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  1. They are still going on and on about the donation on the Today show. How cares???!!! A donation is a donation. So it's discontinued. So what? Don't tell the people getting them. But if it is homeless people they are not going to know what the new products are going to look like anyway. And I doubt that the new line of MK is at the top of their priority list.

    I think someone on PT mentioned to just give money away. That would be wonderful, but what would they do with all that lip gloss? I think they should donate all the discontinued stuff. The women and teenage girls would love to get that.

  2. It has never been ascertained (except by the know-it-alls on PT) that the lip gloss WAS discontinued product. They just made that up and everyone ran with it.


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  4. Think this was from yesterday but wanted to point something out.

    pinkfoglighted wrote:

    I am in the process of leaving Directorship. The word is out. Some have called, most haven't. I can't even get a phone call from my NSD. Just an email thanking me for my "contribution to the area". Since then, many more screaming emails about "100 STARS!" "LEADERSHIP CONTEST...blah blah blah" "START THINKING ABOUT CAREER CONFERENCE!" (good grief!) At least 3-4 like that a day.
    I laugh thinking to myself "Does she think this may change my mind?" All it does is reinforce my 100% SOUND decision to leave this "sisterhood".

    Now it is obvious to me that the NSD wrote, the thank you for your contribution directly to the director since she is stepping down. Wow, the NSD was gracefully letting her go, not begging her to stay (isn't that what they say doesn't happen on PT) and then she is complaining because of the other emails she is getting because she thinks it is assumed the emails will change her mind??

    Is she not bright enough to figure out that the one was written to her directly and the other emails are just messages that were sent out on a mailing list that her name just hasn't been deleted from.

    So it is bad if the NSD tries to convinces her to stay but it is also bad if the NSD just wishes her well if she is choosing to step back.

    Also stated some of her director friends have called but others haven't. Well, guess she wasn't totally "shunned" if some have called.

    Am I the only one who seems to find contradictions in almost everything that is written on PT?

  5. This just seems so appopriate after reading the comments on PT about charity. Enjoy!

    It's More Blessed to Give
    (By Mary Kay Ash)

    The following story truly illustrates how much more blessed it is to give than receive. It's my hope that it leads you to conduct your daily business and personal relationships with an attitude of giving. The Greatest Gift:A friend of mine named Paul received a new car from his brother as a Christmas present. On Christmas Eve when Paul came out of his office, a street urchin was walking around that shining new car, admiring it, touching it and petting it. The little boy looked up and asked "Is this your car, mister?" "Yes," said Paul. "My brother gave it to me for Christmas". The little boy was astounded. "You mean, your brother gave it to you and it didn't cost you nothin?" Paul nodded.The little boy said, "Boy, I wish….." And Paul thought the little boy was going to wish that he had a brother like that too. But what the boy said astonished Paul. "I wish," the little boy went on, "that I could be a brother like that!"Paul looked at the boy, astounded. Then asked, "Would you like to have a ride in my new car?" The boy exclaimed, "Oh, yes, I would love that!"After a short ride, the little boy turned to Paul with his eyes all aglow and asked, "Mister, would you mind driving in front of my house?" Paul smiled, because he thought the little boy wanted to show his neighbors he could come home in this great, big, beautiful car. But Paul was wrong again."Will you stop where those two steps are?" asked the little boy as they drove up to where he lived. He ran back up the steps and into the house. In a little while, Paul heard him coming back. He was carrying his little brother, crippled with polio, and he sat him down on the bottom step and sort of scooted up against him. He pointed at the car. "There she is buddy, just like I told you upstairs. Ain't she beautiful? His brother gave it to him for Christmas, and it didn't cost him nothin'. Some day I'm going to give you one just like it! Then you can see all the Christmas windows I've been telling you about."Well, Paul got out and lifted the lad up to the front seat of the car. His shining-eyed older brother climbed in beside him and the three of them began a memorable holiday ride. That Christmas Paul learned that it really is more blessed to give than to receive.

  6. mk4me, you're not alone in your thinking. I have found nothing but contradiction and a gross lack of common sense on PT.

    I think of them as the exception. where I work, I do customer service. The callers I get are not the average customer. They are the deviants who tried to cheat the system or create shortcuts. I would say that the calls I take represent about 10% of our client base. They want help with everything. They want their hand held. They don't know how to pay their balance on time. They don't understand how to read an invoice. They literally want our office to think for them. I suspect they have problems like these in most of their business dealings. When dealing with these clients, I feel like i'm explaining basic adult life skills to six year olds at times. These same people will be the first to blame the institution I work for when the problem is failure to complete paperwork on the client's part.

    I believe that many people on PT fall into that bottom 10% of MK consultants, directors, etc. who take shortcuts, make poor money decisions consistently (without learning from them), don't fully understand the information they are given (and don't ask the right questions), and then blame everyone else for their problems AFTER it's too late.

    I can compare it to a college student who gets maximum financial aid for school, gets a large refund check and then drops classes or stops attending. The FED will take the aid back which will create a balance with the school. Eventually, the students have to pay all that money back. Then they blame the college when they've spent all the money without realizing the consequences involved.

  7. Oh, maybe I should also add, that of that 10%, the really loud obnoxious rude people probably constitute about 10% of that, and I think the loud ones are more comparible to PT. So that makes it more like, what...1%-5%? It's not a vast majority.

  8. First time here!

    I've been with Mary Kay since July 1 and I can truely say I am enjoying myself. It's giving me the extra money I need. I don't need to get rich . . . just pay a few more bills.

    I have been reading all the blogs about MK, plus PT, and must say that the site bores me now. Once can only last so long without an encouraging word or balanced perspective. It's nice to hear a man's perspective. Way to go!

    As for the donation debate. I have participated in Angel Tree for the past 15 years and RARELY have I found an angel on the tree for older children . . . say 12 and up. They seem a bit forgotten in toy drives, don't you think?

    So, more power to you Mary Kay.

    Happy Holidays all!

  9. Anon,

    Thank you... you raise an interesting point. One that I had not really considered. If you take the percentage of the 700,000 selling MK in America and derive the percentage that are on PT you would have (depending on whose calculations you use)

    TC allegedly claims 3,000+
    Let's call it 7,000 since she was generous with her numbers.

    That would be 1%

    If you use Duh's numbers 300+ and again for EASY math, we will more than double it to 700.

    That is .1% - one tenth of one percent.


    kinda makes you think.


  10. love4mk,


    I know you posted this on todays, "today on PT" (kind of confusing, I am currently thinking about how to improve that!)

    just thought I would welcome you here as well.


  11. I'm glad my customer service comparison made sense. I posted anonymously. That was me. ;) I just feel that PTers are not a sample of the majority of consultants.


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