $5/consultant. I think it affected her meeting attendance. There were a few times I was the only consultant there. I think it became more of a financial burden on her so now we meet with the senior unit once again. That meeting is $1. It is at the director's home and the $1 is to compensate for samples and other materials. I'll pay $1 over $5 any day. ;)

    Once in awhile we have guest directors come to our local meetings. Our senior unit director has a friend in NIQ. She comes to our meetings at times and invites us to participate in some of her events--even though she is NOT in our National Area. It's nice to have variety once in awhile.

    OK. I'm done. ;)

  4. Career Conference - yes
    Seminar - Yes if you a director or a newbie
    Leadership - yes if you are a director
    Retreats - definitely its your national area
    NSD celebrations hear me speak -NO
    waste of time after one visit

    Conclusion - anyone in DIQ or wanting to move up the career ladder should go to these functions but a consultant who is personal use or selling here and there or who doesnt need the boost and the rah rah should stick with unitnet, Intouch and other instructional tools. I DO believe in going to meetings if they are not expensive to support your director if they are not expensive or if she is close to your area and or neighborhood.

  5. Hey Colleen! I like your event advice--very brief and to the point! Unlike my novella! :P

  6. speaking the real truthDecember 20, 2007 at 11:15 AM

    Thank you for this topic. I have a lot to say on this one, and it's an area that I feel that we need to work on. I hope that some of those who are in MK will listen and think about this.

    Let me say that I do think events have value and that many are worth the price. Everyone needs their tank filled occasionally, and even if I do not learn anything, the recognition and the excitement get me motivated to press on towards my long term goals.

    NOW-Here is my gripe. Events with huge price tags attached. Especially the ones currently being sponsored by NSDs and Top Directors. Some of these cost as much or more than Career Conference! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GO-GIVE SPIRIT? Should NSDs and Top Directors be profiting off of these events? Who attends? Their own consultants or ours. What happened to sharing ideas for free? AND, I feel as though it can actually hurt their own director as many of these consultants go to these things looking for that one idea, and they spend their re-order money while there. That means that these NSDs and Directors are getting profits that should be used for products for their shelves and our own unit production, therefore it takes money out of my and other director's pockets. And, there is no million dollar idea. It's book, sell, and recruit, period.

    I have no problem with these ladies recouping their costs, but there are some collecting way above their costs. Do the math yourself.

    These NSDs and directors earn commission on their own people and they are obligated to teach under the Go-Give philosophy, so why should they profit from these events?

    Another gripe with these events is that sometimes the director or NSD sells her products and the event is actually about those products. If you aren't purchasing those, her talk is sort of a waste.

    The company offers some great tapes and training, stick with those.

    The makeup artistry classes are great and worth every cent. Robert Jones' workshop is a good one and so is his book. I've used is over and over.

    The company is always working to improve company events. If you are unhappy with one, let them know. I think this past Career Conf. and Seminar were much improved over some from the past. Career Conf. had more training and motivational speaking, and less rah-rah marches.

  7. Speaking the real truth asks, "Should NSDs be profiting off events? What happened to the go-give spirit?"

    My question to you is: How do you know they are profiting? It costs tons to rent a space to have an event. The ones I have been to often include a nice meal or meals as well.

    I have been to many, many events and I do like most of them. They help me see a bigger picture and that propels me forward. I especially love Rena Tarbet's retreats (I have attended 2). I am adopted into her area. The cost was $165 for 2 night stay at Sky Ranch with 5 meals (very nice...steak, brunch buffet, etc.). Not bad AT ALL! I must say I go to learn, but also just for fun. By the way, I was invited to a scrapbooking retreat (not a scrapbooking business related, just for fun) and it cost...guess what: $165 for 2 nights in cabins. SAME PRICE EXACTLY. I didn't attend, but I wanted to by golly! I had to work...

    Anyway, some of the events which I like less are recruiting events, such as MKU and some NSD events. These are boring to me, but probably not to my guests. If you don't have a guest to bring, don't go!

    I have been to 2 Career conferences and 2 Seminars now. I like both of them, although the recognition portions do get lengthy. I love that part though, just for the fun. Getting all dressed up, seeing who's who, etc. But that is just me...I'm in it for some fun as well as money. If there was no fun stuff mixed in with the learning (I like that as well if it is new info), I probably would be very bored and skip it.

    The only thing I would change about these big events is for my director to be more involved with US than with the other directors. Sometimes it seems like a director reunion and consultants are on their own, even for rides to and from and what not. If any director is reading this, please note that this makes me as a consultant feel a little slighted, especially since I only see my director at these events. Maybe it is supossed to be negative motivation: "Look at all my director friends, my big room, blah blah blah"..well that is all well and good, but those lines get old pretty fast. In fact, I would go as far as to say I resent that anyone would use that negative cliqueish behavior to be "motivational".

    All in all, if you can't afford to go to an event, don't go. Especially don't go for "girl friend time" because lots of times it just doesn't happen. If you go to an event, take a guest or go to get a bigger picture, learn, and get/give recognition. This makes it worth it to me.

  8. As far as CDs go, I have several, but there's really only two that I really recommend. The first was Pam Klickna-Powell's Slam Dunk Skin Care Class. She made a recording of her actually conducting an SCC. Love it!!! I think it is better than the SCC DVD that comes in the consultant guide. And the Slam Dunk format leads to bookings! And frankly, I would rather book from an SCC than cold call ANY day! The other CD is a booking CD by Julia Mundy. I've listened to it a whole lot as well. The other CDs I have, I listened once then put them on a shelf.

    I have only been to Career Conference once. I really, really got a lot of out of it. There were parts of it that were too "rah-rah" for me (one of the things that made me hesitate about joining MK was the cheesy rah-rah aspect). But there was a lot of motivation and a lot of good training about how to conduct an SCC (and since the SCC is where the money is, I don't think you can have too much training on that). I had my highest sales month ever after coming back from Career Conference.

    I was supposed to go to Fall Retreat this year, but I came down with a stomach virus and didn't get to. So I can't comment on the training there. But the price seemed very reasonable--just $35, breakfast and lunch included.

    I have never been to Seminar. I have heard great things about it, but to be perfectly frank I have never been able to afford it. Travel, hotel, registration fee, ballgown, blah, blah, blah. It adds up! I just cannot go. Sorry.

    I LOVE my adopted directors' meetings. They are always training in sales ideas--very practical. They do use a meeting room, so there is a fee. And I will admit that there have been times when I have stayed home simply because I didn't have any spare money with which to pay the fee. My husband has been unemployed several times this year, and during the times that he is, every spare cent I have goes toward necessities--not meeting fees. Now to be perfectly fair, during one of the unemployment stints, my adopted director privately assured me that meeting fees were totally optional, and I could continue to come without ever paying a cent. :)

    I do love the new Color Insider stuff, and I LOVE Robert Jones' My Makeup Makeover software. I am something of a dunce when it comes to color, so those have been excellent tools.

  9. speaking the real truthDecember 21, 2007 at 7:57 PM

    MK Rules,

    I respectfully submit to you that I do not make these accusations lightly. My beliefs stem from my own personal experience and from information that I have received from my own NSD.

    Call it hearsay, but my NSD has flat out told me that NSDs do it, and she has named more than 1 name. On the other hand, I know that my NSD usually eats part of the costs of any event that she holds and does not like the practice of overcharging to make a profit.

    Next, as a long time sales director, I have hosted events of various kinds, debuts, retreats, January workshops, guest nights, makeup artistry workshops (a huge endeavor) and helped my NSD with the planning of our area Fall Retreat and Seminar events. Since I have been a host myself, and worked very closely with her, I feel that I do know what the various components of these events cost.

    I am not going to name names, but the fliers that I have seen lately do not include lodging and are more expensive than Career Conf. registration. I've done the math, giving a generous estimation of expenses, and have discussed the numbers with other directors. No, I do not know exactly what their costs were, but I am confident that my figures are in the ballfield, and that SOME of these people are making a lot of money off of these events. Maybe it is geographical, I can't say.

    As I said, I am not going to name names, but you did, so I will address that situation. While I LOVE her, and have attended her workshop more than once. I've seen her promote to consultants that they spend over a hundred dollars on HER tapes. My Sr. did. The tapes were old and very dated, and not even great quality to begin with. They collected dust on her shelf. I think they were $125 for the set. I do not agree that any consultant needs these tapes, nor do I agree on them spending that kind of money on ANY tapes, and the promotion of those tapes and their use made up a large portion of her presentation.

    Maybe everyone else feels that it is okay for these NSDs and directors to be making a lot of money on these events and on their tapes. I personally do not. The Go-Give program is founded on the very idea of sharing our ideas so that we each have more ideas. It doesn't say anything about charging for them. And, as I pointed out, if you are collecting commission on someone, why should they have to pay to hear you teach? And the Go-Give program expects us to teach others that we are not commissioned on. Should I charge each adoptee to attend my meeting or charge each out of unit visitor to my unitnet site to help defray my costs or give me a bigger paycheck? No.
    Furthermore, speakers at Career Conf. and Seminar are not paid.

    Did you ever see Mary Kay Ash selling her tapes/CDs/Videos for a high price or charging a high price for the opportunity to hear her speak?

    I guess that I am old school. I don't charge for sales meetings either.

    I agree with some on PT that consultants can be nickel and dimed to death. I try to avoid that at all costs. I want to help my consultants show profit and support their families.

    Maybe I am the only one with a problem with this. If so that's okay, it's just surprising.

  10. Once again STRT, we feel the same, are you surprised? When I do have to rent a room for a larger event, I do have a suggested fee, ie. $5.00 but I even call it a donation, if someone doesn't have it, they don't have to donate it, I would rather have them there than not going because they didn't have the money. There is a sign in sheet at the door but I usually don't have someone sit there and take money, it is done on the honor system so noone has to be embarrassed if they don't have it.

  11. speaking the real truthDecember 23, 2007 at 3:34 PM

    thanks MK4ME, I was beginning to think that I was the only one who has a problem with this new practice. Maybe it is because we are both old school about the business. I just hate to see consultants wasting their profits away.


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