Sunday, December 9, 2007

Editors Update

A couple of quick updates and thoughts for you. Actually, one update and one thought. Well more of a question than a thought. Right, let me start over.

A quick update and question.

As promised, I added a "recent comments" feature. It can be found in the sidebar (if you haven't already seen it) Unfortunately, it is just a feed reader for the comments left here, so it is a little slow. I will keep looking to see if I can find a way to set one up that updates quicker, but for now...

Now, on to the question. Does no one like Robert Frost? I posted "The Road Not Taken" recently and it got no love. Was it just not "comment" material? For cryin' out loud, will someone go leave a comment on that thing? Don't make me beg!

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone for making this site what it is. I hope the comment feature helps. And if you missed it, go check out "The Road Not Taken".

Thanks All.

Nothing Follows


  1. David, did you see PT today? Someone must be reading here, isn't it funny that this is up now, I guess we here can really see the difference between, my truth and PT truth. I have an example of a normal month for me that I posted awhile back - I have no reason to lie, I wasn't saying I made 6 figures, I said a made a comfortable income for my lifestyle. It is amazing the negative spin you can put on the same numbers if you don't run this business smart (or right).

    And even though I dispute their figures, even in their example, bottom line is $21.00/hour, while around here if you work at a Walmart, McDonalds, etc... you are only going to be making abour $8, and that is before taxes and other expenses. $21 doing something you love around your schedule still looks better to me than $8 working when they want you to. But that is just my opinion!

  2. speaking the real truthDecember 10, 2007 at 4:06 PM

    mk4me, you are so right.


    In this post pinkpeace makes no mention of the car that this director would be driving. At $10,000 wholesale per month, she would not be making any lease payments, so that means that she would be driving a new car (2 years or less old) and paying nothing except gas, oil, and insurance. Add that to the income and it paints a different picture. If I had to go out and buy a car, even a modest new car would probably have a $400/mo payment...that's $4800 per year! Yes, I could choose to drive and older car and save that money, but then we wouldn't be comparing apples to apples. Or, the director could drive an older, paid for vehicle, and be pocketing $575 (approx) per month in vehicle allowance...add that extra $6900 in income and that paints a different picture as well. THERE IS THE TRUTH MY FRIENDS!

    Also, this business of $100 per month for meeting space is not accurate either. Where I live I do not know of anyone who is renting space in this town. Most are meeting in their homes or not at all. So scratch that $1200 off please.

    And $2500 for travel? Are you kidding me? They must have gone somewhere other than where I have. Seminar runs me around $600, Leadership even less, and Career Conference around $150. That's HALF of what she has estimated, so add back in $1250 please.

    Do you see? Even numbers can be manipulated. Like her assumption that only 500 are making exec. income. Well, if you read the Applause magazine, it lists the Top 500 directors each month, and none of the checks that I am looking at were less than $5800, and they go as high as $30,000 for one month, and those are just the directors, that does not even count the NSDs. Where I live $69,600 gross is considered good income.

    And last but not least, EVERYONE PAYS TAXES, and it comes off of what their stated income is. My ability to write off some of those expenses that she lists helps me to pay less taxes than I would on this amount of money.

    Not everyone is here for executive income.
    NO WHERE ELSE COULD I MAKE WHAT I MAKE TO BE HOME AND RUN OUR HOUSEHOLD AND TAKE CARE OF OUR CHILDREN. Plus, I have no childcare to pay for while I am working. Count up lunches out, dry cleaning, gas, parking, mileage on your car for the commute, childcare, dinners out because you are too tired or not home to prepare one deducts these expenses from what those working in corp. America make.

    If you want to compare, compare apples to apples and line it up even steven. THAT WOULD BE TRUTH.

    And I AM one of those $10,000/month directors, so I speak what I KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH, not just what I speculate to be so.

  3. speaking the real truth,

    wow, we almost sound like the same person, to anyone reading, we aren't!

    And then don't forget if you do Court of Sales, you can take cash if you have done it a certain number of times and now we are offered the wellness bonus not to mention the star consultant prizes (every little bit does add up).

    And best of all for my very high maintenance teenage daughter who uses black eyeliner, ultimate mascara and oilfree eye makeup remover like water not to mention the velocity skin care line, etc... plus all my stuff, I am not paying retail at Macy's so look at what I am saving because we would both be using it anyway.

    Boo Yah!! love this opportunity!!

  4. speaking the real truthDecember 11, 2007 at 5:28 AM

    yes mk4me...we save on our own products and our own gift giving!

    Plus, we were taught long ago that our sales should pay for our expenses as a director, so that our ENTIRE commission check (less tax money) can be used for our family's budget.

    Any director who is not personally selling at a consistent Star Level or above, should consider whether or not she should be a director. If you do not consistently meet that goal, what do you have to teach or offer others?

    Here are some other areas of savings for my family:

    I have time to do the grocery shopping WITH COUPONS.
    I do my own housework, so no housekeeper at this time. Anti-MKers want to list that as a MK expense, when most who work in corporate America, and certainly the executives, have housekeepers.
    I changed from doing a newsletters to just a unitnet site. I save money and it is a more effective communication for my group.
    I often have lunch with MK contacts (clients, unit members, etc.), and of course alot of the conversation is MK, thus I write it off on my taxes.
    I do not always do the Consultant First Look and when I do, I do not send it to everyone. If they are A1-I3 status, they will receive the Applause magazine with the same info., why pay to send them a Look Book as well? Once or twice per year I do my own mailing to Ts and above, with samplers and explanations of the products. This gets me more bang for the buck.
    And, I rarely have any car repair expenses due to the MK car program. And I've reduced the cost of my insurance within that program by completing an online defensive driving course.

    You do have control of your expenses in this business and we need to have the discretion to know when to spend and when not to.

    The bottom line in all of this for me is that we as consultants and directors have to be the walking example of Mary Kay. We must show others through our lives what is available through Mary Kay, and what Mary Kay is and IS NOT.


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